(1/3) HTML coding for kids and caveman – HTML, Title and Tags

By | December 12, 2019

Howdy! My name is Sandy, welcome to my time travel
store where we sell all kind of goodies from different eras! Hey look! My old friend is here! Sandy! Me Grunt sell mammoth milk. Grunt want sell online! Sure! Let me help you! Okay here we go! The best tool for creating the website is
HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML describes all the headings, paragraphs,
or images that make up the website. Let’s create your first hello world page
with a text editor or notepad, after you’ve finished hitting that rock with another rock
Grunt. Just look at my laptop, no don’t hit it
with both of those rocks. Now we’re going to create a Tag
is the doctype for the document. It basically let the web browser know that
this page is written in HTML. Now, let’s type in the HTML tag. Thetag tells the browser that this
is an HTML document. Most tags must have an opening and a closing
part. Sadly all words are hidden to you Grunt because
nobody invented language yet, isn’t that right Grunt? Next we come to the HEAD tag and the BODY
tag. The head tag is the area where the important
stuff is processed first, like CSS and Javascript. The BODY tags are the ones that contain the
website content. We will add some contents here later. Now grunt, we should give this web page a
title by using a title tagSure! So let’s type in the title here… Great! Now our web page has a title, let’s add
in some contents now! So let’s add a header in in between the
body tag. H1 simply means header, there are different
types of header, let’s try them out later. Then let’s add some texts in the header,
let’s add in “Fresh Mammoth Milk” At this point, we should save the file as
index.html. This is usually the first page of a website.Preview
your file with your web browser. Drag and drop it into the browser area, and
you should see it pop up. Looking good! Now, what would happen if we put change the
h1 tag to h2 tag?Heyyy… Seems like Grunt is very tired as he time-travel
here from the stone age! Let’s take a photo of him sleeping, teehee! Well.. I think we will continue the lesson next time,
anyway you should give it a try yourself! See ya!

12 thoughts on “(1/3) HTML coding for kids and caveman – HTML, Title and Tags

  1. Nazlıcan Top Post author

    Where are the other parts? If you download other parts, me and my students will be very happy !!

  2. Epic.ly Post author

    I like this vid me and my dad watched through it and we made a website this a a great vid

  3. Thediamondsnatcher // Post author

    What a great video! why do you have such less subscribers

  4. Abdullah Ul Haque Post author

    Very useful for starters… really appreciate it… thank you so much…😁

  5. Hafsa Ryuzaki Post author

    Don’t mind me I’m just a 19 y/o kid passing by😅😅

  6. shahzad080780 Post author

    Whats is software name where you are writing the HTML code? generally we are using notepad and opening the web browser for GUI display. here i can see some different tool for input and icons are good, even no need to open the Browser to run.

    your quick reply would be highly appreciated.


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