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By | September 3, 2019

Yes, hello and welcome to another
Searchmetrics webinar today we are going to present
you persona based content from an SEO perspective and actually it’s an
analyzers space on you know a use case we had with one of our clients that was
so good that we thought to make a webinar out of it so here we go and
welcome again my name is Björn Beth. I’m the director of digital strategies group
here at searchmetrics and my name is Felix Oey we I’m senior SEO consulting here
in digital strategy school yes and we work together since a long time now and
Felix was actually the guy who you know the contractor who did the analysis for
the for the client which you will see later on just a few words to the searchmetrics digital strategies group. It’s an integrated consultancy here at search
metrics so meaning that we are offering conduct and C to our search metrics
software clients mainly is a strategic consulting which we do SEO consulting of
course and content marketing services where we can create really nice
campaigns for you and happy of course on the technical SEO site just to mention a
few clients we already have eBay bodybuilding.com you know and other from
e-commerce over to publishing and regeneration everything is in the bucket
to today’s agenda and we will just quickly cover how to find your top of
top funnel and show you some examples of Mumbai of the mobile phone industry
which which und team did and we will show you how to create those personas
and the user journey for every persona and at the end we’ll just show
you some examples and ideas how to create content around the personas let
us just start with demo sales funnel and especially the top of funnel because
it’s really really important just to have it in mind for the later
presentation so the normal sales funnel as you can see
is out of the top of funnel middle of funnel and bottom or funnel top of
funnel is mostly you know keywords and research related
yeah actually research related search where people are interested in you know
preparing products or getting prices or you know whatever and middle of funnel
isn’t always like okay now as I know what I really want I want to buy an
iPhone or I want to buy a coffee machine but um my funnel is always like if you
you know need an insurance or you know have some SS was for it which is related
to the product you just bought in the middle of funnel and if you’re
interested in it there was a whole webinar about the sales funnel and it’s
called the I guarantee for your content you can look it up on youtube so
Svetlana and myself did it the other month and it was a really good webinar
so check it out on youtube but let’s come to the awesome analyzes you just
prepare Felix. – Yeah so we take an example of persona map for a mobile phone market
in this case there’s three main categories basically in this market so
for people who’s looking for a phone without the contract of course
combination with phone with contract and people who’s also looking for like sim
only basically so these are actually the markets or the demands you exactly
that’s like the most general demands in this industry and top of funnel as you
mentioned before you know for people who doesn’t really know specifically what
you want so a lot of research comparisons so for instance here you can
one of the examples iPhone X review or you know come comparing between the top
and phones basically and then come the middle of funnel when you know after all
this research you know he’s already usually make up his mind to a specific product or specific combinations basically for a product they’re after
you yes the bottom funnel where basically
you try to retain the customer within your website so as a more complex
example out of it you have first touch coin which is the
brand awareness so a lot of brands doing promotions then you know inside of these
mappings you have a lot of combinations basically so you try to put them or
categorize them and later on you try to make like combinations out of it and try
to you know come out with okay ‘what kind of persona is this kind of person’ and
based on that you tailor that content like specifically targeting those target
groups. – So this is still like related to the top of funnel right exactly which on
the other hand conversion and everything around loyalty like iPhone
cases insurance will be the bottom of funnel. – Exactly so for instance in the in
the first part or a really left side you have you know income for instance you
have people who’s high income, medium, low then you have people looking for phones
or any product within some price range basically then you have people
specifically looking for specific features from a phone so if you’re a
photograph Irvine’s that you want a phone having good camera or if
you’re an outdoor people you know you want to have a phone which can basically
you know you can take this phone out with you without worrying about
rain or water so humidity – for all the adventurers – exactly, then on SIM card
side you have you know special features from SIM cards like people are looking
for data only or on it in unlimited calls unlimited internet or someone is
only looking for pay-as-you-go or prepaid card
and in the middle of course like based on all of this a lot of reviews test
comparison best deals and it’s along the way you could also find like you know
specific niche or target groups for instance people like business people,
elderly people, unemployed students, a lot of variations you can do basically and
later on we’ll explain to you how you can come up with this mappings
basically how to create a content. – So this is actually the end result of the analyzes we will go on to show now it’s just to you know show as an
example and put it along the sales funnel how this can look like so before
we now really start to show you how to get to those mapping I just want to
mention this webinar will be approximately you know 30 to 40 minutes
if you have any questions in between just put your question into the team chat,
into the chat window, and our colleague here together with us in the rule will
write those questions down and hand it over at the end of the webinar to us so
that we can do this to you in a session. Okay good, then let’s start how to get
to those mappings exactly yes you see before there’s three main
categories mobile phones and sim only so what you can do in the very beginning is
to key in one of the main keyword in this case mobile phone and you sort them
out basically based on search for you and go through the lists and see what
kind of topic you can find out of this list and basically try to compile those
