🔴 Best YouTube Tool for Getting More Views — VidIQ Tutorial

By | September 3, 2019

– In this video I’m going to be sharing my favorite software tool
for getting more views and subscribers on YouTube, plus going through a quick
tutorial of how to use it, but hey if we’re just
meeting my name is Sean and my passion is helping
you with the best tips and tools for building your
influence with online video and that’s what this channel is all about. And in this particular video, it’s going to be a little
bit more of a deeper dive because we are streaming live, but if you’re catching this on the replay thanks so much for watching. And no matter when you’re watching, let me know in the comments
where you’re watching from. And I’m excited to get
into the training today. So our topic today is
the best software tool for getting more views on YouTube and if you want to get more subscribers. Get more views. You’re going to love this training. And go through one of my
personal favorite tools for this so. What’s up David. What’s up typical blogger. What’s up Edward. Let’s dive into the training. Again, if we’re just meeting my passion is to help
you build your influence with video. And we do that through a
couple of different channels. You’re on Think Media right now. We recently crossed 500,000 subscribers depending on when you’re watching this. And I also run another channel
with a business partner named Benji called Video Influencers and that’s at about 271,000
subscribers right now. The reason I bring that up is because I’ve been on YouTube for a while. I think we’re nearing
45 million video views. And that’s just for personal stuff. I also help others with
coaching and consulting in YouTube and so I’ve spent a lot of time testing different tools. Optimizing a lot of videos. Uploading a lot of videos. And I want to share my personal favorite tool and how I personally use it. Really my YouTube secret
weapon if you will. And that tool is called vidIQ, and I put it in the title so it’s kind of not a surprise. But, what is vidIQ? And actually let me know
if you already use vidIQ in the comments. But vidIQ is a free audience
development software suite that helps you grow your views and subscribers. So, it’s an App really like a software App that you sign up. That has a web Application
and that also works inside of Google Chrome and
we’ll explain everything in this video. And full disclosure, vidIQ
actually sponsored our coverage of CES and NAB recently. So if you’re party of Think
Media you’ve probably seen at the beginning of the videos, we talk about vidIQ. I wanted to do a video that breaks down what it is, how to use it, and why it can really
help you get more views and get more subscribers. So that’s what this video is all about. So before we actually
dive into this training you would need to sing up for it. And to do that you can
sign up at vidIQ.com/think And then the next thing you
want to is install the vidIQ vision Chrome extension. So if you go to vidIQ.com you could you’ll see this sign up and by the way, you’re going to have to like authenticate your YouTube account and stuff but you can totally trust them. They’re YouTube certified,
AOL, eBay, Time, Zagg, trusted by the finest brands. I think there’s a quote from Mark Cuban on here about how
vidIQ is an awesome suite of services for any company using YouTube. So this is one of the
best tools for companies brands or individuals or personal brands, for really getting more impact on YouTube. So once you’re signed up, and again if you go to vidIQ.com/think, you have a couple of options here. You can still describe, by the way it’s totally free to use vidIQ. You get major tools all for free. I use a little bit of a higher plan, but you could just go to vidIQ/think to get a free account. And there’s no strings attached. Like, free for life, like you’re good to go. But also, if you eventually
want a paid account you can just use the promo
code think to upgrade. So go to vidIQ.com/think Say okay. Sign up here. But then you’re going to
want to make sure you have the Chrome extension so you
go to the Chrome Web store and I’ve put links in the
description to all of this stuff. And you’re going to want to type in vidIQ and that’ll take you over
to this vidIQ vision, right? This is what you want to
install so in order to really get this tool to work, you’ll want to use Google Chrome, even if that’s not your main browser. When using vidIQ, you want to be using Google Chrome. If you don’t have that
download Google Chrome as a web browser,
install the vision vidIQ, plug in and then you’re good to go. So let’s actually dive in into why this is so powerful, right? So now you’ve got this installed, and so here is what you end up with. This is a recent video I
did about the Canon M50, and over on the right side here, you end up with all kinds of data right? And so let’s check this out. Let’s go through some of
the basics of a tutorial of what this is. First of all, you have an overview and vidIQ right here gives you a score. Now this score is actually
based on all of the videos on YouTube. Like how this ranks 99 out of 100, would mean that you’re
in the 99th percentile of You Tube videos. So if you’re discouraged
