10 HIGH PAYING Work From Home Jobs! (2019)

By | August 26, 2019

– What’s up everyone? Welcome to Josh Burns Tech. How does being able to work
from the comfort of your home or anywhere that you choose sound to you? Now, if you’re even slightly interested in being able to work from home, have unlimited income
potential and you want to know what freelance jobs
can offer those things, then make sure you watch all this video. Because I’m gonna cover 10
of the highest paying jobs on Upwork, which is a freelance platform that I’ve personally made over $415,000 on in less than three years. All of that is coming right up. (upbeat music) So if you’re gonna be working from home and on your own schedule,
you’re probably hoping to make a lot of money each month, right? Unfortunately most of
the videos you will watch on work from home jobs
will talk about things like filling out online
surveys, data entry, selling old things on Amazon
and eBay, the list goes on. Now you can make money in those areas, they’re good side hustles to have. However, they’re typically low-paying and certainly not gonna lead
you to financial freedom. That’s where this video
differs from all those types of videos because I’m gonna
cover 10 of the highest paying work from home jobs on Upwork and provide real dollar earning examples of the top freelancers in those positions. Before we get into the
list of the 10 high-paying work from home jobs, I have
to make one thing clear. These jobs are high paying for a reason. You can’t just walk into them. You have to develop the
skills for the jobs. I’m a true believer that
you’re gonna get out of life what you’re willing to put into it. The majority of people are
looking for an easy route to be able to work from
home, make a lot of money, have a flexible schedule. The truth is, it’s not easy. It requires a lot of hard work. It’s important to focus
on making your actions, your work ethic and your hustle match whatever your ambitions are
to get you to that point. If you want the flexibility
to work from your home wherever you choose and
make life-changing money, then you’re gonna have to put the work in that’s gonna elevate you to that level. Personally I always keep
the mindset that someone somewhere in the world in
the same amount of work that I’m in is working just as hard or harder than I’m working. That always motivates me to work harder and push to reach my full potential. And if you’re always trying
to reach your full potential, you likely never will because
you’re always gonna find areas to improve on to get better at
and that’s the beauty of it. So enough of the cliche
motivational speech, I had to get that out there. Because I want you to
know that these 10 jobs do require hard work and
nothing great should come easy. If you get value out of this video and it provides you with
insight into high-paying work from home jobs, please like the video and consider subscribing to the channel. Now without any further
ado, let’s go ahead and just jump right into it. Now to start off the list,
the first job that we have is SEO expert. Before I discuss the job and
show you some freelancers on Upwork who are absolutely crushing it working from home as SEO experts, you’re probably recognizing
someone on the screen right now. Yes, I can finally mention this. Basically Upwork chose the top freelancer from each job category of work. They flew us out to their
headquarters in San Francisco at the end of last year. We did a photo shoot,
it’s finally all finished and we’re all being
featured on the home page of their website. It’s really cool and I’m
very very very grateful for the opportunity. So what is an SEO expert
or SEO specialist? Essentially they work with
companies or individuals to help them strategically
rank higher in search results. So a great example or use case of this is a client going to Upwork,
creating a job to rank their website higher in
search results in Google. Then an SEO expert or specialist is hired, they go through, optimize the website, optimize everything for
SEO so that they will start ranking higher in Google search. So this is a job that
requires a certain skillset. It’s very attainable if
you’re willing to research, find free training even on YouTube. Look up courses on Udemy,
there’s a lot of places where you can find training
that will get you moving in the right direction
if you’re interested in becoming an SEO specialist or expert. So I have my own website,
joshburnstech.com, I developed it myself. I do plan to hire an SEO
expert through Upwork to help me optimize it, to
get my website ranking higher in search results. When people go to Google
and search for things like SQL server freelance consulting, SQL server training, tech training, I’m gonna be hiring an
SEO expert to help me go through my website so I can
optimize it to rank higher. Now to show you what’s possible pay wise working from home as an SEO expert, I have some different profiles
open on my screen right now. We’re gonna go through
those and I’m gonna show you what they’ve made on Upwork. So what I did to find these
SEO experts and specialists, you can also do yourself,
I just came to upwork.com, I did a filtered search for SEO. I apply the earned amount
filter of $10,000 or more, job success score of 80% or higher, hourly rate of 60 or higher. You can come in and play around with these different search results and look at different
freelancers that fall into those filter categories. Let’s take a look at the first
example of an SEO consultant or specialist on Upwork. On the screen now,
Jimmy H. SEO consultant, hourly rate $125 an hour. He’s earned over $100,000
on Upwork over the course of 75 jobs and 1,714 hours. And if we scroll down further we can look at some job history. So right at the top of the
screen, ongoing SEO management, he’s made $84 an hour on this job. $1,859. Scrolling down further, some
fixed price ones, $3,000, $2,500, 1,250, the list goes on. Just to give you an idea of the
