10 Reasons You Should Start a YouTube Channel in 2019

By | August 11, 2019

– Should you start a
YouTube channel this year? What are the pros and the cons? Is it too late? Is it too crowded? What are some little known reasons to start a YouTube channel? We’re gonna be talking about
10 of them in this video, but hey, if we’re just
meeting, my name is Sean, and my passion is helping you build your influence with online video. On this channel we do a
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do you want to start? Or if you’ve already started a channel, let me know in the comments section. Let’s keep going here. Again, if we’re just
meeting, my name’s Sean, and my passion is helping you build your influence with video, and in this video we’re
gonna be talking about 10 reasons why you should start
a YouTube channel this year. As we go into 2019, I really think that there’s a lot of reasons
to start a YouTube channel. Different than some of the main
ones most people talk about. Plus we’re gonna be talking about creative channel ideas from our community, and a free video series to
help you start and grow faster, if you want to watch some training to help you figure out
anything from the camera side to the tips, views, and growth side. Here we go. I love this quote to start it out. Zig Ziglar. “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” I think there’s something about overthinking when it comes
to starting something new and wanting to maybe reach where we see our favorite YouTuber, or reach where we see our
favorite entrepreneur. That’s kind of living in their greatness but the reality is, you
have to start to be great. What are 10 reasons or
a few reasons to start? Number one, to become a creator. Not just a consumer. The majority of people
right now are consumers and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’m a consumer of Netflix or YouTube if we’re thinking about content. I mean I watch a lot of YouTube. In fact, I’d love to hear some of your favorite channels. For me I watch a lot of
entrepreneur content. Whether from Gary V, or Evan Carmichael, or Valuetainment. I watch my news from Bill DiFranco. I love watching YouTube, but there’s something so powerful about not just being a consumer, but moving into the
role of being a creator. You ultimately join a community of being the creator community, and there’s something different about being a creator. I think you respect the game more. You might watch a movie and enjoy it, but if you make movies, next time you watch the movies, you appreciate them from
a whole nother level. You might appreciate your favorite creator who is pumping out a lot of content but if you start to pump
out content yourself, you might realize how hard it actually is and you respect them,
you respect the grind, you respect the hustle. It really changes your life when you shift from being just a consumer
to being a creator. That’s number one. Reason number two is history and legacy, and these first couple reasons are reasons we normally
don’t really think about. We think about let’s get
views, and let’s get famous, and those are reasons as well, but reason number two, history and legacy. These are some videos that
are on my personal channel. These are six years old. I have a few other
videos floating out there that are even older than that, but let me tell you one of my regrets, and that is way back in 2007 was when I started my first channel. It wasn’t my channel. It was actually a YouTube
channel for my church and I would make all
these old quirky videos. These old, I’d make these
video announcements, and I actually lost them all, even though YouTube still exists and I sometimes I’m like, man I wish I still had that content just to remember it. When you start uploading content, you might just want to put on YouTube for history, for legacy, for remembrance. I reached out on Twitter
to ask some of your reasons and check out what Momlife said. I started YouTube to document random funny or cute things my kids did, from when they were babies. Over time, we got more into vlogging. Of course it’d be cool to
become a famous vlogger but forget that for a second. What about just documenting and having something that you can share and look back on in the future? Sometimes hard drives crash, and we lose our favorite photos. We lose our favorite video clips, and YouTube or the internet, might not be around forever, but I think it will be, and it’s kind of a place to archive some of your legacy, some of your history. Danny here says, to build
a video library legacy for my two daughters
to have as remembrance for who their dad was
and what I loved to do. That is so inspiring Dan. To help your daughters
be able to look back. I wish YouTube existed so I could learn from my grandpa years ago. What were some of his values? What did he look like? What were some of the things he did? Just alone, maybe creating
a legacy for your family. You know what’s interesting about this is that I think that
you don’t just have to, let me go back. You don’t just have to, you don’t have to make it
public is what I would say. You also ultimately could make just, upload the videos to YouTube, but just share them with your family. Just share them with your community. One of my cousins Steven, actually interviewed a
lot of our family members and put those up on YouTube, just so it could be