by that number, don’t be. It’s a hard number to get high. This right here is one of
the most important numbers and this is the views per hour. We ultimately don’t want
just views on YouTube. We want to get as many
views as we can continually, like view velocity. So if your video is
getting one view an hour that’s 24 views a day. So seeing how many views an
hour let’s you really know the velocity, total views, as well as the average watch time and this is nice because
it’s all at a glance. One of the biggest points
of using a tool like vidIQ is it puts everything in kind of more visually pleasing and
understandable formats. You can dig around in YouTube analytics to find some information, but now you have all
access to this information, instantly not just for your own videos, but what we’re looking at here, you get all this data for
other people’s videos. So you can spy on the
competition which is nice. And also how many subs
this video has driven. So they you go to the social tab. Of course, it gives
you an engagement rate. You want that to be as high as possible. And then it also like, what it shows here, it
shows how much sharings happening on YouTube. How much sharings on Facebook. Honestly on Reddit as well, now I’m not a big Reddit user. But there is a lot of community on Reddit, in fact let me know if you
use Reddit in the comments. There is such a huge Reddit community and the reason this kind
of stuff is important is because those engagement signals help your videos rank in search. They help you YouTube goes oh, people are interested not just on the platform, you see the YouTube likes, the dislikes, the comments, the shares. But also on Facebook, also on Reddit or other platforms linking in. That helps your videos. Then we get to SEO. You really want to pay attention here. So, you always want to
take the time to optimize your videos and get them green. That’d be your goal. Say it out loud. Get it to the green or
something like that. You want this to be green. That just means you’ve got, good keyword research going into it. You’ve got keywords in the title. Keywords in the description. And so you want to keep working it until it’s green on your videos. That’s going to give it
the best chance to rank. It also speaks to words per minute. That’s interesting, it analyzes how many words per minute you say and you don’t
want to talk too fast but there is research that shows if you talk too slow on YouTube you lose people’s attention. And so talking a little bit faster it’s funny it gives you
that words per minute. Shows how many end
screen cards are on here. How many links are in the description. How many words are in the description. Count right here. But these two numbers I
really want you to see. This one is creator suggested. This means how many of your own videos are showing up in
your own suggested videos. So see I got one here, I got another here, another here but it’s other people’s. It’s three of 19. You want this number to
be as high as possible and mine is alright. If your number is zero, you’re in trouble. You want, one of your goals and this training is also
about how to get more views. One of the best ways to
get more views on YouTube is showing up in suggested videos and even your own suggested videos, because even while someone is watching one of your videos, they might be looking on the side of you and be like alright cool man, cool. You don’t want them leaving
going somewhere else. Ideally you’d want to keep
them on your own videos. So it’s giving you data as to
how many of your own videos you’re showing up with
in the description there. Here is another really important one. Referrers. The number of external websites, that are linking to your video. So then you can even go check them out, or at least the top six right here. And so, what that means
again, is those back links. So I’ve got Facebook linking, I’ve got some weird
movie.bloomloaded site. I’ve got a Twitter linking back to it. Back links are good for video SEO. That means, your YouTube URL, if it’s embedded on a blog, it’s embedded on Twitter, it’s embedded somewhere, those are really good and so you want to increase that number, it’s tracking it, it’s been tracking the number of referrals so 37’s great, but let’s get that higher, and think about that. Besides hoping someone embeds your video in their blog, this is why when you share on Twitter, you share on your own social, embeds your video on your own blog, have your friends share or whatever you can increase that number of links that are coming in where it can help ranking as well. So that’s what that’s all about. This is super powerful. Then we look at the video
optimization checklist and it’s actually going to tell you video by video if
you’ve done a good title good tags, good description. And if you haven’t done these, it’s going to have a red x
and it’s going to remind you to do that. I love this part, controversial keywords, ever since the adocalypse
and things like that, it will say because I say shoot as in like a video shoot but it does say hey, that could be considered
tragedy and conflict like someone was shot and maybe