earning potentials on Upwork freelancing, working from home, he probably also has a full time job. This may be a side hustle. He may not be working
from home full-time yet, but the fact that he’s made over $100,000 on Upwork freelancing, working from home or wherever he wants doing SEO specialist and SEO expert job tasks
is absolutely amazing. On to the next example of an
SEO specialist or consultant on Upwork, we have Laura. She’s an experienced CMO
so she probably started on Upwork again as a side hustle. I looked through some of her
job history, she’s fairly new. I think she started in 2017
towards the end of the year. So she’s made over $100,000 since then probably just on the side so
that’s absolutely amazing. $100 an hour for the hourly rate. And if we scroll down we can
look at some of the history. So here’s an example where
she made over $20,000 at $75 an hour on an SEO
job for a WordPress website. Scrolling down one more job,
over $25,000 at $75 an hour on an SEO job on Upwork working
from home for a company. And if we scroll down,
the list just keeps going. Another SEO job, eight
hours, $100 an hour, $850. Great review, five stars. So as you can see, in some of those jobs that were just specific to SEO, she had over $40,000 in earnings on Upwork working from home in these type of jobs. Now we’ll take a look at the
last example of an SEO expert working from home on Upwork. We have Mark. He has an hourly rate of $156 an hour. He’s made over $300,000 on Upwork. And now we can take a look at some of his job history as well. SEO help, $150 an hour. SEO consultant, $175 an hour. Some WordPress jobs, typically those are gonna
have SEO associated. You can see here Mark helped
us with search and SEO. SEO consultant, $150 an hour. An extremely good review. I mean that’s like a great review that a client actually took
the time to put all that in. That’s pretty impressive. And scrolling through his history, it’s just full of SEO
jobs and WordPress jobs. I only showed you a few examples
of freelancers on Upwork that focus on SEO. The list goes on for a long time. I looked through so many
when I was picking out ones to show for the video, but
they’re literally so many. So the first two had made
over $100,000 a piece. The last one over 300,000. I’ve seen people in Upwork who have made over a million dollars on the platform. As a freelancer working
from home for yourself, you can charge whatever
rate that you want. Now you have to provide the
value for that to back it up to keep getting those types of jobs. However, if you’re providing clients with over-the-top value, you’re exceeding their expectations, you’re getting five-star reviews, you’re gonna keep getting
jobs and you can get paid what you’re worth. You’re not restricted to
a salary, a full-time job, having to ask for raises, work to get raises that you may never get. On Upwork as a freelancer,
if you’re crushing it, if you’re doing extremely
well, getting great reviews, you can give yourself the raises. Next up with the second high
paying work from home job on Upwork we have graphic designer. Graphic designers design
logos, letterheads, print media, graphics on websites, a payroll graphics, the list goes on. So when my freelance
work really kicked off, really went to the next level, I started Josh Burns Tech, I had my logo created,
that’s on my shirt right now. I actually hired a
freelance graphic designer to create it for me. So this is just one example. My logo that I had created,
I use it on my website, I use in my YouTube channel, all my social media accounts. I use that logo everywhere. That’s one example of a graphic design job that you could get as a graphic designer. And to give you a couple of
examples of graphic designers and the pay that you can make freelancing, working from home as a graphic designer, I did another filtered search
on Upwork for graphic design. We’re gonna take a look at
a couple of freelancers. So the first example of a
freelance graphic designer at Upwork is Morgan. She’s a graphic design and multimedia pro. She has an hourly rate of $95 an hour. She’s earned over
$100,000 across 158 jobs. Now if we scroll down and take a look at some of her work history, we can see a lot of the
different graphic design work that she’s done on Upwork. So now we can take a
look at some examples. You can see she created
a flyer for $95 an hour. Display art again for $95 an hour. Creative designer for
toolkit template design. Just keep scrolling down, there’s just a ton of graphic design jobs that she’s completed and
completed successfully with really really good reviews. And then on Upwork, a great
thing for graphic designers or basically any type of
work that you can showcase. Scroll down, look at
the portfolio section. This will give you some
real examples of things that she’s created. Let me zoom in on it for you. So here’s an example of a
podcast ad campaign template. She created this a
campaign for this podcast. Here’s a logo that she
designed for a company. Ad campaign for a realty company. Magazine cover. You can literally just scroll
through the different pages, look at the different type
of work that she’s done, that she’s showcasing on her portfolio. She’s done a lot of great work and she has a lot of
different types of projects showcased in this section. So if you’re interested in graphic design, what you can do is you can
find one of these freelancers, go to their profile, scroll
down to the portfolio section, start taking a look at work
they’ve done in the past as a graphic designer. It’s gonna give you an
idea of things you would do if you decide to move this route, start developing the skill
sets, going through the training and to start moving in the
direction of what you need to do to develop the skillset to
become a graphic designer. So now we’ll take a look
at the second example of a graphic designer on Upwork. I don’t want to try to pronounce her name. It looks like Christine,
it’s probably not right. Either it’s unique way of spelling it or I completely just said it wrong. So if you’re watching this
