10 Things You Can Do TODAY As an Airbnb Host In 2019

By | November 19, 2019

I’m giving you ten things that you can do
right now as an airbnb host in 2019, let’s jump right in.
so i hope that 2019 is your best year ever if you haven’t started your Airbnb journey
i hope this is the year that you do so, and if you are hosting already i hope that in 2019 you
take it to next level and the ten things you can do today to be a better airbnb host im
going to give you in order to help facilitate that now let me say that these things are
all free and easy things that you literally can start doing today im not going to tell
you to go buy a website or to pay someone to make your logo or to buy stationary and
put that logo on a pencil and i’m not telling you go hire
a branding consultant and pick out a color palette and pay for some software to choose
a color palatte for you because there is a free app for that too, all the stuff and giving
you is from my personal experience in some of these things should not be free. before
these ten things i’m giving away something else for free, im giving away free consultation
now im not going to put the link below because a lot of you seen it already but a lot of
you know that i charge real estate investors four hundred dollars an hour to talk on the
phone well i’m going to give one of you a free thirty minute phone call to talk about
your current Airbnb business or for future business and heres what you have to do to
win. first if youre not already a subscriber to this channel i need you to subscribe and
like this video then with this video please share to any avenues of your social media,
copy the link for that social media share and post in the comments below i will choose
one of these comments as winner in two weeks announce the winner in a couple weeks, easy
yes? so without further ado let’s get into the ten things that you can do today as an
airbnb host in 2019. number one up your customer service game by studying Disey’s business
customer service experience I had a talk with my leadership team about messages that somebody
on my team sending guest what they would take a check in early, then the team member on
my side said unfortunately we are extremely busy we have to stick to our current checkin
time. thats not good enough but what you can do is you can do what disney does and you
don’t have time to read all disneys rhetoric let me dive you the skinny. you want to highlight
the positives of any situation you really want go for magic at all possible, for of
whenever possible and to the way you would do this for example with this message when
somebody wants an early check in and you can’t really accommodate you’ss say: though IT may
take up until three pm (which is a normal check in time) though it may take up until
three pm, to ensure that your place is marvelous when you arrive if our cleaners are done ahead
of schedule i will certainly let you know as soon as i know, this is something i can
do for you this is a positive if it’s possible i’m going to let you know, and then somebody
might ask when so what should i would say well, feel free to book and let’s communicate
the day of your arrival and I’ll let you know how early you can come in. If the person is
checking in that day anjd theyre already booked you don’t have to sell it, you’ll say thank
you once again for booking, keep in touch with me some time afternoon and i will let
you know how soon we can let you in. something like that but focus on the positives even
though IT may be a long shot you still want to let the guest know the constantly trying
to do something for them , that’s the disney experience number 2 up your leadership game
by reading the books multiplier which I already told you about, and download this free book
alright i am going to link a free book at the bottom is called enchantment by guy kawasaki
he used to work for apple and this is a wonderful book because the things that it will teach
you will trickle down to your team It’ simportant that you lead by example and that you create
the right culture as a leader in your organization which will encourage your team to do a good
job with your guests you take care of your team they take care of your guests, you know,
it passes through. If you haven’t read Multipliers yet do sootherwise also down below is a link
and that way you can download this ebook and have that one continue your growth as leader
three: progressive here if you’re not yet a super host i want you to make a new account
and want to take your best few accounts, your best listings i want you to move them into
that separate account, some of your listings may not be getting super host like ratings
because the checkin process is just not is not possible to be super super streamlined
like maybe somebody has to pick up the keys at a different place, or maybe the building
is a little bit old and maybe you do a five star job. somebody is like ahh its a three
star building ok so keep those in your old accounting move your best listings to a new
account so that accounting is super host status that we some of your listing can get on airbnb
plus ok? compartmentalize your listings based on quality, easy right do it. , 4: hire a
dedicated housekeeper and if you can not afford the to pay fulltime by the hour because they
will get enough work for you to go on a facebook forums find other air bnb hosts and ask them
if they would like to collectively hire housekeeper or two together ok and you will collectively
manage as a group of hosts a full time employee or 2 okay? youre going to contract them in
this case. this way you can be more competitive because a large part of our business model
is being price competitive and then staying solvent at lower cost because there will come
times when you have to drop your price to get a booking, if you are afraid to drop the
price below lets say seventy dollars because your cleaning fee sixty or eighty or something
crazy then you will get zero dollars for that night because your costs are too high if you
could pay somebody by the hour say 12 or 13 dollars an our or 10, depending on your market,
whatever the competitive rate is for a cleaner you can get the cleaning done for fifteen
to thirty dollars instead right? that allows you to drop your rate when you have too. you’ll
also be more profitable in instantly every single reservation you have will have thirty
to fifty dollars more probability hypothetically because this type of price drop this allows
you to do more things that other hosts cannot so if you cannot afford one on your own find
other hosts together and do it, okay? five, raise your nightly rates above the market
average. so a couple reasons why you want to do this first off you want to be able raise
rates to prevent single night booking to do custom night discounts to do three to four
nights seven nights that way your booking are more than one day long. you will fill
up your calendar with less reservations this way you still get your same nightly rates
but you won’t have somebody book the fourteenth of the month and then screw up your whole
month you want to prioritize that 10 day booking, because that way so you need less overall
demand in order to fill up your supply. or eat up your supply, your supply is your thirty
or thirty one day calendar. If you could get that booked with one reservation thats way
easier for your business so try to get that book in four or five or six reservations instead
of having to have twenty, right? sp that’s why you raise your nightly rate up and try
to do custom nightly discounts initially, or, additionally you can raise rates is a
little bit to incorporate a incentives like youre marking it up to marking it down a lot
