100 svenska vanliga verb – lär dig svenska! Learn Swedish

By | February 15, 2020

100 Swedish verbs – Learn Swedish Do you know the verbs on the A1 level? use work end need tell visit pay invite Become change wear start cycle dance drink die coffee (typically Swedish – meet for a coffee and a cake or bun) be fly question get catch color Understand give like go go up go out do clean have Wear shop be called find help hear work boil come come from come home remember come with come to feel buy drive Cook play look for listen leave learn teach read feel paint meet talk travel ride call, call draw smoke see shop swim sit sing send write stop sleep kick play run stay study clean close respond, answer say take bring speak look look up look out believe, think meet wash wash think like wake be be ready Know will want to have show select wait go leave home go away love eat Open practice Subscribe so you know when the next movie is coming ” 100 Swedish verbs – Learn Swedish See you in the next movie! Bye!

21 thoughts on “100 svenska vanliga verb – lär dig svenska! Learn Swedish

  1. Chantal Musique Post author

    Ja!!! Jag vet inte alla verber😎 jag använder en antekningbok för alla verber!!! Tack för den video, så att jag kan addera annan verber 😎🙌 en hälsning från Italien 🇮🇹❤🇸🇪

  2. shankaroon Yassin Post author

    Tack så mycket min bäst lärare 💜💜💜💜💜👌👈

  3. Ylva Olausson Post author

    Tips: Om man bara ska lära sig en verbform så är det bra att börja med presens. Om du lär dig infinitivformen, t.ex. använda, gilla, vet du inte om presens slutar -AR eller -ER. Lexin presenterar alla verb i presens: http://lexin2.nada.kth.se/lexin/

  4. osama qasim Post author

    Jag vet nästan alla verben men det hjälpte mig mycket med utal. Jag hoppas att se flera 100 verbar


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