video, I’m sorry about that. Anyway, look at this total earned for her. $600,000, it’s actually over 600,000. So it could be anywhere
between 600,000 and 700,000 that she’s earned on Upwork. She has a $75 an hour hourly rate, over 600,000 earned on Upwork, insane. And if you look more in her overview, it actually shows a bunch
of examples of things that she’s done for graphic design. This is another good example
of what you can look at to see the type of work that you would do as a graphic designer. So she’s done graphic design for logos, business cards, trifolds,
apparel design, website layouts looked at magazine layouts. There’s a lot of examples
of what you can do as a graphic designer. And now we’ll scroll down, take a look at some history real quick. E-booklet, brochure redesign, almost $5,000 on that project. And she has a ton of
fixed-price projects completed for logos, digital
illustrations, more logos, design for a new logo,
marketing collateral, stationeries, e-signatures,
a lot of different types of examples of work she’s completed to add up to that $600,000 total that she’s earned on Upwork. So again if this sparks your
interest in graphic design, come to one of these freelancer profiles, start looking at work they’ve completed. It’s gonna give you an
idea if you would like doing this type of job around the projects that you would be working on. So the best way to do that is
look at the portfolio section. You can see all these
different types of logos that she’s created for companies. If this is something you
think you’re gonna like, start looking into the training, developing the skillsets you’re gonna need to become a graphic designer. But obviously working from home as a freelance graphic
designer can be very lucrative. Alright, so moving on to the
third best work from home job on Upwork in 2019, we
have, this won’t be a shock to any of you that know
what I do, SQL expert. So I phrased this job as SQL expert because if you look at my title, I kind of fall into a
few different categories. SQL server database administration SQL server development and then business intelligence
development as well. However, I will say
that the bulk of my work has been in SQL server
database administration. So specifically what I
do but not limited to, falls into these things. Database administration,
this is making sure that the SQL server
environments for my clients are all running as fast as possible. If they’re having issues, I resolve those. I proactively do things to prevent issues and keep it running very well. The second part SQL development
means developing queries, developing databases, database
objects, refactoring code. I do that a lot. Basically working with
poorly written code, making it run faster, better, getting rid of issues
that reside in the code. And then the third part of what I do, I’m not going to talk much about right now because it’s in the top 10, we’re gonna get to it soon is business intelligence developer. But real quick, that means
developing analytical reports, dashboards, reporting
environments for clients and stakeholders so they can use data to make strategic business decisions. Alright, so now let’s go ahead and take a look at a couple of Upwork’s SQL server freelance
profiles to give you guys an idea of the type of
work you’d be doing, show you the profile, some
reviews and things like that. Let’s dive into it. Okay, so no surprise the first profile we’ll look at is mine. So as you can see I’ve
put a ton, a ton of work into making my profile
stand out and look nice and attractive when clients come to it. Now if this video sparks your interest and you want to learn more
about being a freelancer on Upwork, becoming top rated being successful in Upwork,
all the different tips you can do to optimize your profile and to be successful, go to
my YouTube channel homepage and one of the sections right at the top, there’s a section, a playlist section, there’s a bunch of videos in it. And it’s called How to Become an Upwork
Top-rated Freelancer. I upload new videos to
that section all the time. These are all tips that
work for me to help me be successful in Upwork
and continue improving. So we take a look at
my profile, we can see that I’ve earned over $400,000. Right now it’s somewhere
between 415,000 and $420,000 that I’ve earned on Upwork
in less than three years. I started in May of 2016. Just to give you an idea
of the earning potentials that are on Upwork, I haven’t even been on the
platform for three years yet and I’ve made over $400,000. I’ve did this across 80 jobs
while working 5,811 hours. Now some of these jobs
have been repeat clients. That’s one of the great
things about Upwork. Now what happens is because I
focus on three different areas that all incorporate
and tie into each other, I’ll complete a project for a client and then they will ask me if
I have skills in this area as well because they’re gonna
create a project for it. Usually if I do a great
job, I over deliver and exceed their
expectations on whatever job I initially started with, they will want me to work
on the next job as well. They get you repeat
clients, long-term clients and that’s one of the ways to
absolutely crush it on Upwork. So let’s go ahead, scroll
down and take a look at some of my job history on Upwork. So one thing to note. If you have this many jobs open or a lot of jobs in progress,
these are older jobs, I just need to clean up,
reach out to my clients, see if they can just give me a review for and close out that project. If you have that many
open, what’s gonna happen is it’s gonna affect
your job success score. Mine’s at 99% right now. The only thing that’s
negatively affecting it to make it not 100% is how many jobs I have in progress. So I just need to go
through cleaning those up, that’s just a quick tip for you. Now if we take a look at my jobs, we can see SQL Azure
