#1 ETSY SEO Mistake – Don’t Do This Or Your Traffic Will Drop | Fix your Etsy SEO

By | August 20, 2019

I see so many Etsy sellers make this
one important and brutal mistake that is costing them traffic and sales.
We need to be talking about this. I’ve seen many people do it. I see that
in Facebook groups with Etsy sellers, I’ve seen that in my own membership
community, the Tizzit HQ… And this is usually a case of actually
wanting to improve your ranking and working on your Etsy SEO except instead
seeing increased traffic and sales from what you’re doing, everything starts going downhill and
you’re actually like “I’m trying to do all of the things I’m being told
to do to improve my SEO, but it’s definitely not working. It’s more like the opposite.” So what
happened and how can you prevent it? Hi, I’m Deb, the founder of Tizzit.co, a membership community for
makers and handmade shop owners. Let’s get right into today’s topic, which is the biggest Etsy SEO mistake
you could be making that is costing you sales or traffic or that could
really damage your Etsy SEO efforts. This is as simple as not
editing your top keywords. What I mean by that is that often when
you’re trying a new software or new tool or you want to apply a new strategy, you might be a little bit too quick to
make changes to your current listings as they are. In the process of doing that, you might be deleting keywords that are
actually driving traffic to your shop. So DO NOT edit your top selling items
or your top performing keywords without common sense of going into your shop
stats and looking for those keywords that are bringing you traffic
and views to your shop. Once you know what those keywords are,
you actually want to do the opposite, which is start using those keywords more
where it’s applicable: on other tags, on other titles of your
listings in your shop. So don’t go in and start editing so
quickly because you’re so motivated by making changes and
improving your Etsy SEO, which again is great but do not delete
those keywords they are working for you. Use your Etsy stats, figure
out what’s bringing traffic, make sure you don’t delete that
and that you use it more. Erank, Marmalead or any other strategy that you
might hear online and that you want to apply – it’s all great and I really
recommend you dive into everything that’s given to you for you to be able to
improve your Etsy SEO and your ranking, but don’t change everything up just
because you want to get all A grades or green light on all these keywords in
a tool if it’s going to mean that you damage your Etsy SEO as it is. If it’s not broken, don’t try
to fix it and if it’s working, don’t break it. I know
this was a shorter video, but I hope this was helpful
to you. This was a shorter, but very powerful tip that I hope is
going to prevent you from doing that mistake that I see so many sellers make. If you thought this was useful and if
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