shared with our family. These weren’t going to be like, multi million view videos, but who knows, they might be. They might take off, or something powerful is in them, but it’s so cool that
you’ve got those artifacts of the things that matter most to you. Maybe a reason for
starting YouTube for you could be history and legacy. Number three is simply to
express your creativity. Jeven says, I started YouTube as a place to have a creative outlet
away from my clients. Being a videographer I
believe, or a photographer, you do the work you have to do, but sometimes you can go on to YouTube to do the work you love to do, and just express your creativity. Have fun. Put your message out into the world. There’s actually a little known series here on Think Media
called Creators Create. Creators Create, and these are some videos
where I went snowboarding. I expressed myself creatively in editing, and this is my least viewed series, and it’s my favorite series. Why, because at the heart of a creator is simply to express yourself creatively, and let me know maybe if that’s something you’re passionate about. You like to. It might not even be YouTube, and it could be YouTube and painting, or YouTube and whatever it is you love, but what is one way that you like to express yourself creatively, and actually if you want
to check out this playlist in the Creators Create series, I’ll look it up on the YouTube, as well as put a link to it
in the description below, but simply as a place to
express your creativity is a great reason. Number four, personal growth. Personal growth. I’ll tell you this. Probably one of the
things that has triggered the most growth in my life, that’s affected every area of my life was starting YouTube. Was starting YouTube, because you will just grow, by committing to uploading content and here’s what I mean. When you get on YouTube,
you develop skills. First of all you might get on YouTube and be super overwhelmed. That’s maybe you. Figure out editing. Trying to figure out being on camera, but that’s the nature of it. It forces you to level up. It forces you. When you commit to being a creator and not just a consumer,
to develop new skills, and what happens is once you start, you start hitting roadblocks of things you need to learn. Wait a minute, how do I make a thumbnail? How do I even do this? How do I even structure a video? There’s a million micro
skills that you learn and here’s what I’ve learned. Those help you in other areas of life. Your career, your future, your job. They might position you
for a future promotion. They might position you for something coming down the road for you. Another one would be your confidence. Years ago getting on camera
was real intimidating for me and I was afraid that I
couldn’t speak smoothly, or I would say um a lot. I still do. Whatever it is, but video after video,
my confidence has grown. When you put yourself out there, it forces you to level up
and develop personally. Your knowledge. You learn a lot in the process. Problem solving. I’ll tell you what, and let me know if you can relate to this. You’re trying to export a video. Why is there no audio? Or you’re trying to learn how to edit and something’s wrong! You run into roadblocks, and if you press through
you learn new things. You learn to solve problems. Overcome issues. It kind of makes you more valuable even in your skillset
potentially for a career and it just helps you
solve problems overall and then resilience. Come on. In fact, tell me how long
you’ve been on YouTube because I know a lot are watching from the Think Media community. I’ll tell you what, YouTube sometimes you’re super pumped about it. Sometimes it’s real discouraged. It could be depressed. It’s highs and lows, man. Most people it’s not just normal. It’s a very emotional thing, but I believe that develops resilience which develops character, which again, YouTube’s one of the things that’s caused me to grow personally the most in my life. We haven’t talked about making money yet. We haven’t talked about
getting followers yet. We’ve talked about the benefits of committing to consistent
content on YouTube and one of those is you
will grow personally. Number five is you can build a portfolio. Build a portfolio of your work. Here’s an example of
Vanessa from Data Savvy TV. She’s a part of our community in some of our advanced training courses. She hasn’t uploaded a ton of videos. She actually has about 10 on her channel for a little while, but guess what, 774 subscribers, and what she does. I don’t even know if I understand it, but she does data science, and she does how to do
computer programming and some other things like that. At least that’s my understanding. Here’s what I’m trying to say though. Even with this portfolio, Vanessa has a bigger portfolio
than most of her peers. Even with just a few videos. She’s got 774 subscribers. That’s 7744 subscribers than the other 80% of her competition. Right? So when you put out something
around your knowledge, you maybe don’t build a huge channel, yet. You maybe don’t build anything massive, but you position yourself to
put content into the world. To be more of a thought leader. To be somebody with a portfolio. If you were applying for a job, and you were able to not
just send them a resume, but send them your channel, they might be like whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Besides the skillset Vanessa has, she’s been pumping out some content and that’s going to help you, because you have a portfolio
