💰 ¿Cómo GANAR DINERO con una WEB con ANUNCIOS? 💰

By | March 2, 2020

Hi! Strange and curious social networks. If you’ve ever wondered how it is
money you make with a web, quiet, not a the only… Many people are looking for ways to
earn extra money so online. And having one or more sites with visits can
be a very good way … But for this, you need to focus on creating
something that would draw the attention of users for traffic. Visits to your website. And once you have traffic, you will be presented
many different ways to make money. Today we ‘ll talk about advertising, but if you want
me you put it in the comments, another day I’ll talk about other ways of monetizing one
web. Well, first of all, it would be wise to
keep a few things in mind to create a new site. First, we must ensure that there is a
market for it. And for this, keyword research
key is fundamental. In this video here, I show you some
tools. Second, we should try to create
something of value. Something that our users appreciate … And from here, I ‘m sure you’re
wondering, how many advertising revenue You can generate my website? How much need web traffic to earn
money with ads? And finally … What metrics are
more important than I track? Well, all that talk about today. So if you want to be constantly informed,
feel free to subscribe and give the bell, 3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss !!!! INTRO First, it is important to be clear,
some definitions of advertising term. And to understand the key terms of
advertising, the first step is to determine, How can you win with ads on your
website. These terms will guide you through the
process of charging for ads, analyze the behavior of your audience and make
track advertising revenue of the web site. Let’s see. First is the percentage of clicks,
the famous CTR, which is the relationship between clicks on an ad and the number of people
who have seen it . If 100,000 people saw an ad and 10,000
people clicked on it, the CTR is the 10%. Simple truth … Thus, a high CTR indicates that the ad is
effective. That people who see they clicked it. And therefore, you earn more money. And, the more clicks, more people will
interact with the content of the advertiser, They will explore their products and potentially
made a purchase. And here the percentage may be higher
or lower depending on the type of ad. According to Smart Insights, CTR for ads
graphic traditional, is approximately 0.05%. However, native ads,
show a 8.8 times higher CTR, ads traditional graphics. Let’s see the differences between these two … Native ads fit perfectly
into the content of the surrounding site, providing a more engaging experience
and intuitive for the viewer. Instead, traditional, often disturbing
to the user and are not as personal … The Typical banners we all know … And it is that native advertising is the use of
paid ads that match the look, feel and function of the format in
which they appear. These ads are often found on
social networks or recommended as content On a website. And unlike image ads or
banner ads, native ads They not really look like ads. They seem part of the editorial page flow. Key native advertising is that it
is disruptive: it exposes the reader to the content advertising without standing out explicitly. But … What does advertising
native? Well there are several, they are for example Ads
“within the feed”. Which are those that appear in your news feed
on social networks (p. Eg., In your feed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter). There are also the “search listings
and promoted”. Which they are ad listings, which appear
at the top of the results Google search or the sidebar. And other native advertising are the “Recommendations
content” that are recommended articles, that appear under the article you just
read, offered by a platform discovery of content, as can be Outbrain
or Taboola. And these are the ones that are important to monetize
your website, And it is that online advertisers are turning
increasingly to native advertising for several reasons … First, because consumers display
native ads, 53% more than the ads. Therefore, they have a larger CTR. In addition to the native ads generate
an increase of 18% in purchase intent, and visual engagement with native ads
is the same, and even a little more, the of original editorial content. Instead, display ads, traditional,
interrupt the user experience, dealing part or all of the website and distracting
to the consumer try to enjoy the content. For example, this full – page ad
appearing in Forbes, before the visitor have the opportunity to navigate the site
or read the article you selected. In addition, image ads are also
vulnerable to ad blockers. Think curious that more than 25% of users
of Internet in the US. UU, use tools like adBlocks. Therefore, native advertising is often
the solution to this growing advertising fatigue, since they provide consumers more
of what they want: personalized content that meets their interests and behaviors. And as shown in the table below,
the CTR varies native advertising industry and pet ads,
food and drink, and families and parents They have a higher CTR, ads
sports, health and fitness and technology. And if your CTR is low, forms one of the most
