100 Billion Words | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

By | January 20, 2020

Woman: Hey Google. Voiceover: More than
100 billion words are translated every day. Google Assistant (translating):
Lift your hand. Man: Thank you very much
for your help. [Google Assistant
speaks Japanese] Voiceover: Words about food… [laughter] [Google Assistant
speaks Korean] Voiceover: Words about
friendship, [laughter] Voiceover: about sport, about belief, about fear. Man: Oh, my god. Voiceover: Words that can hurt and sometimes divide. But every day, the most translated words
in the world… [man laughs] Voiceover: are “How are you,” “Thank you,” and “I love you.” [uplifting music]

100 thoughts on “100 Billion Words | Google Super Bowl Commercial 2019

  1. mabood1212 Post author

    White Civilization = Evil, according to Google. Lady in hijab standing front of riot police – blatant show of Western Civilization as Leviathan oppressor, Islam as oppressed. But just in case you were slow on the uptake, there is an Indian woman painting a Hindu dot on a White woman's forehead – clear display as to what culture needs to assimilate and what culture doesn't. Why not show the White Woman wiping off the Indian woman's dot? Because the anti-Enlightenment, anti-Western Civilization, neo Marxists' heads would explode. Don't let the SJWs normalize hatred towards White culture and Western Civilization. The culture that encapsulated a universal code of human rights; the culture that lifted more people out of poverty around the world; the most egalitarian culture the world has ever seen; and the culture that is responsible for approximately 97% of all scientific and technological progress, is deserving of more respect than this garbage.

  2. Johnfortich Vista Post author

    Philippines: "Kumusta ka. Salamat. Mahal kita."

  3. Daniel Oliverio Post author

    I think Google did a great job here. I cried because I HATE to LOVE what they do and it’s beyond reality their satellites floating in sub orbital space rotating around Earth so we can use this technology. I believe the translate showcased during the Super Bowl is extremely powerful. Google should create an EAR BUDS for travelers where you speak in English and it translates to French through the Ear Piece but extremely tiny and discreet like modern day implants for hearing loss. A translator hearing aid for travelers to connect. May be a cool add on for the future or even a permanent implant size of a grain of rice implanted in your ears that whispers in your ear and you repeat the words verbatim. Interesting.

  4. Влад Гулий Post author

    Судя по моменту на 00:13, табличку меню делали с помощью этого же переводчика(Ужин меню, Импортные черный фермы подняли икра), стоит теперь проверить остальные языки. Тут есть русскоговорящие , владеющие других языков в рекламе?

  5. SteelQ Overwatch Post author

    What's wrong with russian words? These are just random words. Delete this video, don't disgrace.

  6. Алексей Мусихин Post author

    Hey Google?Why your commercial has so bad Russian translation??It is very sad(((

  7. Виталий Коваль Post author

    Гугел ну ты даешь. 0:13
    Когда заказали перевод меню у алиекспресс…

  8. Исполнитель желаний Post author

    Импортные черный фермы подняли икра
    Ах этот гугл… Теперь я понял, кто мне сломал психику кривым переводом GTA San Andreas…
    P.S. Она – со мной, углепластик. Так охладите трахание

  9. Максим Владимирович Post author

    WTF?! Russian Language…. 0:13 This is some kind of nonsense. Does Google really have not a single Russian speakers employee? It's so racist.

  10. Максим Владимирович Post author

    0:14 Серёга Брин явно забыл русский язык.

  11. Sound System Post author

    And most of them translated are used to insult other people and races 😂

  12. APM11 Post author

    so according to google, white people must submit to other peoples cultures and never celebrate their own culture.. interesting seeing that computers and mobile phones are white culture.

  13. NewYorkGaming Post author

    Well, im glad you own Google Translate, but GIVE YOUTUBE BACK TO THE ORIGINAL OWNERS. im tired of having to have a G-Mail just to use the stupid site. I would still be using Yahoo Mail if I didn't want to get a popular YouTube channel on YouTube

  14. kittyhouse4 Post author

    As a Norwegian-language teacher for Americans, I find this commercial utterly ridiculous! Google Translate is an epic fail, even more so than most computerized translation programs. It picks the first definition of each word, then finds the equivalent for that in the other language. As an example, I put this comment into Google Translate, translated it into Norwegian, then translated it back to English. Google Translate produced the following, which doesn't make grammatical sense: "As a Norwegian teacher for Americans, I find this commercial totally ridiculous! Google Translate is an epic error, even more so than most computerized translation programs. It picks the first definition of each word and finds it correspondingly for the second language."

