1. Building Web Applications: Introduction to Parts Of A Web Page | HTML For Beginners 🌐

By | December 15, 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to building web applications my name is Steve Bishop from ProgrammingMadeEZ.com And I’d like to welcome you to this brand-new course on how to build web applications Throughout this course we’re going to be discussing HTML CSS and JavaScript But in this video where can I just start off with some of the basics what are the parts of the webpage So the parts of a webpage are HTML which stands for hypertext markup language and HTML Is essentially the objects that make up a web page Then we have CSS which stands for Cascade style sheets Now Cascade style sheets are for formatting and characteristics of those objects that we created with HTML these help to add things like color size, and orientation of the different elements that make up the page then finally there’s JavaScript and JavaScript is it coding language that are browsers use in order to create some interactivity with the page So JavaScript is a coding language that browsers use to create interactive effects with the objects that are on the web page In this course will be digging into each one of these a little bit deeper so HTML, CSS and JavaScript you’ll be learning how to write elements on a page using HTML How to add attributes to those elements Also you’ll be learning Cascade style sheets add certain characteristics and coloring and sizing shaping using CSS And finally we’ll dig into the JavaScript coding language and you’ll see how to add that Interactivity to your application that’s presented to the users I hope you’re as excited to learn how to build web pages as I am to teach it to you Special Thanks goes to these members Who without their contributions would not make this series possible thank you

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