your video’d get demonetized. In my case I’m not worried about it. YouTube, probably the brand of my channel is pretty family friendly, and so even when that word is there they’re associating it, but it’s a good thing to think, what words in your description
could be triggering demonetization if that’s
potentially an issue for you. And then, also, and I
want to show you one thing that I thinK will be really valuable when it comes to this video
optimization checklist. It actually will tell you best practices. For instance, it will tell you things like if your title is too long. And so with, this particular
video that we just put out it’s a very long title. Now maybe, I want to do it anyways. And in my case, I do. I have reasons for the
way this video is titled, but look too long. Title should be between
20 and 60 characters. So all of these tools are going to help you
stay within the sweet spot of best practices for YouTube. Then we go down, and now
we’re in a different video than we started and
we’ve got all these tags. And this is where it gets
really powerful, right? It’s showing us where
we rank for these tags. It ranks in two if someone
searched the Atomos Ninja five, it ranks number two. Atomos monitor, number ten,
this video came out today. So doing really well in ranking. And then this number right here actually, it’s showing you a combination of how much competition is on the video, as well as how good of
a keyword it would be to rank for. So for instance like, let’s say you rank for Sean’s favorite tea, which I can tag my video as, no one is looking for Sean’s favorite tea. You know what I mean? So like you rank number one, but that score would probably be zero. In fact, some of these
like an on camera monitor for DSLR, even though that’s a tag, look it’s at zero score. There is no one searching for it, and the competition is zero. So even if I rank for it. For whatever reason it’s
saying it’s not valued. The higher this number, is also the higher the opportunity right? It’s a good keyword. A lot of people are searching for it. There also might be high competition, or actually what you
want is a combination of a lot of people searching for it. Low competition. So anyways, point is. The higher the number the better there. So if you’re looking for the best tags, that is definitely something
you want to pay attention to. Next up, is now, let’s go to what would happen, the tools we get if we upload a video. So I just uploaded a random video just so I could get into the backend here. And I love this, I don’t know are you geeking out, let me know in the comments if you’re already like okay I had vidIQ, I didn’t even know it could do all this. Let me know. So, you upload a video. It gives you a couple
of really awesome things that I personally love. First of all, it actually gives you the character count of your title, so you can use up to 100 characters in a title. Up to 5,000 characters here, and the reason this is a big deal, is I like to personally when I do my tags in particular, I like to use all 500 characters or as close to it as possible and on YouTube without
vidIQ it doesn’t give you a character count. So you kind of just like, max it out and then you delete one until it lets you actually save the video. Just kind of a nice practical
feature right there. Additionally, you’ve got templates and I don’t have any
saved, but let’s say you have certain styles of videos. I usually copy paste mine over. It’s actually a really
bad practice on my part because I do a lot of the same things. But let’s say like, we
do tech gear reviews, so we have a tech gear review template with maybe the links to certain things that are relevant for that. Maybe certain, like, the cameras you use. The basics. And YouTube has one default template that you can
save for your description, but vidIQ gives you multiple. So then maybe you can just
auto fill your description, let vidIQ do the heavy lifting there. This is when it starts
getting really crazy. You can do this keyword inspector. So I’m going to go Canon M50 here. And right here now, it’s going to give us trending videos around the Canon M50 for some research. That’s cool. We’re trending right now. That’s great. It’s also going to say, okay, if I want to use the tag
maybe Canon M50 video test I click there, not enough search volume
show the report so. Might not be a great tag to lead with. Let’s go M50 review. And now we’re seeing how
interest has been increasing. It’s giving us data, and if we keep going down, maybe we go to something like
best blogging camera 2018, which look it up in the
research that we’re doing, we actually could already be
getting title ideas, tag ideas, just by spending some time in
here and working with this. So once we do this, we get all these other ideas, and we have your sources of Google trends. It just pulls this right in here. We can look at the interest over time. Maybe. Blog camera with this flip screen. It’s giving us some more ideas. And look at this, now we can even go related query, so it’s giving us the
actual from Google trends. This would definitely be
the most searched volume, the most interest in this exact wording. Best blogging camera with a flip screen. But then cheap blogging