  15. Владимир Седельников Post author

    "Импортные черные фермы подняли икра" – хреновый переводчик…

  16. Максим Дор Post author

    А как запустить графический перевод?

  17. Prometey2009 Post author

    "Импортные черный фермы подняли икра"

    Тут всё просто. Это про майнинг

  18. XxPranksxX 24 Post author

    Why would “Thank you” be the most translated phrase? Are that many people so lazy that they don’t even bother learning basic phrases in the language of the country they’re going to?

  19. XxPranksxX 24 Post author

    Why would “Thank you” be the most translated phrase? Are that many people so lazy that they don’t even bother learning basic phrases in the language of the country they’re going to?

  20. David Giles Post author

    I choose to believe that. Would have thought it’s more likely something like ‘where is the xyz’ or ‘check please’ tho.

  21. Rafe B Post author

    Google fiber is left Louisville, first of all ya'll stupid mfers only had the service in the WORST part of Louisville then just up and leave?! YOU GUYS ARE STUPID!! Google "Hey Louisville seems like a potential market, hmmm now where should we set it up? Hmm I KNOW!!! LETS SET IT UP AT THE WORST PART OF LOUISVILLE WITH THE LOWEST INCOME!" stupid.

  22. [XD]FaidingPlays Post author

    Эй, Google, пожалуйста, сделайте это, где вы должны подтвердить свою электронную почту, потому что у меня нет телефона, и мне нужно в прямом эфире потокового пользователя Nexus
    Ey, Google, pozhaluysta, sdelayte eto, gde vy dolzhny podtverdit' svoyu elektronnuyu pochtu, potomu chto u menya net telefona, i mne nuzhno v pryamom efire potokovogo pol'zovatelya Nexus

  23. [XD]FaidingPlays Post author

    Hey google PLEASE make it to where you have to verify your email because i don't have a phone and i need to live stream a user Nexus

  24. Sevensixtytwo Post author

    kyllä Google Suomea puhuu. Muttei Savvoo hilijoo tai kovvoo.

  25. Paul Tech Post author

    I love the fact that Google doesn’t disable their comment section on there YouTube videos like Apple does.

  26. Justice HR Post author


  27. 土取喜世美 Post author


  28. Amos ben David Post author

    By experience…no one hires ppl just because they are veterans, and due to the skills learned in the military.

    Unless they be police, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, ATF, DEA.

    Any job outside these paramilitary and enforcement agencies…does not exist.

    I struggled in finding work…but either Im overqualified, or a threat to management in jealousy, or fears of having a PTSD episode…any many other reasons that are stupid.

    We only qualify in flipping burgers but that does no good making $10/hr…because we are not a teenager, or living with mommy and daddy. $10 doesnt pay rent, food, gas, misc expenses while having to support a family.

  29. Кунг-Фу Падла Post author

    А ебааааать перевод курам на смех

  30. Joseph Allman Post author

    I think the main goal here was to force me to use their dumb translator to read these comments.

  31. Goran Turkovich Post author

    Is it true that cyber hackers are twerking the youtube search code?

  32. Fahd Al Yousuf Post author

    نريد رابط التطبيق 😒🤔🙈🙉🙊😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  33. Goran Turkovich Post author

    Is it true or false that cyber hackers are pixelating various youtube video's?

  34. fabian fernandez Post author

    Why haven't ipv6??? 🙀 👎 💣 😠 We need yesterday now hurry up

  35. Владимир Штакет Post author

    Вареники с говядиной это, блядь, пельмени😂😂

  36. John C Dyess Post author

    Is that true? Are those the most frequently translated words?

  37. Coby De Laveaga Post author

    So we just gon ignore they know every word we translated this year…

  38. Jay Wolf Post author

    Oh God forbid; words that can devide???
    You dreamweavers; the world is all divided.
    PS. The guy's pakistani accent is disturbing.

  39. Funny Gaming Post author


  40. Murr Plays Post author

    I’m sorry but the most translated word is 100% hello which isn’t negative btw

  41. Daddy Zajac // numnumnum564 Post author

    دایمسصیی דףצגQשאגֱִג חגיח

  42. Daddy Zajac // numnumnum564 Post author

    Ha this is American not um… hi are you here to help? Do you live on Mars with poop?

  43. Farman Farooq Post author

    i had goosebumps watching this video

  44. renetchi Post author

    ご協力ありがとうございます sounds wrong. It means "Thank you for your cooperation".


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