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By | March 7, 2020

The most important thing to any affiliate marketer is traffic but not just any traffic high converting traffic But this traffic can be expensive in this video. I’m gonna show you how to get 100% paid traffic for free with one hack videos coming right up Alright guys, welcome back to the channel, this is Viktor Bout Eva’s and on this channel we talk about making money online in affiliate marketing When we talk about tips and tricks, we talked about traffic to websites. We talked about mindset and motivation So if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re trying to learn how to make money online Check out my youtube channel and check out all the other videos that I have Available that talked about how to make money online and how to make a full time passive income Now in this video I am going to show talk about traffic and traffic to your offers But if you want to learn how to make a full time passive income My number one recommendation is going to be in the link down below in the comments section It’s gonna be pinned at the very top very first comment will be pin and that’s gonna be my number one recommendation So if you’re interested in learning how to make a full time passive income online like I have And check that out click on that link and start creating your business and creating a full time income and also a reminder to smash that subscribe button If you liked the video, give me a big thumbs up and a like and don’t forget to smash that notification bell So you’re always notified whenever I do a new video alright so in this video I am going to show you how to take 100% paid traffic and get it for free with one little hack and let me show I’m gonna go to my whiteboard real quick So I’m gonna explain this to you, okay? So here’s a whiteboard here now What you want to do is you want to start off with a small? ticket item nine ten fifteen dollars no more than okay and Find a product and go to clickbank or you can find whatever product you’re trying to promote whether it’s in The make money online niche whether it’s weight loss relationships, you know woodworking whatever it is find a product There are a thousand literally hundreds of thousands of products out there that fall into this category into a small ticket Platformer or small ticket category. That’s what you want to find something. That’s a small ticket. Why do you want a small ticket? well let me explain the reason you want a small ticket is this because you’re gonna have More people that are able to opt in on a small ticket item then let’s say a four or five hundred dollar item Okay and if it’s in if it’s if it matches or if it meets a pain point that they’re currently Having they’re more likely to opt in even if you haven’t built a relationship with them So cold traffic is usually better for small ticket items Now, let’s say you have a hundred dollar budget. Okay to spend on ads now I know I told you that this was gonna be how do you get paid traffic for free? So just bear with me and I’m gonna show that to you here coming up Okay but let’s say you spend a hundred dollars for solo ads now a hundred dollars can typically buy you anywhere from two to 250 clicks or solo ads Okay So you’re gonna spend your hundred dollars and you’re gonna send those 200 or 250 people to this Low ticket item. Let’s just use the example of weight loss Okay So it’s a weight loss item and weight loss product and you’re gonna send them all to this offer of $10 Now in order for you to recover your $100 ad budget, you need to make ten sales Now you’re more likely to make 10 to 15 sales on a low ticket item if you send 250 people to an offer you we may get 10 sales if you get 10 sales that equals to $100 that right there is how you’ve just paid for your ad budget. So this Traffic that you just got here is free. You didn’t make any money, but that’s okay That’s not the point listen up and just bear with me. Okay, this is important information Okay, this 10 sales that you just got Made you ate $100 profit Okay that $100 has now paid for your $100 ad that you spent to promote this offer so now you have Zero profit but also you have zero spits. So what’s the point? Well, the point is you just captured two hundred to two hundred and fifty Buyer potential buyers to your list, okay If you look here, you’ve just built a list of buyers that you can promote other products to for free now now you own those emails Those are now in your autoresponder or whatever it is that you’re using What’s a weber get response? MailChimp who whatever the program is that you’re using you now have those emails and it didn’t cost you a penny Thus making the paid traffic you had to pay for Completely 100% free but it gets better and let me tell you why So you just built a list of let’s say 250 emails okay, and again It didn’t cost you anything because of the $10.00 sales you made now you are in the weight loss niche Now with any good affiliate program funnel and marketer You’re gonna have some sort of higher ticket item or an upsell in the back office or in the back area of this low ticket item or you might have a standalone higher ticket item Now the people that have bought the ten dollar item you have ten sales. You have ten people that bought this $10 item if they were offered a higher ticket item in the same niche Maybe a complete program that will help them permanently lose weight For let’s say four hundred and ninety seven dollars They are more apt to buying that product and let me tell you why because they’ve already purchased something from you They spent ten dollars on a quick for their pain point they trusted you enough to pull out the credit card They’ve already got their credit cards out okay, and They liked how you delivered the information? So they pulled their credit cards out and they purchased a $10 item. Now. Those are the same people that you have an opportunity to upsell a higher ticket item to so let’s say you have a a Much higher ticket item. Let’s say four hundred and ninety seven dollars and You send though that four hundred ninety seven dollar offer to these ten people that have just purchased this $10 offer If you get one person to buy that offer Four hundred ninety seven dollars. Okay, you now have a four hundred ninety