of department stores do this so you can actually mark rates up a little bit,
and you can leave in your description “just ask for a ten percent discount” or a we give
a ten percent military discount or some other form of specialized discount that makes subsection
of people, feel like their special or you do a limited time offer for february march
only we’re going to do this discount. a couple years ago i did this winter rate in houston
and the properties that i did this winter discount rate on performed better even though
i raised the rates a little bit to optimize cost effective i did specialize rate discounts,
or the special seasonal discount cused my properties to be more profitable. so mark
it up so you can mark down. 6: watch all of my pricing strategy videos i will be doing
another video which i recorded on christmas , but I sit here and talk to you just like
this and it was forty minutes long of pricing advice so its coming soon and there are some
new things but still plenty in my old pricing videos that you do not need to pay for a service
to give you dynamic pricing ,yes there are services that do this and will automate your
stuff like wheelhouse will give you pricing advice for free they just wont automate it
for you know i pay for staff to do all of our pricing adjustments because we have staff
already why not just bundle it all together right, instead of paying a percentage for
bookings we have this human labor do it ok? now we don’t also rely on wheelhouse though
and the 50 properties we have for the last four years we’ve built our business doing
it by eye. So we take a look at our portfolio how its performing we take a look at our market
, learn about our market and price nuances of our market and we took a look at the market
trends on Airbnb and it says ” you should price at point or this point” will be above
those market trends are done via market watch indicators what we feel like we should be
and sometimes will even be below IT where we feel like we should be so we’re doing this
based on how we are doing as a business compared to the market in airbnbs data is helping a
kind of guide our path but long story short we’ve never used a dynamic pricing model to
run a business and, i think i’m one of the most successful airbnb hosts you know, right?
because you don’t need to pay somebody for this is my point 7: write a communication
flow chart for your team so if you watched a previous video which you should absolutely
watch “4 messages you should be sending every guest” this essentially is a flow of how your
conversation should go with guests. every single guest that books will get a welcome
message from you of course right for every single guest after their check-out will get
lessons or think you request message before you send them review writes the case falls
messages in the middle will be based on how long the stay is so what i want you to do
is i want you to map out a flow of the person staying for one day, you have messages go
if that the person is staying for a week heres how the messages go if the person is booking
last minute heres a flow chart for that put into a global document and share with your
teams that we’ve seen when the communicating with guests and train them on this consistency
your new businesses running like clockwork its operations ok still less mistakes sweet
and sticky cost money,we all know that rice state speaking of double drive i want to make
a document and want you to make a bio page for a,IT is you can have all the building
is right and have all the addresses for the building into the part numbers many heavy
the file number for me is that building a file number for the property manager useful
number for local emergency line,who who the electric provider is akin to use spectrum
or contact with your skin to provide a watery account numbers for those where the file number
to call those people, was checking instructions for the safe what are the photos that are
in checking die system is on the document they can work with somebodywho’son airlie
beach platform and can walk them through you put this all on double dry document,even put
the frequently asked questions for rebuilding right and the answers to those questions are
also cautionary notes if the feeling is super strict about a couple things that valley trash
or something like that with those in the notes right thumb you cannot keep what brand of
TV is in there so sadly does lose a remote,you say what you have said before bronte is ityou’reno
friend indeed is any tell the cleaner hey we in a new video remote or renewed new sense
of remoteness apartment number you should have is remote in inventory,so when this last
guru told you that you need that making mistakes absolutely the hardy submitting states welcomes
a lost remote city after most inhibitory you should keep records CD in inventory by the
white people feel of this self keeps all the different notes in the angle drive for each
separate unit that you have indeed have the lease term is that with its own becomes a
new organization a need to train there,your business is all right there for nine take
better photos of your property hands down mega important six out of every ten guests
that are booking properties the first thing that they do,they sweat through your camera
roll or other year you follow real and self this type of behavior is exactly the thingthat’simportant
to respond to your photos or sixty percent,at the time the only thing that matters to do
a potential person soi’mgoing to do another video that hath had take quality photos with
smart phone anddoesn’thave to be a good smart phone is can require little software adams
if i can find free software for you to do IT and foster,the photos now go back to older
listings with a clean right hopefully set up these photos like this listens while go,
take a look at them go to a really like this photo right after pressed he like his photos
when you thinkit’smodel feedback on in and change this up so you space,don’thave to be
hyper unique is good to be novel but at the end of the day people are really looking for
qualitythat’sreally whatthey’relooking for you can do event marketing of this place is
unique but quality is the cornerstone and something you can do today is take better
photos clean the floor,fritch take better photos get after, ten, make some friends make
friends with air being the health i want you to sit down inviting the coffee i want to
get on peaceful find other in the house i want to learn from him how to teach this the
same as what you build a local community health,also help you if you have a reservation need to
get moving change they can help you re accommodate the guests field cancellation and finally
got to be something bad happens but for everybody has a strength so you will have different
strengths and other air b b health and you can finally connect somebody other than just
myself somebody at you in your city at your local level who talked to over lunch about
what just happened in yesterday with a guest in some crazy situation that happens, that’sso
valuable i really cherish those of you that is the top view on regular basis because some
of you reach out to me on face book set in the automated every seven conversations and
sometimes in response action after the magazine you guys understand but am i really do feel
like i learn a lot from a lot of you out there for exam not the boss,if the guy swiss proper
self sticky sending to him right now i wish you all the success that analyzing they keep
watching reviewed automated much love andi’llsee you in two thousand nineteen,on the other

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