database performance review, Power BI assistance, SQL performance resource detection, SQL server reporting services. This was an urgent issue where basically their server was down. I mean their application was down, their business was not running. I came in, fixed it for them and obviously got a great review for it which really helps out your profile. Now specifically, I wanted
these two jobs towards the top. So I can show you these. As you can see the hourly
rate for these two jobs is way lower than what
I’m getting right now. And if you look at the dates on the jobs, you can see when I started these. August 2016, that was only a few months after I started on Upwork. January 2017, again very very close to when I first started on Upwork. These jobs are close to the top right now because of when I closed them out, when I got the reviews for them. It was recently, you can
see March 2019, March 2019. But it’s great they’re up
here at the top so I can show. I didn’t start out on
Upwork making $85 an hour, $100 an hour, making all this money. I started out lower. You can see that these jobs ended up turning out pretty well. I made $540 off this, 1,700. So obviously that’s a lot of money when you’re used to just
making whatever your salary is if you don’t have any side
hustles or anything going on on the side. So two grand can make a
huge difference for you. But the key point with these two jobs is that when I did these, I
made sure that I over delivered, that I put everything
that I had into these jobs to get five-star reviews, to get this great feedback
that’s on the screen now that you can look at. Because over delivering to your clients is gonna get you great
reviews, great feedback. It’s gonna make you more credible, it’s gonna build your skills. And in the end it’s gonna
make you more money. And when I took my first freelance job, I was extremely nervous about it. I was not confident at all. It was a very very very cheap job that I did on freelancer.com. But it was invaluable
to my freelance career because it helped me build my confidence. I ended up completing it successfully. I got a good review for
it and most importantly, it gave me the confidence
boost that I needed to know that I could
succeed as a freelancer. So back to my profile, if you ever decide to take a look at it, you
can come to my profile, see my portfolio. This is all public information by the way. You don’t even have to have an
account on Upwork to find me. You can just go to to
Upwork, go to the search bar, type my name in, it’ll come up. So the first portfolio
item that I have listed on my profile is the fact that I’m in Upworks
marketing campaign right now. I’m featured on the home
page of their website. I was selected out of 116,000
different types of freelancers in the IT and networking category. I made sure I put that on my
profile to make it stand out. I put details about my
YouTube channel in here, my personal website that
I have for my business. And then SQL server
database administration. This just includes different
SQL server versions that I’ve worked with. I probably need to update it. Now I actually have a baby recently. So it has SQL server 2019 which is the most recent version in here. The main thing for you guys to take away from the portfolio section on Upwork, if you’ve never been on Upwork
is that if you’re interested in any of these top 10
jobs, what you can do is you can go to Upwork, take a
look at the portfolio section and for top freelancers that have a lot of items listed there, it’s
it’s gonna give you guys ideas of different projects
that you would work on if you decide to start
trying to develop your skills and move towards getting into
one of these top 10 jobs. So now we’ll take a quick look at one more SQL server
profile before we move on. Ryan, I like this profile a lot. He really put time into
making it look attractive and set up well. He has an hourly rate of $82.50 an hour. He’s made over a $100,000
across 57 client jobs which is great. And if we scroll down and take a look at his work history and
feedback, he has great reviews, five-star reviews, good feedback and doing a lot of
different SQL server jobs as you can see in all the
descriptions of these. But again for any of these
freelancers I’m showing you, you can come to their
profiles and take a look at all these jobs. It will give you an
idea of the type of jobs that you would be doing. So as you can see there’s
a ton of SQL server and database specific
related jobs on Upwork that you can get working
from home in 2019, making a lot of money. So that’s why it’s in my top 10 list. Additionally, if you want to
learn more about SQL server, go to the home page of
my YouTube channel again. There’s a section called
SQL server training and how-to videos. They’re really high-quality
SQL server videos and probably some of the best that you’re gonna find on YouTube. I know that because I’ve
watched a lot of them especially when I was first learning about SQL server and databases. So make sure you check out that playlist. It’s got a lot of great videos in it. Check out the one about
installing SQL server if you’re interested in
downloading SQL server to play around with it and
get experience using it. Make sure you check
that video out as well. Next up on the list, as
the fourth high paying work from home job on Upwork
in 2019 is web developer. So if you’re unfamiliar
with what a web developer is or what that job entails, they develop websites or web components for companies or clients. To be a really good web developer, you need to learn things
like HTML, Javascript, CSS, all the different things that
go into being a web developer. Now in 2019 you can develop
websites with little to no programming. There’s so many themes out on Theme Forest and other websites like that
where you can download them and really just customize the GUI around. You don’t even have to do much with code. However, if you get a
website job on Upwork, a lot of times you’re probably
gonna have to know some HTML. There may be some custom
things or more advanced things that your clients are
gonna want you to do. So it’s really important