seven dollar profit Okay All from free traffic that was paid traffic, but you turned it into free traffic. I hope this makes sense to you So basically cheats low ticket offer you get ten sales You send two hundred fifty or one hundred or you spend $1 on an ad budget solo ads Send those 250 to the ten dollar product ten people buy okay, and then that takes them here you’ve just built a list and now you’re promoting a higher ticket item to existing buyers that they Have already spent money with you and now trust you because you have provided great value with the first offer and now they are more open to mine from you because they they starting to be familiar with you who you are and What you offered and they were happy to spend the money on the low ticket item with you and your offer now Don’t forget about the other 240 people emails that you’ve captured you can continue following up with your autoresponder with this low ticket item To the other 240 people in your autoresponder and that’s where the magic usually happens Most people don’t buy on the first look, okay Most people need to see it more than once six seven eight ten Fifteen times and then once they start getting familiar with who you are and your emails You deliver value to them via the email autoresponder Then you’re gonna have more people opting into this low ticket item so now you’ve taken a $100 ad budget you’ve turned it into a four hundred and ninety seven dollar profit if one of these buyers buys you higher ticket item and you can continue to Contain profits by promoting the lower ticket item to the 240 people that did not buy The low ticket item once they do buy the low ticket item you could then turn around and start promoting the higher ticket item to those same people does all this make sense because it’s it’s really It’s really kind of affiliate marketing 101 you have to have a low ticket item and then you want to have an upsell either within that low ticket item or a Separate higher ticket item upsell to promote later on to the people that have purchased a low ticket item So guys this is a pretty amazing concept and it works wonders Okay guys, so you can remember anybody can opt-in on a ten dollar item. Okay, you’ll get many sales okay, that’s your opportunity to start promoting a larger ticket item to those people to those customers because Again, they’ve already purchased something from you now This is a great concept solo ads I love solo ad so I hope you see that the hack here is The whole philosophy and the whole funnel itself low ticket item spending $100 in your ad budget Recovering the hundred dollars by making ten sales at least ten so you could be more on this low ticket item so now this traffic there’s 252 people that were you sent to this offer is all free traffic now it was paid but now it is free traffic Then you can start promoting other offers to that same traffic that you turned into free traffic So hopefully this makes sense guys now This is a great concept and a great idea to DTU solo ads, however, if you want to learn how to get the best traffic okay the absolute best highest converting traffic That you’ll ever find anywhere. I’m gonna share with you a program that people are going crazy about right now And that’s what this is. Okay, this is Liam James Kay’s super cheap traffic secrets he is going to teach you in this Program how to get the highest converting traffic for less than a penny per click now You can’t get that even on solo ads. That’s why I’m sharing this with you Okay, and you’re not gonna believe what he’s offering here, but here’s the beauty of this program Okay this first of all that’s a crazy launch price that he’s offering and I’m gonna share that with you in a second But the nice thing about this program is you don’t need any experience. You don’t even need that email list. We’re just talking about You don’t need a post on Quora. You don’t need to have a Facebook page. You don’t have to have a website built You don’t need to promote it on Twitter or LinkedIn or Instagram? You don’t even need to make youtube videos okay, and You don’t need a big budget Let me tell you why the reason for that is because he’s gonna teach you exactly how you can get super cheap traffic as low as a penny per click in this really really in-depth course Now this course sells for one hundred and ninety seven dollars But I’m gonna leave a link down below for a huge discount on this course and right now it’s only gonna cost you $9. Okay. It’s a one-time fee. That’s not monthly. It’s $9 The course is well worth one hundred and ninety seven dollars you want to spend nine dollars? And be taught by a six bigger super affiliate somebody’s proven to be a huge success in the affiliate marketing niche like Liam James K has Then click on that link down below guys don’t hesitate because that price will be going up He is going to be changing it back to the regular price of a hundred and ninety seven dollars. This is not You know a sales tactic. He literally will be changing it to one hundred and ninety seven dollars Which is the regular price for this program in this course? Click on it below don’t hesitate guys if you want to learn all the secrets From a six-figure super affiliate. It’s a one-time payment. There are no monthly fees There’s no and anything else you just pay at one time nine bucks And you have access to the full-blown course from Liam James K himself Okay, so it don’t have to take guys it’s time to start investing in your business and for nine bucks Which is less than a one lunch during the week. It’s a huge huge value for you and your business This won’t last long guys. So remember check out the super cheap traffic secret set up by Liam James K again The link is down below guys. I really hope you enjoyed this video. I enjoyed doing it and remember guys It’s time to invest in your business and it’s time to invest in yourself Leave your comments down below If you liked the video hit that like button and don’t forget to smash that notification bell so I can notify you whenever I come Out with a new video and please do not forget to subscribe to the channel and I really do appreciate everybody’s support It helped me grow my channel Looking forward to the next one guys and I’ll see you on the other side

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