around your knowledge. It also could be a literal
portfolio like this was mine. I have a channel called Clearvision Media, and I was doing video production. That’s my background. I started video production
in 2003 for my church. By 2009, I launched a business. Wedding videos, small
businesses, businesses. Phil Smart, Mercedes, YMCA. Working with other YouTubers. That’s actually back when
I met Benji and Judi Travis and I now co authored the YouTube Secrets with Benji Travis. We go back eight years and it all started because I
was doing video production. I wasn’t really trying to
grow a YouTube channel. I was using this YouTube channel as a portfolio just for my content. To show I’m good for it. To show I could do the work. The Think Media team is growing and we’re always looking for talented and passionate people, but the thing is, you better
show up with a portfolio. In fact, one of the people
that just joined our team, her name is Melissa, and one of the reasons
she’s even on the team, is because she had some
YouTube videos out. Not a majorly large channel. Not a lot. She hadn’t even done it very much, but already we got a ton
of different applications, hers stood out, why? Because she had a portfolio. Not about video. It was actually about her passion for sustainable products. For ethically made products and goods, and it was very impressive, and one of the keys to
her getting a job here at Think Media, and so ultimately you can do it for, you could build your portfolio that way and here’s another example. I did a project back in 2010,
called Think International and that was a church leadership, faith based channel, and I did it with a
friend of mine Jeff Morse, and we did it for awhile. We learned so much personal development, and then eventually though
it never really made money but we made a little bit of money. We learned that process. It funded a little bit of travel, and what ended up happening though was I live now in Vegas, and I was coming from Seattle. I was visiting Vegas, and I got to sit down for
a position at a church. That’s my background
as a marketing director at a large church here in Vegas for five, six years, and when I first sat down, I came from a super
small church in Seattle. I didn’t really have big
experience, big skills. I didn’t have anything to point to that should have qualified me for that job and I remember though
when I was talking with the lead pastor who
would make that decision if I’d join the team or not and he said hey, what do you
have to show for yourself and I was like Think International. I was like I’ve been learning
social media, video editing, titling, growth hacking,
and it was communications. We’ve been sending out email newsletters. I’d done this project. At the time I had hoped this project would have been the
thing that broke through and Jeff and I wanted it to be whatever. Now he’s in Vista, California crushing it. Doing some other things. In fact, he’s reviving
Think International. Putting out some new content if you want to check it out, but on the flip side it lead. I was like hey look at this, and it led to a job, which was a huge upgrade. It was a huge stretch. Super scary at first, because I went from a 500 person church to a 2,500 person church, and now I had a team under me. It was insane. What happened? It’s because I started a YouTube channel, and I started putting out content that trained me up and
really made me proven so I had something to show for myself. Number six. Now we get into the powerful more business income related reasons. Get discovered. Get discovered. The sixth reason to
start a YouTube channel is it’s a great way to get discovered because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and so what do you want to be known for? If you? What brand? What topic? What expertise do you
want to be known for? Right now if you are in the live chat, Heather there on the Think Media team is answering your comments and if you have any questions
please post those there. She has a homeschool channel. It’s not the only thing
she wants to be known for but she’s really become known for that, with over 10,000 subscribers. I think she’s uploaded
less than 30 videos, but now she’s known in her space. She’s a thought leader in
her space around homeschool because she started a YouTube channel. I started video in 2003, and now of course I want
to be known for YouTube and online video, and it’s the case. We know each other. It led to getting discovered, but even from our friend Steve Penate. He wants to be known for real estate, and because he put out some content and some search terms,
you find his videos, people are like oh dang. You’re not just a real estate agent. You got some influence,
some authority online. What is it you want to be known for? In fact, please tell me in the live chat, and a couple different things. This is of course super
relevant for business. Dare I say if you have a business, you want to have a side business. You plan on starting a business. It’s irresponsible for
you to not be on YouTube. That’s my personal opinion. It is irresponsible to not be on this free platform that