that you learn that skillset. So let’s go ahead and
take a look at a couple of freelancers who are
web developers on Upwork to look at the earnings. Now before we take a look at
some specific freelancers, I want to show you how many web developers have been successful in Upwork. There are so many. So just scrolling through
some of these real quick. Over $100,000, over 200,000, over 300,000, over 100,000, 100,000. The list keeps going on. And there’s a lot of different
pages of web developers. If I scroll down you can
see that there’s a ton. So there’s so much of
money that’s been made in web development on Upwork, I see the jobs all the time. This is something that
would be useful to get into. If you like developing websites, you think you would like
developing websites, it’s definitely something
that could be lucrative and there’s a high demand for it. Now the first freelance profile we’ll take a look at real quick is Andy. He’s earned over $300,000 as
a web developer on Upwork, across 5,900 hours. You can see that he
specializes in responsive mobile friendly WordPress websites and also creates custom themes as well as modifying existing themes. Again as I mentioned earlier, skills you would need to learn; HTML5, CSS, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript. Those are all different
components are gonna tie into being a really good
advanced web developer. And to take a look at some of
his job history real quick, we’ll scroll down. You can see incomplete WordPress website, needs help to finish. He did that $13,000 on that job, $13,000. Scroll down a little bit further. 855 and $95 an hour making
updates to a WordPress website. Almost $5,000 on another
WordPress website. Web development, $29,000 on this job, that’s a huge job. You can see what I’m saying
about web development, having a high demand on
Upwork and being lucrative to get into. If you’re interested in it,
you think you would like it, that’s the most important thing is if you’re passionate about it, you think it’s something you
could be passionate about. Explore it, see if you like it. You’ve probably heard this so many times, being passionate and loving
what you do and your job is gonna in turn make you more successful, make you more money and make
you more happier long-term. So for web developers,
the portfolio section is a great great great
area for you to get an idea of website designs that
they’re doing for clients. And most of them are
gonna have a huge list of websites they developed. Take a look at the screen now. So Andy has over five
different pages of websites that he’s developed. You can click on them, he has
screenshots of the website, also links to the website. You can go to any of these websites and look at the work that
he’s done for clients. Now to give you one more example. We have Jim, he’s an
expert WordPress developer. $115 an hour hourly rate. He’s made over $400,000
as well across 2400 hours. You can see everything that he focuses on, very similar to what Andy focused on. And if we take a look at his history, we can see these huge jobs again. $125 an hour, almost $3,000. 5600, 1,000, 7,000. $5,000 developing a WordPress theme. And it looks like he also
does some graphic design work for websites as well. Again for the portfolio section,
he has a lot of websites he’s developed in this section that he’s showcasing to clients as well as themes he’s developed. So if you’re interested
in web development, I would recommend going to
these freelancers’ profiles, looking at the jobs they’ve finished, the websites they’ve built, seeing if that’s something
that you may be interested in learning more about. And if it is, look up training online. There’s so many cheap courses you can take to learn web development. Go to Udemy, there’s
probably tons on there that you can find. The training to become a web developer and a good web helper
is definitely out there. If you’re willing to put
the time into learning it, put the hard work in, the hustle, the training is definitely there for you. As you can see, it’s a very
high demand job on Upwork. There’s a lot of money
to be made there as well. I get asked all the time by people I know if I can develop websites for them. I don’t have the time to do it but the demand is definitely
there if you’re willing and want to learn more
about web development. So halfway through the
list, at number five, for best work from home jobs in 2019, we have video editor. So video editors typically
edit video and audio for things like TV shows,
movies, commercials, advertisements, YouTube videos and more. So video editing is a
very attainable skill. There’s a lot of courses
that can teach you it, a lot of different products
that you can learn their product and learn how to edit videos. There’s definitely a high
demand for it on Upwork. And what you could do
is you could start out with some lower level
projects that don’t require a lot of advanced editing. Work on those first,
get some good reviews. However, to get really
good at video editing and I mean really good to
the level you could work on TV shows and movies, things like that, big time advertisements, that requires a lot of skillset
and a lot of experience to be that advanced. However, on Upwork there’s
definitely a lot of jobs, lower level ones for video editing that don’t require a lot of high end advanced editing skills. So now let’s go ahead and take
a look at a couple profiles for Upwork video editors. So the first video editor we have is Alex. He actually edits all
of my YouTube videos. I hired him through Upwork. He does an amazing job,
makes my life so much easier. Everything that I’ve asked of him to do for my YouTube videos, to add into it different types of editing, he absolutely crushes it
and does an amazing job. And then even outside of video editing, he’s helped me in a lot of ways. He’s helped me set up my audio better. He helped me set the
lighting in my office as well and overall he’s just a great
person to work with as well. So he actually hasn’t been
