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By | August 29, 2019

Hi! This is the Daily Overpass! My name is
Eric and I make apps! Now today, we’re going to talk a little
bit about keyword research for Google Play. Alright. So, yesterday I talked a little
bit about the difference between searchers and browsers. You know,
a lot of times, when we develop our apps or we develop products of any kind, we’re
thinking in terms of the browser. Somebody who picks it up and starts
using it. We don’t think about how they actually find the product
beyond and I made the – I compared it to software back in the 90’s
and specifically Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. How when you go to Best Buy back
in the day, you would have like a couple rows of software with shelf
space, right? And you just go – you just browse through and find something
that looks interesting. But with the App Store, if the App Store was
actually a physical store and we each have like a little bit of shelf space,
that thing would be miles long. It would be impossible for anybody to find
anything, which is why we have to think about search and in optimize things in –
so people can find them. Which is not really – as creators of something,
it’s not something we like to think about a lot because guess it’s boring. We
just want the best user experience so, we don’t have to worry so much
about how they actually gonna get to where we need to do. And one of the
ways that people find things, you know, the fact though – one of the big
core tenants of App Store Optimization or ASO is keyword research
and doing it’s searching for keywords. Now, I want to start by saying, I
am NOT an expert with keyword research. I don’t – I don’t do
things in a scientific way. I mean, we’ll change keywords out, we’ll try new things,
we’ll measure them using App Annie, we’ll do different things to see how they
go. But I don’t – I know lots of other people who are much more methodical
about it and they have really good YouTube channels. If you check out appmasters.co, Steve Young does a really good one over there. There’s a lot
of other ones where they’ll take spreadsheets and they’ll run them
through like Mobile Action and Sensor Tower, and they’ll actually
scientifically change things here and there. I don’t do that. What I do is
when I’m looking for keywords, I’m trying to find new things which I think are
uncrowded and do a bit of testing. In the past, I’ve used
tools like Sensor Tower, I’ve used a mobileaction.co, I’ve used Long Tail Pro,
things like this. But I find them to be a bit expensive and I don’t usually get a
lot of value out of them. So today, I want to focus specifically on Google Play
keyword research, and also on using free tools. So, some of the things I do and
like I said, I’m not an expert. You, guys, might have some better methods
out there than I do. I’m just gonna – I’m just gonna tell you what I do. And
you, guys, could let me know, yeah, whether or not – maybe it’ll help you a
little bit. And also, Google Play is a lot- is a much different animal than
iTunes. I mean, the Apple App Store, I mean, iTunes Connect will ask you
what are your keywords. You’ll have that field there of 100 characters, so
it’s a lot easier. With Google Play, you have your title,
you have your short description, you have your description, all that kind of stuff.
But a lot of the things you’re gonna rank for aren’t even in that. So it’s –
it’s not exactly an exact science. Well, I suppose the next – if you know
the algorithm, it would be an exact science. But a lot of us are guessing the
algorithm. We know what Google tells us, like if your app crashes a lot,
it’s gonna be downgraded. If there’s a lot of bad reviews, it’s gonna be downgraded, all
that kind of stuff. But a lot of the other stuff, we’re guessing. So,
I’m going to talk about keywords, but keywords are not the be-all and end-all.
They’re just – you know, they’re what we have to start with. Let me
give you an example of why. So have a look at my screen over here. Now, if I go
to Google Play, I’m going to the desktop console here. And I type in “spy.” I
know I do this in a lot of videos. Type in “spy”, you can see that my app, Ear
Spy, I’m sorry, Ear Agent: Super Hearing comes up first. It still does now.
The thing is if I go into this, back in July – I think it was back in July,
we changed the name, we changed the description, we got rid of a lot of the
words in the title and description, because of changes in Google Play’s
policy. The app itself is like a hearing-augmenting type thing, so we’re
going to go towards hearing aid or go towards spy. So we went towards the spy
route, we were going on the keyword spy, the keyword eavesdrop, all
this kind of stuff. And even though we removed it, the
only places on our description here, let me show you here, is right here.