is the second largest search engine in the world, and maybe whatever level you do it, why would you not be leveraging the power for local search, for your business, for getting discovered, for getting known. YouTube is a massive SEO, search engine optimization platform even if you just want to. Back when I started Clearvision Media, I did a video for a Mexican restaurant, and to this day, because
it was in a small town, that video still gets views,
like eight years later. It’s still, not a ton of views, but consistently. Why? Because it’s they have a video
positioned out on YouTube that drives traffic and
awareness to their business because YouTube is a search engine, so it’s a great way to get discovered when nobody knows you, but there’s other reasons. It can build your personal network. Your personal network. By stepping out on YouTube
and creating content, you could get discovered by
friends, by other people. We just got done with a
multi-day planning session here in Vegas, with
one of my best friends, Alejandro Reyes, and is an agency that we work with and our team was planning for a couple days in an off site, and he’s one of my best friends. We met, but if I had never
started a YouTube channel, he probably wouldn’t be in my life, and I met Heather who is in the comments. We met on Twitter, but it all came back from YouTube. Why? Because we put ourselves out there. Your actual. We met. This network. People who come to our live video and then multiple connections
of people met there. Our live event is probably one of the premiere places
for building your network with high level creative
forward thinking people that will help you go further faster, and it builds your personal network by putting out content into the world, but then of course the last one is building your actual personal brand. That you could get discovered. Maybe you do want, you’re a business minded content creator so you want to get discovered for home decor or motivation and personal development
content or sports or gaming, and you want to build a personal brand. Well you could get discovered on YouTube. Of course that’s a reason
to start your channel, which brings us to number seven, and that is actually personal branding. YouTube is a great place to
build your personal brand. It’s not that it’s easy to create content. A lot of people would rather just check out after they get
done with their day job and relax and nothing wrong with that but if you put in some hustle, you start putting out some content and here’s what I would
challenge you to do. You put out one video a week, for the next three years, that is 156 videos. Is that true? Yeah. 156 pieces of thought leadership. Doesn’t even matter how
big your channel’s grown. You’re already in a whole
nother class of people. Because meanwhile your peers
are doing the bare minimum but you’re going the extra mile, so now you have a personal brand. The simplest way I like to
explain personal branding is figure out what you
want to be known for and start talking about
it a lot over time. Why am I the YouTube guy, or why are Benji and I the known best selling YouTube Secrets? We have the best selling
book on YouTube in the world, and the number one book
on YouTube in the world. Why? Because four years ago
on video influencers, we started talking about YouTube and we just didn’t quit, and eight years ago I started talking about cameras and what gear to use and what lighting to
use on my tech channel, or Think Media and I didn’t quit, and by the way, I wasn’t
consistent at first, but I started. Maybe you can’t do weekly. Just start. When I was doing Think Media. I did five videos that first year. 15 that second year. 30 that third year. 10 that next. It was up and down, but eventually my brand kept building and building and building because I was pumping
out consistent content. I actually don’t think personal branding’s about your website or it’s
about your color scheme. Those things matter, but personal branding is built by consistent repitition of a message of what you want to be known for and when you do that on YouTube, you build a powerful personal brand that can rise above the noise, and stand out among your peers. That’s number seven. Personal branding, and I love this quote from Jay Z. “I’m not a business man. I’m a business, man!” You might not think of
yourself as a business man or a business woman, but you need to. You’re the CEO of You, Inc. In the new economy all of us need to be building a personal brand. That goes into even LinkedIn. Your profile. Your online presence. What are you known for? What do you have to show, that’s gonna make you stand
out at your next job interview? I’m not a business man,
but I’m a business, man! Jay Z. Quote. You’re a business, and what does a business do? Pumps out media. You’re a media company. Where you’re putting out that message around what it is you want to build online and then you ultimately
can become known for that at a high level. Reason number eight. Lot of people get excited about this. You can make money on YouTube, and you can make a lot of money on YouTube and some can be discouraging. Maybe you’ve been doing
YouTube for awhile. AdSense and actually getting
YouTube ads on your video. You need to get 1,000 subscribers. 4,000 hours of watch time, and that can be frustrating, but that’s one way to
make money on YouTube. There’s so many different ways. Just like I mentioned Steve Penate. He uses YouTube to promote
his real estate company. I have a lot of friends
