🎃 ‘Halloween Farm Festival’ Game Walkthrough ft. PAW Patrol, Blaze, & Sunny Day | Nick Jr. Gamers

By | December 24, 2019

Nick Junior’s Junior Gamers! Hi, I’m Junior Gamer Alyssa. Today I’m playing the new game,
Nick Junior’s Halloween Farm Festival! There’s a bunch of Halloween fun
happening at the barn. Let’s make Spooky Snacks
with the Paw Patrol. I wanna make a boo-nana! How about some coconut? Some chocolate chip eyes! A cute candy corn mouth! Ta-da! Boo-nana! I think I wanna check out
Sunny’s Make Over Barn! Ooh, there’s Skye, Blair,
I think I wanna make over Shimmer. I wanna give her a pumpkin hat! And how about some cat eyes? [giggling] Shimmer looks so silly! Now it’s time to drive
Blaze’s Haunted Hayride! Our Nick Junior friends
are hiding in those ghost costumes! I’ve gotta find them! I found Shimmer! Let’s keep going! That’s a bat, not a friend! I found Super Chase, cool costume! [engine revving] Yes, I found Shine! I did it! One more stop, I’m going
to Zeta’s Pumpkin Patch! I have to click on the Jack-O-Lanterns
to light them up. Oh, Nazboo’s sneezing
and blowing them out! Nazboo, stop blowing out my pumpkins! Ah, bats! I lit up five Jack-O-Lanterns,
not bad! That was awesome,
I’m signing off for now. See you later! Play Nick Junior’s Halloween Farm Festival
on nickjunior.com and in the Nick Junior app. [music playing]

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