👏Victory is Mine! The Parent Page is Ranking On Google! [SEO Tutorial]

By | August 29, 2019

A quick video update here on what is
happening with our Las Vegas Zip Code strategy. Finally, we have some super
exciting things now happening and this tells me that we are on our way now.
Remember our goal is we want to rank for Las Vegas codes, if you’re watching
this video and you have not watched the previous videos in this playlist you may
want to go back and check those out because there’s a whole strategy here
and you’re going to watch how we move things on pages and redirects and
whatnot to better rank. So now let me show you my top keywords now on my
real estate website in Las Vegas it’s bringing me in traffic and now you’re
going to understand why the strategy was so important to me. The first one Las
Vegas Zip Code Map, we were moving around positions on page, 1 page 2 and
that is now 4% of our traffic the volume is 9,900 searches a month so that’s pretty significant volume now whether or not
these zip code pages convert to dollars is a whole different conversation my
focus was one thing “traffic.” The second thing on here Las Vegas Zip Codes, this is
the one that we have been gunning for. The problem has been is that every
time we started ranking for the term Las Vegas Zip Code it was going to a child
page. I’m happy to report that after all of the redirects, we are now ranking
for the correct page, Las Vegas Zip Codes. Finally not one of the child
pages, so at least now have the ranking going to the right page .Now underneath
that we have Las Vegas Strip Map and underneath that we have Las Vegas Strip
Zip Code Map so guys it is happening Google now believes that my website is
about zip codes what we’re probably going to start seeing.
See here where this one says Summerlin Zip Codes I would expect to possibly see
more of those child zip code pages now start moving up as well. Again, this is
going to take more strategies so I’m going make another video. I’m going to do a real
estate market report on all the zip codes. Our goal now is we’ve got it. We have the zip codes going to the right page. Now, we need to update this
page and I need to make sure that this is the best page for consumers where it
comes to zip code so how I’m going to do this is we’re gonna test thing. Like the map on top obviously this is old so I need to get a new zip code map
up here or get rid of it potentially. What we’re going to do, let’s do that we
need to make a change today anyway. We know we’re in position 15 so let’s edit
this page and see what happens. so we’re going to do this slowly. We’re going start
changing this page and then we’re going to start building around this page we’re
going to see how see if we can get this to go up. So I am going to remove this content block that has that map on it. What I’m trying to do is, generally speaking a new image is a good idea
we’re going to remove the image and see what it does now it could decrease the
rankings if people found that video or if people found that image.
Hold on, let me clean this up a little, okay, that’s not so bad.
So here’s what’s going to look like on desktop that’s going to function better on the
mobile device than on this little screen here.
So here’s what we’re going to do we’re going to do remove that image and that’s all
we’re going to do for today because again I want to I want to keep this really
purposeful about testing our strategies if the rankings go down then that image
was probably valuable to the consumer even though it was outdated I need a
more current one. My other thought is we’re going to put a video up top and
maybe I’ll just make a quick little screen share video on YouTube of all the
zip codes and what the areas are or something to that effect to put it up here. But let’s just start with removing the image and then I’ll do an update let’s
see what happens and then we’ll go on to the next one. I’m Lori Ballen. Thanks for
joining me today. if you need a real estate agent website check out my company BallenBrands.com

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