that do network marketing. Essential oils through Young Living. There’s people that do Beach Body, which is health fitness. Beach Body On Demand. They use their YouTube channel to generate business and awareness for their other business, and it’s just can 10 X their income. 10 X is their following. 10 X is what they’re doing and so there’s so many different ways to make money on YouTube. If you want to check
out our series on that I’ll link it up on the YouTube and put it in the description. How to Make Money on YouTube in 2019, and you could go deep into a
lot of free training videos that will help you if you want
to monetize here on YouTube in a lot of different ways. Reason number nine is to make an impact. Is to make an impact. Starting a YouTube channel can make a significant difference in the world, and just one example that
I would love to share, a couple things. You could raise awareness for a cause or something you care about. You could raise money. You could also change lives. You can make an impact in
so many different ways. I’m thinking this of course
could be for non profits. This could be for causes you care about but you can make an impact just by bringing hope to
someone who is discouraged. By bringing awareness to something that’s misunderstood. By bringing encouragement to someone that needs life spoken into them. You could change someone’s life by teaching them information that they didn’t know before. There’s so many different ways to make a significant impact, but recently over on Video Influencers we uploaded this video about Can you Change the World with YouTube and it was about an event that Benji, the co author of YouTube Secrets, and his wife Judy started seven years ago, called Dancember, and every year during Dancember, they dance for donations and other YouTubers get involved, and it’s evolved into a movement and it’s amazing, because we just got done
with the live stream and my wife Sonya and
I have been helping out for the last six years with Dancember, and it’s really changed our lives too to be a part of a group of people that care about something
bigger than themselves. A lot of YouTubers are based in L.A., and it kind of has that selfish vibe. It just makes sense. You’re just out for yourself. What’s in it for me? I want to get my following. I want to get. But being part of Dancember, so encouraging to see that
there’s people like you. Because I know that our community, your vibe attracts your tribe. I know that the Think Media community is some of the most
generous caring visionary I hope to repel people who are greedy. All about money and all about themselves. That’s not the vibe of our community. We do want to succeed, and we do want to generate
a lot of money, but why? So we can actually make an income. I mean a difference. We want to make income, so we can ultimately make an impact and a difference in people’s lives, and check this out. At the end of the broadcast, the total raised was $325,686, and it’s been amazing. Google Pay matched 80 K, and some private donors
matched another 250 K, so that’s $650,000 that was raised because somebody decided to take their YouTube influence,
and do something with it. Then gather other people
with YouTube channels and make a difference and the charity that 100% of those dollars go to is called Save the Children. It’s the top 86, top 90% of charities with the funds making an
impact on the frontlines. Feeding kids in need
that are honestly dying or starving and malnourished
in over 160 countries. Significant, significant
impact could be made on YouTube and that’s a great reason to start. Reason number 10, and I also have a bonus reason as well and some super inspiring, I think even channel ideas, as well as some of the
reasons from our community that people have for starting YouTube but one is to create actual community. We have this community
going here on Think Media and I’m able to see you. You’ve hopefully been a
part of our community. I see prime time aquatics
positive chick Danny. Thank you for being here. Some of you I’ve really got
to talk to you on Twitter. I get to see you in the comments. I love it when you’re
here on the live streams and we’re building a community. You might meet other
people in this community. Maybe there’s other partners, or there are people you collab with or people you meet in live chat or somebody that you
find that’s likeminded, or like I mentioned, whether that’s Heather and Alejandro, my world, our world, gets bigger, when we step out and we
start posting videos. When we practice in public. When we put ourselves out there, and start creating content. Nia, thanks so much for saying, exactly, and it’s great to see you here. Mariah, thanks so much for being here. The Dabber Supreme, dude
you’re on every stream and thank you so much for
donating to Dancember. So many different reasons and community is a major major reason for that. Trailer Park says this, I just wanted a place to
talk about what I love. My friends can only listen to
me talk about movies so much so I needed somewhere else to do it. Trailer Park said that on Twitter, where we asked this question of what reason did you start your channel? I also love that. Sometimes in your life, maybe your family doesn’t
understand your passion. Maybe your friends don’t
understand your passion. I know for me growing up in a small town, I actually didn’t have a lot
