📌 Pinning on Pinterest – How to Create Pinterest Pins and Save Them Manually in Pin Builder

By | September 2, 2019

Hey guys! I received a lot of requests to
share more beginner-level tutorials in my Thursdays Pinterest marketing tips
videos. So, here you go! In today’s video, I will show you the exact process of
creating a pin on Pinterest. You will see step by step how you do manual pinning
without any paid Pinterest schedulers. I’m Anastasia of AnastasiaBlogger.com. I’m a Pinterest marketing expert and I
cover Pinterest tips on my channel every Thursday. At the end of this video I will
tell you how you can get access to my FREE Pinterest Masterclass and learn how
I’m driving over 300,000 monthly pageviews of free Pinterest
traffic to my blog and you will learn how you can leverage Pinterest SEO and
get a ton of traffic to your online business or blog as well. But now let’s
dive into this new tutorial, I will switch to my screen now. So now let’s
have a look at the blog post which I’m going to share on Pinterest. This is a
the post we have a title over here I have a description as well and I have several
pins saved before to that to this post. This was one of my old pins and I don’t
like that in this pin I used the 2019 in the title of the pin because the
title of the pin and the description of the pin are going to stay there for much
longer than just 2019 so I want to fix it. And I want to see if my new pin
design will bring me more traffic to that post. So I created two designs of
two different pins that will work for the same blog post. I do recommend doing
the same – use different styles, different text overlay, so you can test and see
which of the pins work better and also don’t forget that Pinterest loves fresh
content. So, if you cannot always keep creating new blog posts like here you
can actually create fresh pins for your old blog post and Pinterest will always
consider new pin images even if they are linked to the old blog post. It will
always consider them original content or fresh pins and Pinterest rewards accounts
that are able to produce a lot of fresh pins for for the platform. So we’re
looking now at these two new pins and I created them in Canva. They are tall. This
is 1:2 image ratio. I always have my domain name because I want to protect
my rights and I also want people to see my domain name it’s my brand so whenever
they see a pin they can also see the domain name and I also protect my
copyright. Because if anything happens if there are any other sites stealing my
pins, well I at least can complain to
Pinterest and when I file a DMCA complaint, I will have proof that this
was my pin because I have the domain name right on the image. Okay, so now from
Canva I will download those two images and in this case because I’m not going
to upload the image to my site I can even choose the highest resolution it
will be PNG – the highest resolution because if you are going to save
something to your site you want to probably choose JPG format will
create images of a little bit lower quality but they will have they will not
be so heavy and so for your Google SEO it will be better. But at this time I’m
going to show you a tutorial on how you upload an image directly on Pinterest so
it doesn’t matter if it’s a little bit more heavy but the quality is better so
I’m all choose PNG and I will download both of this images by the way I have
another tutorial that is focused specifically on how to create pins in
Canva, how to do it quickly how to make several versions of the same pin in
about like 10 minutes. And if you want to watch that tutorial you need to look
above my head for an info icon. If you click on that one it will open the video
in a new tab and you can watch it later. Now I have both of these images in my
downloads folder over here in the browser
on Pinterest you need to click on that red Plus button and then click Create a
pin. And from here you can actually in case you have more than one pin versions
you can click on the plus and you will have them both in the same window so what I
need to do now is upload my images first one
second image now you might ask me if you need to create different titles and
descriptions for these pins. You don’t have to do this because both of your
titles will go to the same post and Pinterest is actually looking for some
consistency between your post title and the title of the pin so I’m going just
to copy and paste the title of the post over here and like I said I didn’t like
that I use this 2019 so I removed everything I didn’t like in this title
what I can add here is actually another keyword that’s not in the title of the
post but it might fit still here because I have 41 characters left so I added
Pinterest marketing. This keyword is much broader than the others
and I hope to attract more audience using this keyword in the title. Now I
have written already a pin description when I created the first pin I’m going
to copy this pin description and add it so I want to remove this 2019 so I’ve
done a few changes to the pin description but now it looks fine.
I also need now to add a destination link so it’s going to be the link to my
blog post. I don’t want to add any of this UTM because it comes from my
other pin that I saved with Tailwind and shared through Tailwind Smartloop
so now I just need the clean URL of the of the post. I will let it here
unfortunately, in this browser it’s cutting off these so you cannot see what
exactly but maybe sometimes you can just scroll like this and see better that’s a
little bug that I don’t really like but it’s manageable. Now I need to copy the
rest for the second pin and you might ask me well what now Anastasia? Are you going
to save both of these pins at the same time to the same board?
So, I will not do this because I’m afraid of Pinterest spam filters I don’t want
