10- Meta Tags in HTML | learn html in 2020

By | March 10, 2020

AOA guys today’s our lesson no 10 in which we will see what is meta tags? basically meta tags use for information about web page and their keys like when you add meta data in page in which they target to description and keywords meta tag always write in head tag meta tag basically its use for telling us that what is your about like when you add keywords in your web page what is keywords? keywords basically we use in our applications or software and your search engine or web page they target them and send in search engine after this you have description you can add description in meta tag author name also you can add and refresh element also here i will show you when i use it we have some attributes we can add these in our description let’s see first attributes is name what is the purpose of this attribute they specifies the data which we add in it we add in it content if you add name in data so content will show their property value after this we add charset its show character and encoding like we use character encoding that is UTFAT i will show you in example after this we have http-equiv we use this attribute to give some attribute to the page in meta tag like if we want to give time limit to the page that it will be refresh after some time which we give the we give by refresh content same as it we do work by cookie, expires i will show you all things in example lets go first of all we start a html document here i create a file by the name of meta.html and i open it in my web browser page and its empty here i start our html document and in which we tell them title and what we are doing we do study meta tag always add meta tag in head tag i will told you first of all i add first meta tag write meta and click enter the i told you about UTAFT its will automatically appear now one more meta tag will add which we read a keyword name in the name attribute we give vieport what is vieport basically it is a property value in which we give content width- device-width and give initial-scale 1 save it and add next one more meta tag here i will show you a vieport i will tell you in details when i do next application then i will tell you in details and give you full information now add next meta tag and in which give a new attribute is name and give it property value of description here its add your application description and any search engine target it we give it a content like i develop a website like if its a shopping website then i give it a content THE WORLD TOP MOST RATED ONLINE SHOPPING WEBSITE we give more description here in which we explain total keywords and search engine target them here that is our meta tag in which we use name attribute now i will add next more attribute and its a keyword in which we add keywords which our search engine target them here in name write keywords and in content write all the names with separate commas like i will tell them a online shop and after this will tell them here its free delivery after this write like what things i will provide from my shop like cosmetics provide toys garments kids cloth, ladies wears boutiques here you can add those keywords which our search engine target them and show your html basically these keywords are those keywords and we design our web page here we will learn about keywords after this we see one more meta tag its a http-equiv in which we give a element of refresh in which we tell the contents that do our page refresh after 5mints save it and refresh our page here you cannot see anything in output but here i add a head tag that you can see what is the purpose of last attribute shopping store save and refresh here in head tag write first i will show you vieport how we meta tag add in it here it will show click right click on any web page see here you can see view page source here you can click or control U press also see i will zoom out these are the meta tags which we give in our web page and they tell us our coding is utf-8 and in which vieport and its initial scale is 1 and in description content we add description of our web in name keywords we add all keywords and give it one attribute of refresh and it will refresh our page after every 5 mints see here carefully here it would be refresh after every 5 mints automatically you can see their icon so it is the information about meta tags that how we use meta tags in our site its not a complete meta tag description many attributes in meta tags these work in it according to every page thats all for today take care ALLAH HAFIZ

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