of likeminded people around me that had the same ambition
or vision or passion. I had a lot of friends,
which I’d hang out with but where a lot of times I connected with the most likeminded people was online. Was on YouTube. Because when you talk
about what you care about, I geek out about video,
marketing, growth hacking, YouTube, all this kind of stuff. If you’re here, it’s like we’re vibing. You’re into the same thing. We’re a community, and when you put out niche content. Niche content around a certain topic, you’re going to attract other people that are interested in that topic. Even if it’s my friends can only listen to me talk about movies, but there’s a lot of people online that probably love that movie you’re into. Love that game, love that customizable
card game you’re into. Pokemon Go. Stamp collecting. Doesn’t matter what it is. I think there’s something so powerful. Again, not necessarily worrying about the following and
the fame and the fortune but just creating a community. Developing some friendships, even if those are online, and people around the world
and in different countries. In fact, let’s do a shout
out role call right now. Where are you watching
from around the world? Because our community is international. How powerful is this, that we get to connect with
people around the world through this platform called YouTube. Our list says in Florida,
great to see you. Thanks for being here. Hawk Eyes in the U.K. I’m in an evening as we’re
recording this in Vegas. We got intuition for
nutrition in New York. Jessie in Ohio. We’ve got Seasonal Blog in England. So many from all over the place, and this community continues to grow. Why? Because of starting a YouTube channel. I’m so glad that back when
I didn’t have confidence I didn’t let fear hold me back. I didn’t let what are other
people gonna think hold me back. I’m thankful that most of
y’all are really cool people. You’re kind. You have the good encouraging comments. Thank you for being here, and being supportive and encouragement. I tell you what, you
start a YouTube channel, you get a few haters along the way. You probably get some
critics along the way, but it’s not about your critics. Forget your critics and start creating because your vibe will attract your tribe, and there’s always gonna be trolls, and there’s always gonna be people, and I like to have empathy for them. Nobody that’s healthy tries
to tear somebody else down. I have total empathy. Hug your haters. Whatever, but ultimately, I just want to thank you for
being a part of this community and that’s another great reason. If you’ve been finding this valuable and I’m excited for
some bonus reasons here, hit like and maybe share this video with somebody who has been
considering starting YouTube. I think more people should be on YouTube and deciding their ambitions. Maybe starting with some
of those first few reasons and let me know what one of
the top reasons for you was, but smash like, maybe
share this with somebody because I think there’s
so many other reasons than we typically think
about to be here on YouTube, but number 11, as we go
into some bonus things here, is just personal passion. What’s your personal passion? Your personal reason for starting YouTube. We sent this out on Twitter, and I want to just read some of the ones that stood out to me, that I find so inspiring. Chris W. says I want to inspire and motivate others to create the life they’ve always wanted. What a beautiful reason to start YouTube. Jeff from Team Unfiltered
says, two reasons. First to hep people make
better tech purchase decisions. Important, because there’s a lot
of good stuff out there and there’s a lot of bad
stuff out there Jeff. I feel you on that. Secondly, to build this channel and business to a point where I can leave my 9:00 to 5:00 job and work from home. This will enable me to spend more time with my wife while she fights her illness. Jeff, that really touches my heart, and I can relate, and I think that YouTube
is an awesome place to again, help people, and also build income so that you can leave your 9:00 to 5:00
job and work from home. Work on your own terms. Design a business and
income around a lifestyle. I love those reasons. Let’s look at some more. Life as Kikay. Sorry if I said that wrong. I want to create a job
where I can work from home when I have children. Smart, and smart to do it now, because YouTube is a
marathon and not a sprint. I’m so glad that I started. I punched fear in the face. I punched perfectionism in the face. Started posting videos, even though it took a
while to get momentum. I didn’t focus on it at first, but I laid that foundation. You’ll never know if you don’t start. You miss 100% of the
shots that you don’t take. Sometimes you just gotta take a shot, and what’s cool is you
can have a lot of reasons that you can win along the way. It’s not win or lose. There’s a lot of things
you can be proud of. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you learn. Sometimes you start a YouTube channel. You think it’s gonna be one thing, but you end up getting an incredible job at a place that expands your world and is the trickle effect into
the next season of your life. I love that. Parker Kate says, To start a business and to be able to take care of my parents and live my passion. Super, super powerful. Please tell me your reasons that you either want to start a channel or you started a channel in the comments. Storme says I want to build a community, make people laugh and smile. I want to spread awareness on issues that are ignored in society, and I love that. Because you can make
