🔎 101 de Tube Buddy para SEO en YouTube By #FerFlo

By | August 27, 2019

Hello how are you welcome to my channel my name Fernando I am photographer and today we are going to talk about a youtubers tool [Music] today we’re going to talk about a wonderful tool that I discovered and helped me position my other videos way so I want to show you what it was what happened Okay, that’s the main screen. youtube as you’ll see I’m not log in and this what anyone would find out if YouTube front page something here for you to see what it is what happens product photography and Here’s the result I’m from First, but we’re first. if I don’t show you up here here here here here and here in general except in all this page in many many times with a lot of video here by tag or by search photography of products but if focus I look for photograph of splash by example I come out of the first of first there is many splash photographs but also something here also here photograph of high speed and I appear here third I don’t come out of first but I appear from Fourth Sorry. Okay. I know this I want to show you because I have managed to get here good everything I have achieved this thanks to a tool that is called Tube Buddy that simply fantastic is a extension that I have installed in chrome and of course has a free and paid presentation this tool is used to make or to the videos and today I’m going to show you how works well once installed it is going to appear on our youtube channel a tab with all the options that this tool provides good first of all we’re going to find everything related to my youtube account when you tapped touch world for example takes me to my account and here he describes to me the things they have my account that this is the website of youtube and then there’s the section on the web tools of the channel by example the launchpad that is a place where it is designed to prepare the release of the videos after it is the manager report that is very good and you teaches how is the health of the channel to me I like this one a lot better than the analytics. that after youtube easier simpler and this one is one of the most I like that it’s called evaluation that here he tells me more or less how much I can I run for a dedicated video by example here tells me that because of the characteristics of the channel I can to charge between $114 and $538 for a video and he gives me an average of 326$ then there are a number of things that are very interesting that it would be very long that is to describe them because if you don’t we’d end up but it’s so good that we can see the competition brand alerts testing backups in canet exports response is promotional material between other things that are very interesting then here we have a thing that is they call the quick links that are the things that youtube offers in the section of the creators of course what we do videos on youtube then there’s a extension of the tools of these extractive tools are very interesting that is an explorer of tags a video glider and the best time to publish and the list of tags now let’s go to a video for to see how this works we’re in the video of how to take a photograph of high-speed product here as you can see is also present what I have just described to you but additionally there is another tab where there are other things that are very interesting we can copy the cards we can apply a template we can copy also the screen endings we can publish directly in facebook and we have this video seo that is very cool for example here this is a paid service translation of keywords or of subtitles I’m sorry, this is a service that is included that is called search positions since he tells me exactly what position you are in a video regarding that word key and I of course will do my best so that this goes up then there’s the suggestion of labels that one of my and he shows me two pictures one that tells me suggestions by search and suggestion through related channels these are the labels that are placed in the related channels with photography and these are the ones that the people are really looking so I can add a tag I put photograph of high speed and added additionally I can schedule the video publication or can schedule any changes that the video wants to make automatically in terms of the description the title on the labels these things no video can’t be change anything obviously can also generate a thumbnail you can choose a winner in the event that I make a contest that I will soon make to one and I can export comments at the time of wanting read the questions in one more format comfortable that isn’t here on youtube and has another set of tools from promotion that are very interesting and measurement that are very interesting. then here as we can see are the description of the title of the video la description and these are the words keywords and keywords are sen have some little green numbers pointed out this is telling me that this is the number where this search is located is from third for example photograph high-speed is third and I’m I can tell you thanks to this painting that It’s down here called tools. labels to order me in the word source I tell you to order me all the keywords and it will automatically me orders them additionally I can copy the erase them order them I can ask you to suggest me some keywords you can explore keywords I can translate keywords or import a list that already has keywords and me recommends a lot of keywords who are here as they see after I’ve suggest that you tell me that they can work for this video are many additionally we have here a a painting called one of the best practices that for example I wanted show them this one that I’ve got seven out of eleven best practices applied i.e. me four would be missing and here he is telling me that the title is better if it’s 20 to 70 characters I have 83 of 100 characters tells me to add a screen ending that I don’t have it added to this video and also tells me to add a card you’re additionally telling me that add a fixed comment so that make a comment and fix it those practices make youtube the algorithm of youtube behave in a way more civilized with my video and show it in better positions then we can see here that I have a browser that is exclusively of this extension which is very good and can navigate during all my videos and ready for example here we find another section that is very convenient that are the actions of lots we can find an element of our metadata and replace them with another we can make one see law in the thumbnails or replace a thumbnail on the other hand we can for example copy the video cards we can simply update them we can do the same with the screens and we can do what we want to do. same with the data additionally there is a monetization checker to see if some video is unmonetized and finally there’s an agenda to go up or modify videos I don’t have any in this moment in the agenda but very suitable for some cases additionally this extension works with the new beta version of youtube study to finish I want to show you what I like most about football and what it is the tag explorer here I for example go to put product photography and he’s gonna explore it and it’s going to give me a result. then well here you’re going to tell me by example all the keywords that are related to photography by products you are going to tell me that the first product photography video mine which makes me very happy is going to tell me that the channel the first channel is mine and the first creator is me with this keyword product photography and you’re going to tell me that I own 819. results that appear on that page of results additionally tells me that the word that the search volume of photo the product is 130 points 69 for hundred or so is not very high and that the competition is not too high either of 38 points 36 things that is good in general lines is a good label he says it makes sense over 100 and says the label isn’t too much competitive and that’s why it’s not so trending however before I met you boiling and I didn’t show up first. because I didn’t know what the deal was with him. SEO for good videos this is Tube Buddy and now we are on the website he wanted to show other things he’s got for example, those integrated with the very interesting integrations have pattern that I already integrated into it that then I’m going to talk about this and she believes my blue book social pattern channel that I also have it integrated then the I show magic link that I haven’t yet integrated I don’t know how it works I’m going to find out Tube Buddy mobile that I have to download the phones connect my twitter account my facebook account and also if you are a member you have the the possibility of having some things free and other things with good discounts how great I am at full license which is called legend but is also in the free one that doesn’t have everything I’ve just shown you but has a lot of things that are free and Well, this is what I wanted to show you. I hope you liked it, please. denle like share and comment that we are here to serve you bye-bye