It was previously called Ear Agent, but it is not a spy device. That is
the only place in this entire description, keywords, short description,
where we use a word spy. And if you take a look over here, if I go over to our App
Annie page and by the way, if you’re not using App Annie for the keyword tools,
it’s a really good free tool. They have paid things too but I’ve never used
any of them. They are like, I mean, they’re really expensive. So, if I go
down here to the keywords ASO section, it will show me by default
the location I’m in, which is United Kingdom. You see the keyword spy, the
keyword agent, is kind of ranking. Here we got Ear Spy so, we got a lot of
keyword ranked number one. If I go switch the location to the United States,
you can see we got the same kind of thing here. If we select spy, you
see, it’s number one, all this kind of stuff. So that’s despite the fact
that we’re not using it into title. We’re not using it in the description. And
the reason behind this is because it’s mentioned a lot, because it was part of
our title, was part of our marketing for so long that a lot of people use it in
their reviews. So, we’re still ranking really well for that. I did a
video on this back in February, it was video number 36 called
the “Keywords that you don’t control” where I talked about a lot of things
that we’re ranking for that were never intentional.it was just – it was crazy and
it was a lot to do with the reviews. This is one of the big things you have
to consider, like just because you get your keywords right doesn’t mean you’re
gonna have success. There’s gonna be a lot of things there. And the fact
that this application is so established that we still ranked
well for that keyword even though we’re not using that keyword anymore. That just
shows that if you want to go for a keyword that’s really saturated, that’s
gonna be very difficult. So, you have to start looking for things that are
not so mainstream. Let’s go through a couple of these tools. Anyways the reason I bring that up is just to say keywords aren’t going to be
the solution to all your problems. But when your app is just starting out, it’s
a thing you have to start with. It means the only thing that you have.
I mean, you have the keywords in description, you can pay for advertising,
all this kind of stuff. And the more crowded the app store gets, its gonna
continue to be that way. And by the way, I don’t think it’s gonna – my app is gonna
rate, it’s going to rank for the word spy forever, because since we remove
that from there, I mean, at some point, people already don’t mention those
words anymore in the reviews. And that’s gonna get smaller and smaller and
smaller. Eventually, it’s gonna fall off from that spot. But we still kind of
hold that which is kind of just nice. I still kind of chuffed with it even
though, because I was really scared when we had to change it. I thought,
that’s it. You know, the money maker’s gone. So, let’s look a few more
these tools. Here now, back in – I mentioned before that we have an ASO
tool on our website. This is not the one I want to focus on, but I just thought I
would mention it. So, if you go to the Overpass website you go to development,
we moved it to a less prominent place because we have other stuff we want to
put on here. We basically – we got the Google Play here, so if I wanted to say
give me keyword suggestions based on a say ear agent, I select my things and I
say, I want to do one similar to mine, give me 30 keywords, I go there and I
could keyword search, and it will give me a few suggestions which sounds
really cool. It sounds like we’re really smart here at Overpass. But what we did
was, we just put a wrapper around the tool that I mentioned in a previous
video which is done by -which is on github. So, if you’re a node.js person and
you want to automate a lot of stuff, as this tool over here called the App Store
optimization ASO by Fackundolano I’m not sure what his
real name is, but it’s a really cool tool. So, basically we did that and we just
sort of wrapped it up there. So that’s there if you need it. If you do your own
node.js stuff and you want to like automate a bunch of stuff and put a
bunch of those stuff through testing, which would be awesome, you could
use that tool there too, And I use like web scraping and stuff like that.
But, let’s talk about some of the other tools. One of the ones that
a lot of people use is a Google Keyword planner. Now, this is Google Keyword
planner is use a lot tool for coming up with keyword research on
websites. It has a lot to do with one of the things that I was
concerned with when I was starting out. Everyone we’re talking about ASO, was
talking about the Google Keyword planner, but I was kind of concerned that that’s
web. That’s not exactly the App Store. That’s not exactly Google Play. So, is it
the same thing? I think basically, the similarities are you know,
they’re very similar. If somebody’s gonna go do a search on the
web, there’s a good likelihood they’re gonna do those search on Google Play too.
