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By | August 31, 2019

– Hey all, I’m Kori Ashton. Today we’re gonna be looking
at 10 different examples of contact pages, different layouts, different options that you can do, and hopefully this will
inspire you to be more creative whenever you’re building out
those pages for your clients. (upbeat music) I don’t know about y’all, but by the time I actually get to the contact
page in most of my projects, my inspiration and my
creativity is just exhausted. I spent a lot of time on that home page, making it look really amazing. Maybe the about us page
has really cool layouts. But seriously, by the
time you work through each and everyone of those
pages, and you get that contact page, it’s really easy to just
throw a contact form on there and a phone number and
just be done with it. But I wanna challenge
you that that is probably one of the major calls to
action on most your clients websites, or on the website
that you’re trying to build. People are gonna click
on that contact page, and they still need to have
that trust factor there. They still need to have
that inspiration there where they still want to
click and fill out the form, they wanna call, they’re
really excited to work with this company. So how do you keep that
type of inspiration. I’m gonna show you some designs right now that will hopefully keep
your creative juices running, as you hit that contact page. We’re gonna start super simple first, and this one’s as clean as they come. I like it though because
it still’s a little bit of a wow factor with this fun little GIF that’s animated up here,
showin’ me just a little bit of sparkle, gives it a
little bit of life on the page, makes my heart really happy. Clean and simple form, that’s
it, there’s a 800 number with the hours of
operation, and of course, they have their simple footer. Really clean, really basic. Another example of just clean
simple conversation is this. I just like how large the boxes are. I do like the icons
living inside this form to kind of help give some visual guidance. And then again, submit. These are your options, you know, get in with us, that’s it. That’s how we want you to connect with us, submit right there. Anything else is gonna be further down, and you can sign up, sign
up for free, that’s that. I might be a little
biased, but I also think that WebTegrity, ourselves,
have a pretty great contact page. We have pictures of our
location to kinda show what’s it gonna be like to work with us. You’ve got your form
over here on the right, that allows you some
options that you can select the topic, fill out the
form, or you can give us a phone call if you like. Our creative space, a
little bit of direction here on how to get to us. Our hours of operation. A review even, which I
think is pretty great, because you allow other people
to read their experience of working with us. If you wanted to, you could
even add in a Google Map, living right here. And there’s your simple footer. So really easy. This is kind of a one third,
two thirds type of layout. Here, just to show you
a different example, and it doesn’t always have
to be 50/50 down the page in two columns, like this example. Now in this example, these
people have two locations, so it just makes sense that
they would have kind of a 50/50 split screen here. Walking down the page
you’ve now got your form and your phone numbers
allowing people easy access. So different locations can be tricky on one single contact page, but I’ll give you another example here, of where they’ve got a main phone number, but if you click on their contact page, you’ll come here and start to
see the different locations, again with one simple email form here, with a captcha on it, submit. Simple, easy, straight
forward, nice clean layout, still building confidence,
still building trust. So other things that get complicated, is when you have different
departments to deal with. How do you separate those out? How do you give examples
of how people can get to the right team member? So this is one of those
ways you can do it. You can break it into different categories of who their trying to connect with, and then maybe have that
one major 800 number or something like that that
they can connect with you on. Something like this again, depending upon, who things need to go to,
you might have to have different addresses,
different email addresses. I’ll give you another example
of a cool way of doing this, in a few more as well. But this one has addresses, phone, email, and then if you don’t want that option, you can scroll down
and it says message us. You can fill out the form. It mentions their BBB reputation,
which I think is great, building that trust factor again. And they also have a Google Map. I like this idea. This is another one, where
again, you’ve got a happy person, with a headset on, showing
that we’re gonna connect with you, it’s gonna be a great
experience to talk with us. Let’s start a conversation,
this is very casual, non-committal language, which is good, so people don’t get form fear
and feel like they’re locked to working with you. Having a conversation like
how can we help, is great. So you’ve got different links on here, different opportunities,
if you need more content on a page. If you’ve got more complex
type of client or project that you’re building out. You’ve got a 50/50 split down the screen, and you also have their
different locations. So I think this is a really great idea if you have a lot of complexity
to happen on one page. This one’s fun. This is more of a feedback, stay in touch, type of contact page. Share your feedback. They can come here and
just fill out the form really quickly, and then
we also have the different locations that you can click
on and a little model pops up giving you a quick glimpse of pictures, hours of operation, and
address and phone number to these locations. So really easy, nice clean layout, fun, and different too, so I
think that’s something I like about this design. Now this is a very very clean
kind of corporate style. You’ve got very clean lines here, very easy to understand,
let’s get in touch. There gonna fill out the
information here, click submit. And then here’s the other
example I wanted to show you, when it comes to looking
for different staff members. So if there are multiple
people, depending upon what department, or who
needs to be connected with, this is another really clean way to layout those individuals and
their contact information. And lastly, and probably the
most edgy that I’ve found that gets me super excited
and really inspired to share this with you, is this design that our team did, may name
is, and you would enter your full name, and I would
like to know more about, or need help with, and you
would use this drop down option here, to have those options. Please contact me at, you
would enter your phone number or email address and
then add more comments and click submit. This is somethin’ really
fun that we’re seeing more and more people participate in, especially if you have
a younger demographic as your audience. You all have the contact
information there on the right. If this seems too
confusing, they can contact you here, and the hours of operation. Reach out, you’ve got other options here, again this is more complexity, when ever you have different departments or different types of
services you provide. And then you can also
find a branch near me, and click visit us. So really really clean contact page, getting them to just do
exactly what you’re asking them to do, just fill out
a form and connect with us. Well I hope that allows
you to keep those creative juices flowing, and maybe you’ll go back and revisit some of you
designs you’ve already done. Maybe it’s an upsell opportunity. Call up your clients, say hey,
I’ve got a much better idea for that contact page. What if I charge you 300 bucks
and completely redesign it? You’re gonna love the new look. This could be an opportunity for ya. I hope y’all are havin’ a great one. I’ll see y’all next WordPress Wednesday. Bye everyone. (upbeat music) (bell ringing)

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  1. Asim Mehmood Post author

    Good to see you back Kori. Good video with great content

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    Excellent video. I hope you are well. Go Keto 😊👍

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    Your Website is so cool so beautiful neat and clean with fantastic design. Its also very easy to navigate. Could you please tell me the name of sharing plugin on your website?

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    Great video and I will be doing some redesigns. Sending you love and light.

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    Hope you are well! Thank you and God bless you!

  6. Jamie Kinthaert Post author

    Kori, do you really need a Contact Form on the contact page? I currently have one, but not sure if I need it. Maybe someone would put in the wrong/fake e-mail in the form, so I can't reach them back.
    But I've also read that if you just put your e-mail address straight on the page, you could increase your spam which is one reason to use the Forms. I see your example sites, some have both. What do you advise?

  7. Louis Post author

    i just noticed your new background and i really love it "work hard and stay humble" ! that's the mindset to have in business, so important. i've been following you for so long and so happy to see you back with great videos.

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    Thanks for these great examples. And your energetic presentation. 🙂

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    Hi kori ashton. Now how is your health. Take care of your health. We want more wordpress videos from you. I have learned something from your wordpress videos from evertime. Thank you very much. Please rest more so that you can make more videos to teach us thanks mam


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