camera with a flip screen is also another angle we can approach. We see the search traffic, so really cool. And then it gives you a keyword score, and that’s the two things right. This is, remember we were looking at it in tags, if it had like a 55. If the competition is 35, and the search volume is two, that’s not a lot of search volume. But 33 out of 100, it’s worth tagging or it’s
worth even titling the videos something like that. We could go blog camera set up let’s say. Zero search volume, but there
is a lot of competition. So it’s just a great
tool for doing research, and that’s the keyword inspector. There is also this translate feature which is really nice because we were talking about this
over on Video Influencers, if you want to, there is a back end
feature in YouTube that let’s you upload your description in other languages. It let’s you upload your title. In fact, it probably will make most sense to show you that if you want to go into a video that’s already done. And if you want to pay for close captions, maybe with Rev.com or something. And actually have your video translated into another language, you could do that, which is great. Because now it can get
discovered in that other language but let’s even look at
how vidIQ can help because this tool is not natively inside of of YouTube. If we come into here, this is a video that’s
been out for a while, we go to translations, you could say add a new language. I want to go from English what language do you want to translate to, Spanish. Add a language. And so this is the Spanish, title. Enter translate a title. See I can’t do that. I’m just going to click translate here. And now it’s going to
give me the Spanish title and the Spanish description and I can just say save changes. So think about what just
happened here right? What I just did, is
actually on the back end. It’s under the translations tab, of uploading our video. The video is still public, it stills in English, the title is still in English but now there is some metadata, there is some translation data, so now someone could at least search, and potentially discover this video because there is some Spanish translation happening around it in the back end. If I took that to the next step, I would upload a Spanish
translated closed caption to the video and it could
even be very valuable for international audience. That’s definitely a
little bit more advanced but something we’re already
heavily thinking about here at Think Media as we want to I speak English, mainly. But we could reach a lot more people, by expanding our translation effort and just that little push button. Now mind you, that’s going to be using Google translate. It might not be fully accurate. But done is better than perfect. Like all I had to do was go into translation, press one button, save it
and now I’ve got translate and I could go through every, it sucks that YouTube
makes you go manually through languages. But hey, beats a poke in the eye, we have a free platform called YouTube and we can like really reach people with some of these cool tools and even reach internationally. So that’s another one to look at. And then you also have your scorecard so, while you’re building out your video, it’ll be telling you
to put the right amount of tags on, make sure that you got tags in your title, in your description, and then it walks you through, make sure you add an in card, make sure you have end screens, make sure you have close captions. Like, it’s a cool checklist that I use every time when uploading a video to make sure I just want all green checks. That’s the goal right? Green checks across the board. Manual closed captions. We use Rev.com And we upload those and then that box is checked, etcetera. And then the final thing today that I want to cover is a couple of features in the video manager. And so if you come over here, to your video manager, a couple of things vidIQ gives you. You can actually do a mass edit of videos. That means if like maybe you wanted to add a link to every single description of your videos to get someone to take action, to go to your website, or update a new website
or a new email opt in you have or something like that. You can also do mass card
edits or end screen edits. A description campaign
is something we can cover more in the future. You can also go solo on videos. So let’s say like I don’t want to, I have the same YouTube cards clickable cards and end screens and I want to move them
over from one video to the next video, you could copy end cards here. You can copy end screens. And you can move those over. You can also send this
directly to Facebook, which is really cool. And so then it’s going
to be a native upload of your video to Facebook. It’s going to save you time. There is also a thumbnail editor, which by the way we’ll cover
this in a future video. How to kind of use this but, it’s super cool right? You could click through your frames. Select one. You could type on it. You could do solid colors. You could do another image. You can obviously we designed
ours in off platform, we use Photoshop. But if you want some
quick thumbnail editor you’ve got that right there, but the thing I wanted to show