on Upwork that long yet. I was actually one of his first clients. So Alex is a video and
motion graphics editor. You can see that he’s worked with a lot of really high level clients
and he’s really well-versed in all the full Adobe Suite and all the video editing
tools that go in with that. So if you’re interested in video editing, make sure you check out
the portfolio section on freelance video editor profile. So if you look at Alex’s, this is one of the
reasons why I chose him. If I click on his profile
and his portfolio, he has his website, we can go to that. This is what I went to when
I looked at his profile when I was trying to choose a video editor for my YouTube channel. But anyway his website speaks for itself. It has a ton of great work on here that he’s been involved
in with video editing. Again I was really impressed by it. It’s what led me to
contacting him, hiring him and he’s done a great job and everything that I could have hoped for. So if you’re interested in
checking out his profile or checking out his website, those are both gonna be down in the description below the video. And then to show you one more video editor and the earning potential. He’s been on Upwork longer,
had a lot more clients. It’s Michael and he’s made over $100,000 as a video editor on Upwork. And in looking at job history, you can see some of the video editing jobs that he’s had on Upwork. A lot of good fixed price jobs and then here’s one
right here for $36,000. So a lot of great potential, a lot of great jobs in demand
for video editing on Upwork. And then scrolling down further, you can just see more and
more great video editing jobs that he’s completed on Upwork. And then again if you’re
gonna go to Upwork and check out some video editing profiles of freelancers on Upwork, make
sure you pay close attention to the portfolio section. You can see his here, he has
a lot of examples of work that he’s done. And probably for most of
these, if you click on ’em it’s gonna have a link to the video and you can watch the
video editing that he did for these specific jobs. So video editing is
definitely a high demand skill for work from home jobs on Upwork which is why it made my list of top 10 high-paying work from
home jobs on Upwork in 2019. The next word from home job
on the list is copywriting. So copywriting is writing with the purpose of causing someone to take action. Now this action is
generally buying something, so this all falls into the categories of marketing and advertising. There are tons of
copywriting jobs on Upwork. A lot of people who have
been really successful working from home doing copywriting jobs for freelance clients. So here’s a few specifically
on the screen right now. We’re actually gonna dive
into a couple specifically to take a look at some
of the work they’ve done. But here’s a few on the screen
right now that you can see. So the first freelancer we’ll specifically look at is Gabrielle. So she focuses on social media
strategy and copywriting. And like I said earlier,
copywriting is writing with the purpose to get
someone to take action. So she has a great overview that’s really hitting home on that. Specifically she says
your readers want to know why you do business, why they
can align with your brand without reading a bottomless pit of words. So she goes into talking
about brand awareness and making words jump off the
page to inspire customers. And if we scroll down
through her job history, we can see some of these copywriting jobs that she’s completed on Upwork. So a lot of great copywriting jobs and she’s made a lot of money off of. $125 an hour on most of these. And then again the main thing
I want you guys to focus on is the portfolio section. Find these top freelance profiles, go to the portfolio section. If you’re interested in the
type of work that they’re doing, working from home, take a look at these
portfolio items closely. Now if I open up any of
these, you can see in detail what she did for these projects. So you can literally scroll through any of these portfolio
items, open them up, look at them and look at
all the work that she did for these jobs. So to take a look at one more copywriter working from home or wherever
she chooses, we have Kathy. The first sentence of her
job overview is awesome and really explains well what
she does as a copywriter. She says I help you reach
visitors and customers through compelling and
engaging written content. Again over $200,000 earned on the platform and phenomenal feedbacks
with great reviews for so many different copywriting jobs. And then focusing on
the portfolio section, at first it looks like she doesn’t have that many portfolio items but
if you actually click on it, it’ll take you to a
different link which links to a full portfolio for
her and she has a lot of items listed here that
she’s done for copywriting. Websites she’s created,
ghost writing projects, fundraising letters, articles
and blogs that she’s created and copywriting on. And that was just a couple
of freelance copywriters that we looked at specifically. There’s so many more of them, there’s so many of those
jobs in high demand on Upwork allowing you to work from
home or wherever you choose, doing copywriting if you have that skill. So obviously copywriting is
a skill that you can attain but if you enjoy writing,
it’s probably gonna be better for you, more beneficial if you’re thinking about
getting into copywriting. If you always love writing,
writing for a purpose then I would definitely
say to explore copywriting if you have that drive, you have that interest in copywriting, writing for a purpose. Moving on to number seven and one of the hottest in-demand
jobs in the world right now we have artificial
intelligence developers. So artificial intelligence
makes it possible for machines to learn from experience and perform human-like tasks. Most of you probably heard
about the Facebook AI chat box that was shut down last year the experiment the chat bots
were using a different language a bunch of random