effective ways to increase the CTR, it is through segmentation and personalization of
the hearing. That is why there are advertising tools
native, that allow publishers control your advertising experience through
precise orientation and word filters key. But hey, I ‘m sure you now understand the
important concept of CTR. The second important metric is
cost per click, the famous CPC, which is the amount of money an advertiser spends every time
a consumer clicks on your ad. This is a very common metric, which publishers
use to sell advertising space and make money from ads on its Web
site. Here advertisers buy ads
through an ad network, as might the case of Google, and generally placed
programmatically. Is, advertisers enter an amount
generally are willing to spend, and then placing the tool is going on thousands
of websites. According to WordStream, the average CPC for
ads on the Google Display Network It is $ 0.58. So if an advertiser generates
100 clicks an ad to $ 0.58 per click, This is spending $ 58. A portion will go
to Google and elsewhere to the owner the website. But hey, if you want a day I explain,
in detail, how Google Adsense works. What is Google advertising program,
which lets you view your business ads web or blog, as long as they are created
in other Google tool, which is Adwords. Well … now it called Google Ads. Sure you know what is … You know when
you walk into a place and see ads in the part top or side of the page? Well then, it is likely that this blog
is part of Google AdSense. By the way, the publicity you out on YouTube
is Google Adsense … But as I say, if you cool the idea I will make
a video explaining it in more detail. What do you think? Another famous metric is CPM, cost
per thousand impressions. That’s when you get income, according
to the number of visitors to the web. No matter that makes people click on
the ads. Is, more or less, as if an advertisement was
printed, whenever someone accesses your page. And the CPM, is also used in these systems
offers. These systems use the CPM, to indicate how much
the ad will cost per thousand people exposed. For example, if a price of the CPM is set
at 2 $, the advertiser must pay $ 2 per thousand impressions of your ad. That is, if your ad is seen 100,000 times,
the advertiser would pay $ 200. But hey … I ‘m sure you’re wondering
how much earn on average websites ads? Well, using the terms and statistics
which I have given before, and obviously They may vary because they are estimates, and in
each country vary greatly country, see how you can earn both websites
with display advertising as advertising native. For example, this chart breaks down income
from ads, web ads traditional, banners, etc., as it might
be Google Adsense, averaging CTR Google 0.05% and $ 0.58 CPC. As you can see, if you have 100,000 visits
per month, with these metrics you would be earning 29 $. With 500,000 visitors, you would be earning
$ 145 and a million visitors would earn $ 290. You see, you need many visits
to make a salary just advertising banners on a website. But as I told you at the beginning of the video,
there are other ways of monetization, a website, part of advertising. As can be , for example, programs
of affiliation. Here the Amazon is the most famous. But that’s another story, just today I want to
talk about publi. Now let’s look at another chart. In this graph we will see advertisements
native. Which as I said, it has better CTR than traditional. This chart breaks down income
of native advertising, with an average CTR of 0.44%. 8.8 times more than ads. And the CPC and monthly page views,
remain the same for comparative purposes. And as you see, native ads have a
higher CTR, and therefore generate more income. So, if you have 100,000 hits on your website,
you can win $ 255 if you have 500,000 visits about $ 1,276 and if you have a million hits,
you win $ 2,500 more. With this example, I ‘m sure you realize
the importance of increasing your CTR in your website right? On the other hand, if the advertiser
you should pay by CPM cost per 1,000 impressions, and the CPM was $ 2, if you have 100,000 hits
on your website, you can win $ 200 if you have 500,000 visits about 1000 $ and if you have a million
hits, you win $ 2,000. In conclusion, it is clear that it is crucial
that publishers understand, how much they earn websites with ads. This information is very important because it
can guide you to sell way more effective advertising space to advertisers,
measure ad performance and optimize campaigns in the future. Also, you can use this information to
choose the most attractive ad formats and lucrative, and so that your users
continue to enjoy viewing relevant content, and at the same time you maximizes your income. But as I said, we have seen today only
tiptoed around this. There are many more ways to monetize pages
web. And if you will, in future videos so I
‘ll explain. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
read them all … And nothing, apart from him like a video, subscribe
and campanita … Watch this video here is brutal … If not a subscriber, give this
button ya !!! And these two buttons is my other channels,
both as science Science Stories History. And remember, knowledge is a requirement
essential for survival. Many thanks.

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