So, that’s one of the things and it’s got a lot of tools in here. If we go basically – if you go into Google Adwords and you go to the tools section
over here, you go to keyword planner and you can put in a few root keywords. And
we’ll go through and generate some different variations based on that. And
the nice thing about it is you get to see search history competition and
things like that. So, let’s go. You got three options here,
you check volume and data if you have some existing keywords, you can check for
new keywords based on the phrase. Let’s say, I go in here, I’ll type in spy,
landing page whatever, I go get ideas and it’s a little bit slow here. We go –
then it will give me like a bunch of keyword suggestions or keyword phrase
suggestions here. And then I can see based on how many monthly searches
it has, low, high, I can add it to a plan and I can export that. And it’s –
but to me, that’s always seemed a bit – I think it just seems a bit more
complicated. It was always more than I needed. So the tool that I use most of
all when I’m doing some keyword research, when we’re putting on a new app, is I’ll
use one called Ubersuggest. And that’s over here. This is a free tool,
you don’t even need to login or anything like that. I go in here and I type in
spy, it will go through and it will take the spy keyword and it’ll basically put
it through Google Suggest engine. So, Google Suggest is – so here you can see
spy, spy kids, spy whatever, so let me just show you so if I go to Google here and I type in spy, it will give me the
suggestions. It will give me like ten of them. So, what that will do is
it’ll take – it will take that one and will also take, you know, spy A, spy B, so
it gives you those kind of suggestions. So, what Ubersuggest
does, it would just go through and do that for every single one of them. And
just look down the list and choose which ones you like and this
is usually when I release an app. I’m thinking of – I think of the app
name and I think a few different keywords. I’ll put those in
there because there may be things that I haven’t thought of. What I want
to do, the whole goal of this is to find competitions that or find keywords
that are searchable. Like people are searching on them but they’re not – they
have very low competition. Alright, so you could take these keywords out, put
them in like a spreadsheet or you put them in to view Google Keyword planner
and then have a look to see how they do there. So ideally, there would be
another Ubersuggest out there that uses Google Play. So, you know, if we were to go
to let’s go back to Google Play over here, and I will type in spy, it will
give me five suggestions there. If I typed in spy A or give me
suggestions here. So, ideally there would be a keyword tool like that but
there isn’t. So, when it comes to keyword research, I don’t do a whole lot.
I mean, I’ll do a little bit. I’ve tried lots of different tools. I
spent – I guess, I spent a few thousand pounds on on different keyword
planner tools, everything like that. But in the end, I find that I just don’t use
them enough and I always come back to the free alternatives anyway. Anyway, I
would love – so, this is such – the reason I have been putting off this topic for so
long is, first of all, I find it incredibly boring. Then secondly,
because I’m not an expert in it. But it’s something that I’m always
keeping track of, like I I have no desire to be an SEO person or to be the
person who’s always thinking about keywords and search and things like that.
I prefer just to produce products and put products out there. And get people
using them, hopefully get people to spread the words about them and
everything like that. But this is something we’re also always thinking
of. Every time we name an app now I obviously give up what would people be
searching on and what would be similar to this, and what would people want –
what would they search on when they search for that stuff like that. Anyway, I hope this has been a little bit helpful. Let me know what tools you, guys,
think do you find the paid for ASO tools to be be worth it? Or do you
hire consultant? Which is something I’ve been thinking about too. But,
you know, we’re doing okay, like we’re – everything seemed to be going
pretty well. And when it comes to – it might be when it comes the
App Store, there’s a lot of really good advice out there. There’s a lot of really
good consultants and everything I assume But when it comes to the
Google Play, it’s a little bit more, yeah, the rules are more
flexible. Anyway, let me know what you, guys, think. Let me know what
tools you, guys, use. That’s it for today. Hey, you know what, this is one
things I always forget to say this. If you haven’t subscribed, please subscribe.
if you haven’t liked or hated the video, you know, what like-hate whichever, let me
know and please leave a comment. I love reading you, guys’ comments. I read
them every day and they keep me going. Anyway, that’s it for today. I’ll
talk to you, guys, tomorrow!

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