you is also advanced embed. So what’s cool about this, is we talked about back links. And back links are very powerful, linking to your video. If you have a blog, you have a website, you could embed your videos there. The cool thing about advanced embed is you can really just easily create code, for exactly what you want
to happen in your videos. So if you want your video
to auto play when someone gets to your website, you could click that. If you want captions already to be on. Maybe I don’t. I’m going to disable
keyboard controls maybe. I want to hide the YouTube logo. Loop the video, show annotations, not show annotations, and then once I’m done, then I just copy this code, and all the little
additions that are added to this make it turn out to be, no logo, auto play, or things like that. And, I actually just
remembered there is a few other things I wanted to show you, on this main homepage, because we only went through one tab. A couple of things, these are all collapsible. So you can just collapse these down, if you want and keep your
whole dashboard organized. You’ve also got historical data here. So, it shows the views over time. And it maybe goes without saying but one of the goals of using vidIQ right of putting out good
content of ranking videos, is that you don’t want your
videos to just come out and get views and then plateau. Hopefully, you’re creating content that ranks and gets views overtime, and vidIQ can help do that. You’ve got the views per hour. You’ve also got all
the various engagements and again this shows
you where you’re getting Facebook likes on, if you’ve shared this to Facebook, you’re getting YouTube engagement and things are growing over time, related to the number of shares. But even as I look at this, I’m like man, we could
do more for sharing, even with our own platforms, for getting the video
out there more for those back links and things like that. Then you’ve also got Tweets and check out how powerful this is. This is actually, a different video. Let me go back to the M50 video, cause I just kind of
prepared a little example of what you could do with Tweets here. It’s under the historical
tab and the Tweets tab. Look how cool this is. You could see if someone Tweeted this out. You could click the date. It’s going to take you
straight to the Tweet, you can like it, you could say thanks
for sharing this video. Yinka, keep crushing it. Reply. Now come on somebody. How powerful is that? Being able to then see, right there from vidIQ, maybe just do some time
doing to engage with people, to thank them for watching your content. To say what’s up. That’s what I just did, right there. Super powerful. Right off of the people that Tweeted. So you’ve got that Tweet’s tab. You could go through each one of those. And then you’ve also got trending, and what I love about this, as kind of a really powerful opportunity here, is one of the best ways to
be growing your influence on YouTube is riding trends. If everyone is talking about whatever a hot topic in your industry, you should probably talk about it too. Why? Cause your going to be
joining conversations that are already happening, getting views from suggested
videos and relate content. And so, I might click over here. I know that the, clearly I already have an M50 video out, so the M50 is definitely trending. We’ve been talking about
it here on Think Media. But then I might also discover that like okay. UrAverageConsumer just dropped a video, a perfect blogging camera what camera is it? And I might go research that. Discover something new that’s hot. And maybe then do M50 versus that camera. You know what I mean? Because I’m seeing whats trending. I maybe tie it into that and my goal would be to get
in his suggested videos. Get in other people’s suggested videos by identifying the hot
topics in your niche and then leveraging
those to ultimately grow your influence. So really, really powerful tools that are on here with vidIQ. You can collapse the whole window. You’ve got all that. And then one other thing
to notice here too, is that when you are on, you do say a search you can, it shows you things like
your competitor’s keywords. And guess what? If you just want to click this, I just copied all the keywords. That’s copy, tags, to the clipboard, and I could paste those, I’ll show you right there, boom, there is all the tags. So if you want to start
getting crazy ninja, looking at what tags
other people are using, how they’re working, and then even just making it easier, pull a couple in. Use a few, use all of them. And also it’s going to
give you all that keyword data here as well, showing you other related search topics, how much volume is on there. Give you some keyword ratings. And if you want to disable
your inline keywords to get a cleaner view here, collapse the whole window. You’re good to do that as well. And so, that is definitely it. So if you haven’t gotten
vidIQ yet grab it. vidIQ.com/think Link in the description as well. And again, it’s totally free. And I’m pretty sure everything
that we just went through there are all part of the free tools. As you get into boost which is what I use, I would say if you’re more
established, in YouTube you’re maybe already generating
some revenue on YouTube it absolutely investing in tools is one of the best