characters strung together and communicating with each other. Artificial intelligence is one
of the most intriguing things for me in technology, but it’s also something that’s feared by a lot of people because
of how powerful it is and what could happen long term with AI. But the demand for AI developers especially good ones is really high and you can really earn
a lot of money doing it. So you definitely need a lot of programming knowledge to do it. Python is one of the
main languages for AI. I’m actually reading a
book on that right now. It’s gonna be linked down
in the description below in this video if you
want to check that out. But let’s go ahead and
take a look at a couple of freelancers on Upwork working from home as AI developers. So the first freelancer we have is Andy who’s an algorithm scientist working in artificial intelligence
and computer vision as well. He’s earned over $200,000 on Upwork and only 31 jobs to get there. And we take a look at his job history, we can see some examples of the work that he’s done for clients. So here’s one for
$33,000, $19,000, 12,000. This is an extremely great
feedback and review right here. A lot of machine learning
jobs, computer vision jobs, advanced algorithms, AI jobs, he has a lot of great experience on Upwork completing these artificial intelligence and machine learning jobs. And then take a look at
the next freelancer working in artificial intelligence,
we have Jonathan who’s made over $500,00 on Upwork. And then again if we scroll
down, look at his work history, we can see some jobs
he’s completing for AI. Again these are really in
demand high paying jobs. $178 for this one. This is a $62,000-job,
$67,000 AI consultancy. And that’s actually pretty awesome to see he made $324,000
working as a my SQL DBA. And then again just a lot of
artificial intelligence jobs that he’s completed
successfully with great reviews. Now, out of all the jobs
that I’ve discussed so far, artificial intelligence probably has the highest learning curve out of everything we’ve discussed. So if you are interested
in artificial intelligence, down in the description of this video is the Python book that I’m
going through right now. It’s a beginner level
book and it’s got a lot of great beginner tips
for learning Python in it. Up next on the list. At number, we have blockchain developer. So blockchain in general
is still very much in the early adoption phase. And if you don’t know what blockchain is, it’s basically a decentralized
way to record data digitally. So if you have heard of blockchain, odds are you’ve heard about
it in terms of cryptocurrency. However, there’s a lot of other potential for businesses to use blockchain for other areas outside of cryptocurrency. So there’s a big demand
for blockchain developers, not only from a cryptocurrency standpoint but also from business level standpoint. And if you are interested
in blockchain development, you definitely need a strong
programming background especially in things like C-sharp or C++. So let’s go ahead now and
take a look at a couple of Upwork freelancers working from home as blockchain developers. So the first blockchain
freelance developer we have is Steven L. who’s a blockchain and cryptocurrency consultant. So he is fairly new to Upwork, not having a lot of jobs
completed yet, only 11. However he has great reviews
all around blockchain. And if we scroll down we can
take a look at some of those. So you can see a bunch of
blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs that he’s completed. This is where he worked as an initial coin offering
consultant for a cryptocurrency. Blockchain specialist overseeing a project and then blockchain research and some cryptocurrency
consulting as well. And then he has a really
cool portfolio item where he worked on an Internet
of Things blockchain product. And if we take a look at it,
we can see that he designed the network architecture for
the blockchain application and help build the
whitepaper for it as well. And then he even has the PDF link as well so you can actually
click on it, download it and take a look at the white paper. And the next freelancer working from home as a blockchain developer
is another Steven. So he works with blockchain
strategy and development as well for companies. He’s actually made over
$60,000 just between four jobs with a $250 hourly rate. And if we scroll down
and start taking a look at some of his work history, we can see these great high paying jobs that he’s done very well on. So here’s one where he
helped launch an ICO. He made 17 grand on that one. Here’s a blockchain
cryptocurrency smart contract development project, he made
over $47,000 on that job. And again the portfolio section, this is where you’re gonna
get to see the type of work that he’s doing. So here’s a project that he
worked on around ethereum. And you can see that this project is on ethereum blockchain around voting. So if you’re interested in
learning more about blockchain, what’s required to be
a blockchain developer and get to work from home doing that, I would take a look at
some these top freelancers, look at their work history, look at their education,
skill, certifications, all those type of things. Look at all those, it’s
gonna give you an idea of what would be required
if you want to try to move in that direction. But overall, blockchain is a really in demand skill right now
and companies are paying a lot of money for really
good blockchain developers which is why it made my list. Up next and number nine in the top high-paying work
from home jobs on Upwork, we have business intelligence developers. Now this is another job
type that I rank in, you can see on the screen now. If you search for business
intelligence developer, I’m gonna show up in
the list for keywords. So business intelligence
developers develop things like dashboards, KPIs, other
forms of reporting mechanisms that businesses can use to
make strategic decisions based off data and also view history, different types of sales