to make Pinterest angry in any way. So what I will do I will schedule the second pin to be saved on the next day and the first pin
I will save it now so you can see how it works but the other pin I’m going to
save it at 9p around 9 p.m. because in America around 9 p.m. EST is a good time
for posting because people are checking Pinterest around that time after work.
So, the second pin will go to the same board which will be Pinterest marketing
my first most relevant board is Pinterest marketing tips and this pin
will go to Pinterest marketing but it will go now. I’m just going to
check if everything is good here everything looks alright – Pinterest board
ideas. Another thing you could do here you could add only when you’re uploading
pins directly on Pinterest you have this option and not all the accounts have it
so I’m sorry if it’s not working for you but on my account I can tag products and
in this case I can try to tag any of my Pinterests-related products so what
happens after you click on this icon you need to click second time and it will
show you a link like this now you need to copy paste the URL of your product so
I’m going to drive traffic to my Pinterest SEO traffic secrets course I’m
going to add a link to this product over here what happens next is that Pinterest
starts looking for images related to this product these are all the images
from my landing page so I unfortunately I cannot upload anything extra in this
case I’m just going to pick something that showcases maybe some of my traffic
it was one of the viral viral pins so I’m clicking Done here. And now
you will see after I publish this pin how it works. So here I have tagged one
product but you can actually tag multiple products the same exact the
same way to the same pin again tagging products might not work on all the
and tagging products works only if you upload it pin manually to Pinterest now
I’m going to click publish Pinterest marketing tips the board everything is a
it’s very important to check everything even though you can right now you can
edit most of the things but it’s still important so I’m going to click publish
now so the first pin is gone I can click in the other tab to check out. The second
pin I want to save it on 29th of at 9 p.m. and I’m going to click publish now
and I’m going to show you where this pin will be scheduled. So this is my pin and
you can actually see how it looks this tagged product if you click on this it will
show you the product and then if you click and it creates like a new pin
with its own URL and from this pin you can already go to the product itself so
basically that’s how it works maybe you’ve never seen it so I wanted to show
you exactly how it works. So here you go you have the pin it’s on my board
Pinterest marketing board you can always find it on the board itself you can also
edit the pin if you click on this icon and inside the pin you currently have
this title field before it wasn’t available so you could never edit your
title but now we’re lucky and we can edit the titles you can also Edit
descriptions you can even edit the link so if you made any mistake in the URL
you can check to check that later and now let’s have a look where do I have
this pin that I scheduled now I recommend you to refresh your page if
you want to find the scheduled pin and once you refresh the page you need to
click on pins this tab that’s called pins and then you will find your
scheduled pin there so you can open the pin and you will see at what time it’s
going to be published you can actually if you want you can open it and publish
it now from the beginning my purpose was to save it on the next day so I’m not
going to save it now but if you need you can do it at any time so this was the
tutorial about saving pins from your own and uploading them directly on Pinterest
so you don’t have to use any schedulers you don’t need Tailwind which I still
recommend to people who have large volume of spinning if you have multiple
blog posts on your side of your multiple pins proposed it can become difficult to
save all of this manually but once you have a pin you can actually repeat it
the next day to another board on your account but I would recommend you to be
careful saving the same pin to the same word because Pinterest made it clear
that they don’t want duplicate pins on the same board more often than once and
three or six months threes the bare minimum so how do we know that it’s
three to six months it’s because tail one has a feature called Smartloop
which is doing exactly this thing it’s saving the same pin to the same board
and previously Tailwind Smartloop allowed you to do this even once a month
later Pinterest required Tailwind to change this setting and now by default
you can do it a minimum interval of three months but Pinterest actually
recommends doing it once in six months so why Pinterest thinks that you might
want to save a duplicate pin to the same board is because you want to show your
old pin to your new audiences to your new followers that showed up on your
account in the last six months thank you for staying with me until the end of
this tutorial and now it’s time for you to learn the next-level stuff about
Pinterest traffic. Check out the link at the top right corner of your screen and
join my free one-hour Pinterest Masterclass and in case you cannot find
the info icon with a link to the master class I will also give you that link in
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will make a video about Pinterest algorithm updates I will share all you
need to know about the latest updates on Pinterest which significantly changed
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and here and I’ll see you in the next videos see you next Thursday

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