1 Simple Trick to Get Ranked High on Google FAST – HTML Internal Linking for SEO

By | August 22, 2019

Do you know what one of the easiest ways to
increase your rankings are? Well, if you look at a site called Mashable.com
they rank for almost everything on Google. They don’t have as much authority as TechCrunch.com,
because TechCrunch has so many more back links, but what I can tell you is, Mashable does
a much better job of internal linking, and that’s why they rank so high. Hi, everyone. I am Neil Patel and today, I am going to teach
you how to increase your rankings through internal linking. If you look at neilpatel.com, you will notice
that I rank really high for terms like online marketing. I am on page one. You are probably wondering, how did I do this? It wasn’t through building links through external
sites, in which other websites are linking to me. It was mainly through internal links. Every time I write a blog post about online
marketing, I made sure that I link to my main guide, that discusses what online marketing
is. The next thing you want to do, is link within
your sidebar. If you look at any blog post page, on neilpatel.com,
and you scroll, you will notice that in the sidebar, I link to all my guides. One of them is on online marketing. As you can see, that link is visible, and
it’s pretty much on every single page in neilpatel.com. By passing a lot of internal links to that
page, it’s telling Google that hey, I Neil Patel, value that page and feel it’s important,
and for that reason Google is like, okay, because you are putting so much emphasis on
this page, we should rank it higher than your other pages. Now, the key with doing this is, you can’t
have this link hidden, so some people like putting it in tabs, or shoving it really in
small text, or font size, or making it invisible. You don’t want to do any of that stuff. That doesn’t work well. That worked in the early 2000s. That stuff now can hurt you and get you penalized. You want to make sure the link is visible,
and it’s on every major page of your site. So, all you have to do is follow two steps:
one link within your content, and when you are doing this, don’t always use the exact
keyword. Make it flow natural. Just don’t use the keyword you want a rank
for. By putting too much anchor text in there,
the anchor text being the keyword you want a rank for, sometimes you will notice that
your rankings will actually drop. So, by making it more natural, Google will
notice that, and your rankings will rise faster. The second thing is: make sure you are linking
to your most important pages, within your sidebar of every page. That’s it. Follow those two steps, and you will rank
higher through internal linking.

36 thoughts on “1 Simple Trick to Get Ranked High on Google FAST – HTML Internal Linking for SEO

  1. MAHESH CHAUBEY Post author

    we can say backlinks are more important thing in seo compare to others ?

  2. Reverse Magic Post author

    I don't understand why all Indians think your are indian, what do u think.

  3. Nishat Mahmud Post author

    Hey Neil,
    Would you please tell me how can I create .gov and .edu backlinks?

  4. Mathematically Impossible Post author

    This is a whole lot easier than begging for links. Excellent strategy Mr Patel

  5. Abhishek Rajput Post author

    Neil how can I apply guest post big sites like Forbes and many and what are terms and conditions asking becoz you had done many times.

  6. Nishaant Malkani Post author

    What a wonderful presentation. sir If I have label Google in my blog and I wrote a post on Related to Google so can I link Google label URL to my Google related post such as Google .

  7. Hello TRENDS Post author

    how to build backlinks and link plz tell bignner

  8. Nishaant Malkani Post author

    If my blog is already made a label of Google Names. And I write a new post and use the Google word anywhere in the whole post, can I add the link to my google name label in that Google keyword? Can or not

  9. Anand Post author

    Hi Neil, if my posts show related posts on the side or at the bottom, does that count as an internal link?

  10. hlb0111 Post author

    Neil I have physical luxury consumer products do I don't have guides like you do. How can I link within my site?

  11. Defcon Post author

    Thanks for the tip, Neil.

    Question: will this work for a brand new blog as well? I'm guessing it will, just not as fast as it will for a high-traffic blog.

  12. ravin joshi Post author

    hello Neil I m big fan of you
    plz make a video on seo for classified website.

  13. workfromhomejobs Post author

    whaich sites best high domain autority for seo

  14. N H Post author

    Hi Neil… I am so glad I came across this video. I remember you saying on a previous video a couple years back that Silo interlinking is not necessary and it should be just a bunch of happy links connected to other relevant pages in your website. Is this still true? Thanks again for all the information.

  15. Zachary Evans Post author

    Continuing to set the bar for powerful & actionable advice. Thanks Neil!

  16. Abhishek yadav Post author

    Hey Neil, thank you so much for all this content, loving it. BTW My question was can we do the same from footer, my site does not show a sidebar on the homepage, so can i use footer as it is visible on every page?

  17. Teja Nama Post author

    Just like that, you given a free tip to TechCrunch.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. Blaz Dezman Post author

    I love your short videos, they're so valuable and so short that you know you always have time for at least one, but that never happens, there's always next one ๐Ÿ™‚ Great content, thank you very much!

  19. ajeet sharma Post author

    Hi, good information video. I am running a job portal and displaying job listings from multiple websites and clubbing them in my own site, I want to give all current openings at one place. Please suggest if this type of external links are allowed in SEO, will that help to improve ranking?
    My website – postngrow.com
    Waiting for your answer..

  20. Benzaki Mohamed Post author

    Perfect timing and Informative video as always! Keep going NEIL!

  21. gnana sekar Post author

    Hello Neil, I was working for a company on seo, my work is to increase my keyword ranking to the first page, I was getting backlinks from different websites but the keyword was not moving can you give me some advice to movie that keyword.

  22. Anshul Gupta Post author

    Hi Neil,
    Is it possible to change url structure for blogger blog posts?

  23. TAYYAB AKRAM Post author

    I just want to learn about link building techniques for a school and university website i want your guidence so i can easily perform.

  24. Ahmed Shawon Post author

    Great video Neil patel, I would follow this technique.

  25. Motivational baba Post author

    Why my site map not indexing in Google

  26. Chelimo Kevin Post author

    Hi Neil, If lets say i have published 10 articles on my website, and i want 2 articles to rank (just an example) … can i have all the articles pointing to those 2 pages? And… How many links (pointing to one internal page) can i use in one article?

  27. Kevin Better Post author

    awesome video! can you build me a site?

  28. Youtube Website Post author

    don't you do practicals ? it will be much easier for me to understand . I am beginer and i wish you will help me

  29. Claudia Ico Post author

    Indeed it worked very well for us in the past but now it seems it has less value

  30. Rick Bell Post author

    So the internal link can be the same post each time. And if it is an internal link does that page or post need to be crawled by Google? Or can it be a private listing? I''ve been unsuccessful at writing review content for MMO niche for the last 5 years. I'm ready to either move on to something I can earn revenue at or get the kind of help I need with content writing and organic traffic. You appear to be a master at this sort of thing, I wish I found you sooner. Thank you, I do love the great info here on your channel.


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