investments you could make. I think about like my dad does electrical contracting
and he invests in trucks and drills and right? He invests in his business, so at some point I think
everybody should be using vidIQ the free version, at some point definitely
consider leveling up and you can always use that promo code to try some of the paid plans as well. And one thing to remember what gets measured gets improved. This is a fact. Right, it’s a fact of business. If you’re not measuring it, how do you know if you got there? If you set a goal, somebody says, I’m setting a goal to lose weight, well how much? By when? How you gonna do it? Are you measuring on the journey? You’re like well yeah, I’m just looking in the mirror. And it’s discouraging. I don’t know. You know what I mean, if you get, you gotta measure it. You need to have data. And the more data you get back, the more time, even what I just shared, it might be kind of overwhelming, you’re like there is so much there, and that’s why we’re going
to be doing future videos, like this about tools, training, so definitely make sure
you’re subscribed here on Think Media if you’re not yet. And we’ll be putting this on the playlist. But it’s that idea that I’ve just realized that as I’ve spent time, even before I fully understood it. And I’ve kind of, it’s like looking at the Matrix, you’re like Neo, you’re like oh I’m starting to see it. I’m starting to see what’s happening. You start to identify trends. You start to see opportunities for tags and keywords. You start to level up your SEO score. You start to really position your videos and make sure you’re doing all of the best practices possible, so that the impact of your videos can be as powerful as possible. And also if you’re interested in additional YouTube training like this, we have an upcoming masterclass. It’s brand new. And it’s at tubemasterclass.live We also have a description to that in the YouTube description below if you want to check that out. It’s ready to go. That’ll be coming up soon. tubemasterclass.live That’s going to be like
a deep dive training on really how to breakthrough
the 1,000 subscriber barrier. The 10,000 subscriber barrier. And really get more views and subscribers. Different than past master
class trainings that we’ve done. And question of the day, are you using any cool YouTube tools? Maybe you’re using vidIQ, maybe you have something else. I would love to hear
from you in the comments. What tools are you using and then if we’re not connected on social let’s definitely connect. Couple of questions came in, I have Heather helping me, is it for Mac? Absolutely. You can definitely use this on Macintosh and so, PC all you need is Google Chrome. So sign up for vidIQ vidIQ.com/think Approve your channel. Again it’s going to ask
for access to your data. Because it has to pull on your analytics. So you could trust it. It’s a great brand. They’ve been around for years. Friends with Rob the CEO and incredible company, and by the way too, I don’t know if I mentioned, yes they’re an NAB sponsor but years before I was able to work with vidIQ I’ve been using vidIQ. It’s my favorite tool
and I think it’s the best tool for growing your
influence on YouTube. Louis says is it free to sign up? Yeah, it’s 100% free. There are some paid plans. I definitely recommend the one plan up, around seven bucks a month. There is also like a 30 dollar a month. It depends, you can look at the features. Definitely start with the free plan, but I know some of you in
the Think Media community, maybe you’re further along. You’re generating revenue. And you want to reinvest in your business. So you can scale your revenue even more. Definitely recommend do that. And Sarmay says can you use vidIQ on any channel? Absolutely, you could use vidIQ, not only can you use it
on any YouTube channel, but again, the data we saw the keywords, what’s
happening with all those, and maybe re-watch the video
if you want to look through some of those things again, to think about what they mean, you can look at your competitors. So you could start seeing, other people in your niche, other people that are covering similar topics than you. What are they using? How are they tagging their videos? How are their scores? And then juxtapose your
videos against theirs. And by the way there is an entire, couple of things we didn’t cover. There is an entire web suite that’s all web based. We’ll cover that in a future video. We’ll go a little bit more
into the thumbnail creator. We’ll go a little bit more
into the advanced features. And so, absolutely you’ve
got all of those things. Well anyways, quick training today. And so, I hope you got value out of it. Let me know in the comments
the question of the day, are you using any cool tools. If you got value out of this can you smash the thumbs
up button and then if you want to check out another video, from Think Media, click or tap right here. And also the playlist of this training. You can just click or tap right here. If you’re not subscribed,
click or tap right here. Until next time, Think Media is all about bringing the best tips and tools
for building your influence with online videos. Keep crushing it. And we will, talk

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