changes, things like that. Anything that can be viewed
from a reporting standpoint based on sales, products, inventory, all that falls into business intelligence. So now let’s go ahead and
take a look at a couple of business intelligence
developers on Upwork so I can give you guys some examples of the type of work that they do working from home as business
intelligence developers. So the first business
intelligence developer we’re gonna look at if pronounced
correctly by me is Lellow. So she’s a top-rated business
intelligence developer and data science professional on Upwork. She’s maintained a 100% job success score working across 21 different
jobs and making over $100,000. And if we scroll down
and take a look at some of work history, we can
see some of the jobs that she’s been completing. So here we have a big
project, BI extension work that she’s made over $57,000 on. It’s still in progress so this
is likely a long-term client that she’s got on Upwork. Support for power BI, power BI budget analysis planning tool. I personally worked a lot with power BI from a reporting and business
intelligence standpoint. Another power BI data
analytics job, over $18,000. And overall she has a lot
of great amazing reviews and great feedback. So if you wanted to get an
idea of the work you’d be doing as a business intelligence developer, you could open up some of
these jobs that she has. You see that she’s using power BI and then that could lead you
to go take a look at power BI and look at the different
things you can do from it, from a reporting standpoint and analytics. And the next business
intelligence developer we’ll take a look at is John who’s made over $100,000
across 17 jobs on Upwork. And if we take a look at his work history, again we could see a lot of different business intelligence jobs that he’s completed successfully. So building a BI workbook, almost $10,000. Microsoft power BI project, over $38,000. Another power BI project, over $20,000. And overall he’s completed a lot of big-time high-paying power BI and business intelligence jobs. And you can see he does
have a portfolio item listed and if you open that it’s
going to show you an example of a report that he developed. So regarding business
intelligence development and a work from home top job in 2019, I can personally say it’s
definitely a great one. There’s really such an immense amount of business intelligence jobs on Upwork if you search for them. It’s definitely one of my key skills and one that I’m gonna keep focusing on moving into the future. And just to give you a couple of front end business intelligence tools so you could take a look
at and play around with, I would recommend power BI and Tableau. Up next on the list that number 10 again is a really in demand
high-paying skill to have which is cyber security. So cyber security simply
explained is protecting hardware, software and data from cyberattacks. And these attacks are mostly
malicious towards companies to gain access to their
systems, take them offline, steal data and cause
permanent damage to companies. Which definitely explains
why cyber security is such a high demand job
and well paying as well. So let’s go ahead and take a
look at a couple of freelancers working from home in high-paying jobs completing cybersecurity projects. The first freelancer we’ll
take a look at is Howard who’s the cybersecurity
researcher and developer. And he’s earned over
$30,000 across 61 jobs since around 2018 when he started. And then taking a look at his work history you can see some of
the cyber security jobs that he’s completed on Upwork. The first few are related to cybersecurity research and writing. He’s also completed some jobs
for encrypting and decrypting as well as cryptography. He has really great reviews,
really great feedback. And if he keeps that up, he’s going to keep getting
a lot of great jobs. So down in his portfolio section, he has a couple items related to cyber security research and writing. So the next cyber security
expert we’ll take a look at is John who focuses heavily
on penetration testing. He holds some really great certifications around cybersecurity and
has made over $100,000 only working on seven different jobs. So examples of his work and the money that he’s been able to accumulate on Upwork in cybersecurity, we’ll take a look at a few of those now. So he has one in progress from this month which is creating a
penetration testing toolbox. He’s making $$152 an hour on that job. And you can see right below
that he’s been working as a senior cybersecurity
professional for this company, still in progress, and
he’s made over $111,000 on that job. And again all the other
cybersecurity jobs, he’s got great reviews on. Just like some of the other
jobs that we just discussed, cybersecurity is one
of the most important. Large companies are being
attacked all the time and it’s evermore increasing as well, which makes being a cyber security expert and having those skills
really high in demand and it’s why it made my list of the top 10 high-paying
work from home jobs on Upwork in 2019. The ultimate key to getting high paying work from home
freelance jobs in 2019 is to put the work in,
develop your skillset around whatever job that
you’re interested in. So take a second and in
the comments section below of this video, let me
know which job or jobs in the top 10 list are
you most interested in, developing a skillset for
and learning more about. I also recently finished
creating a free checklist of 15 things that you should do before you submit a
job proposal in Upwork. It’s gonna be linked down
the description below, so make sure you download that. And if you want to learn
more about work from home, freelance jobs on Upwork
and my personal experience that’s helped me become
one of the top freelancers on the entire platform on (mumbles), be sure you hit that
round subscribe button so you don’t miss anything. Thank you for watching
and until next time. (upbeat music)

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