an impact with YouTube. Spreading awareness for different issues. I want to make a living being my own boss and doing what I love, as well as to have the ability
to create amazing content. My Stuttering Life says this. To share my stories of
adversity and triumphs so that people who stutter
know that they are not alone. That is so inspiring, My Stuttering Life. It makes me think,
because of the internet, pre internet and there’s
so many critics out there and I do think that we should be aware of social media addiction. Probably one of the
addictions I suffer from. They say we touch our phones, an average of 150 times a day. Nobody needs to do that. I probably met 300. There’s definitely
negatives to social media and I think we have to be cautious, but let’s talk about the positives, man. It could be really lonely when you have something that people can’t relate to. My Stuttering Life saying, look I want people to
know they’re not alone with this particular thing, and maybe there’s something
you’ve gone through, something you’ve overcome, something that you’ve
had happen in your life that you want other people to know about and to help other people and to create a community around. Starting a YouTube channel
and posting content is a great way to do that. Malakai and Aleeah Review Channel. To help our kids and others with autism. That’s beautiful. Paul, while I had cancer. To recreate myself online, and win time and not start from scratch if I survived or to leave
behind something if I died. Dude, Paul. During cancer, Paul’s like
I want to put myself online. Start something from scratch. If I survived then I’ve started something. If I didn’t, I’ve got
something to leave behind. Maybe my family, maybe my friends, maybe my kids, they could see that. There’s something powerful about that. Again, it makes me think of family members I’ve lost, and obviously YouTube’s a newer thing and this technology and he says the same as my books and I even think about that. Paul, he’s not letting whatever happened in life stop him. Starts a YouTube channel. You could promote your books. Spread your message. Leave something behind, and start something significant, and remember you don’t
have to be great to start but you gotta start to be great. You don’t know necessarily
what it will turn into. I think you should just start
by following your passion. Following your heart. Starting from that pure place of just wanting to create something. Just wanting to put
something out in the world that can make a difference
in other people’s lives. Those are a few different
reasons to start YouTube. If you got value out of this, can you smash the like button and also spread the word, and what we’re gonna
do is we’re giving away two copies of YouTube Secrets, and to enter all you have to do is make sure you like this video, make sure you’re subscribed, and then leave a comment below with your reason for starting YouTube or one reason you want to start YouTube. Maybe it was one of the
10, 11 you listed out, or maybe it was something very specific. Very personal. Or something you’re very passionate about. These will be drawed, the
date is in the description of when they’ll be drawed. The drawing for these, and remember in the next 48 hours, we’re going to be announcing
the giveaway winner of our YouTube Studio. Camera, lighting, and all that stuff. Over $1,500 plus our
signature training course called Video Ranking Academy 2.0. Link in the description. If you still want to enter, there’s less than 24 hours to enter, and in 48 hours we’ll announce the winner. Why will it take that long? Because we have to confirm the winner. Make sure that they respond, et cetera. Then once we have that all dialed in. Plus we’ve been giving
away YouTube Secrets book for a few weeks. We’re gonna reach out. Get all those winners confirmed, and we’re also going to be doing a bonus M 50 giveaway. I wasn’t gonna say that, but only one person can
win the YouTube Studio but I was like come on let’s go even bigger this season, so we’re actually adding a Canon M 50. Just a Canon M 50 to a second winner. It’s open internationally. That’s at Thinkgiveaway.com. Details are in the description below. If you’re not entered yet, and there’s even ways to increase
your entries and what not. Check out all the details
in the YouTube description. Smash like if you got
value out of this video. I appreciate you so much. Thanks so much for being here. We’re gonna do some future
Q and A and channel reviews but I’m gonna hang out with my wife because I’ve been super
busy the last couple days. Thanks for being here. Question of the day. What is one of your reasons for starting your YouTube channel? Tell me in the live chat, or tell me in the comments. Subscribe if you’re not subscribed and ring the bell so you
don’t miss future videos, and if you want more training on how to start and grow on YouTube, click or tap the screen right there for a free video series, if you want to check on
another video from Think Media, click or tap the screen right there. Appreciate you so much. Keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.

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