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  1. ezikoh Post author

    Muy interesante el programa, a tener en cuenta. Saludos y Exitos!!!

  2. TecnoMundo Tutoriales Post author

    Hola amigo, el video me parece bueno, ya yo conocia la extensión, pero el tìtulo del video no va con el video, por que dices como posicionar un video y lo que hicistes en el video fué hacer una review de la extensión, es solo una observación constructiva, saludos

  3. Documentales de Animales Post author

    Para cada canal que tenga en youtube tengo que habrir una pagina nueva de TubeBuddy

  4. Alex Herrera Post author

    Vídeo muy interesante, pregunta que programa usas para grabar la pantalla? Gracias

  5. Kmilosky Post author

    Hola , entre VIDIQ y TUBE BUDDY , cuál es la mejor y por qué ?

  6. Figurita. Post author

    Hay que mejorar, por que no hace énfasis con el titulo, éxitos bro.

  7. ALEXIS MIX SONIDERO Post author

    Pues a mi punto de vista creo que no te a funcionado mucho. Saludos!!

  8. Daniela Baby Pink Post author


  9. Documentales Historia y Antiguedades Post author

    Para otro Canal , tengo que habrir otra cuenta Tube Buddy ? 👍

  10. FerFlo Post author

    Tube Buddy es una Extension excelente. puedes descargarla aquí https://www.tubebuddy.com/ferflovideos, la versión gratis es muy buena y te ayudara muchísimo, sin embargo algunas de las funciones que más ayudan están en la versión de pago.


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