this like keep them somewhere take a note where you can later you know do a
deeper research within this specific categories, so for instance
people looking for deals, insurances, contracts, anything related to prices
like within the prices you can also see certain price range for
instance phones under 200 £ or between 200 to
500 or above so you’re actually looking for specific patterns in the keywords – exactly –
and as we can see all of them have pretty decent search volume right? – Yeah
so this is I would say the main topic or the short head topic within
mobile phones and based on this you can you know later on structure them, group
them together and you can make a decision based on what kind of goals
you have in your website and try to tailor the content and the user journey
based on this research. – Now as you found those patterns I guess it’s very
useful to filter it right? – So for instance in the research cloud you can
first key in your main keywords and based on those restrict before or you
can also filter them out basically and get even more list of keywords based on
topics and after you did all of this then you can cluster basically all
of these keywords so the list goes on and on but here we show an example like
five biggest keywords based on each clusters so then you can also get some
ideas from google suggestions basically so here interesting thing a lot of
students or you know 17, 18 years old looking for contract phones and you know
some even looking for you know bad credit blacklist state so key that
keywords back in in the filter check the search volume and check if it is worth
it you know to target this kind of content if you see for instance there’s
no competition nobody else is having this kind of offer no maybe you can come
up with something I get this and also if you search for related you know phrases
you always see that people you know have specific needs like upfront costs or
credit check paid monthly you know or even want to
have three years yes yeah we love free gifts right exactly so always offer some
free gifts as well but you know for example of the specific or target groups
you know you can get them back in and for instance this one like elderly so a
lot of elderly people are looking also for phones and you know if I things
really niche market and not so much website is creating this kind of content
basically make a decision based on what call you have and target the specific
okay so now you know you clustered everything you tried you know to come up
with some you know special groups of people who are searching for special
contracts and and offers and now it’s it’s the part of the research to group
everything right exactly so the next part is to you know grow up on this all
of this research of keywords you did already so for instance if the goal is
to sell mobile phone in your website then you know if you check the top of
funnels basically a lot of people is looking for deals so that’s the one with
the high search volume based on this category mobile phone then you have
people comparing the prices or even getting you know like sorted out like
the the default on certain price range or people also looking for a lot of
comparison review tests basically they want to get you know the best out of
their pledge and you already mention it this you know all these deals
compressional prices they still the top of funnels right labels are your main
top of funnel hasn’t haven’t done the decision now on the product they just
want to review and inform themselves about so and you have you know features
specific features within the phone you have the special groups and you know
later stage at the bottom of funnel you can also target them to you know funnel
them into four key assessories repairs so misty try to keep
them still within your environment yeah and I think it’s really important as it
did it here is to you know droop it by the fun and stages and group those
topics that you know when to target which topic in which you know area of
the by a flaw decision flow yeah right so interesting things we see like still
a lot of websites are lacking this top of funnel so they only targeting for
instance transactional keywords like by certain product phones and you know they
forget about this type of funnel but the search volume for this and the traffic
potential you can get from these top of funnel yeah and I mean we can do the
same with the same only contract market focus on best yields prior in case you
if you know comparison best deals prices and later stage of people also looking
for features for instance and also like special groups and same like mobile
phones these three comparison best deals and prices are your main top of funnel
okay so deals comparison prices are your top of funnel and they have actually the
biggest potential not many of those big you know companies you analyze actually
covering here’s a right they just give it up with a way to magazine forums
blocks and so on okay so in the first section we just learned to you know how
to do the keyword research you know downloaded filter it and cluster it and
then group it so that you have different you know it would in the bio flow within
this say it’s for a have different you know content ideas exactly and of this
grouping basically just try to come up with the mappings so this mapping we
just show you know the simplest form of it you can go even you know further
within it and if you go to the user journey
my persona so we try to give some examples you know so yeah take clear
your mind like what kind of thing we’re talking
about so we are still on the persona map we showed you in the beginning along the
sales funnel which you see on the left the funnel trip just you know be the
sales funnel and now come up with a user journey just based on one persona right
and this is so for the first example for instance we try to okay go deeper more
targeted so for people whose only looking for sim only contracts with high
or medium income and he’s working you know as a business or as a entrepreneur
and he’s looking for specific features which is unlimited calls and data or
maybe international calls as well so all of this you can create your persona
which is as you just mentioned the business work equipment into high income
and just looking so awesome only alright so the user intent for this case is
Simone Lee for business contract so as a website your first goal is to of course
show this persona like a sim only contract landing page but you know you
can also try to convert him basically to other environment of your website in
this case you can try to over them this is smartphone with contract or even
you know on top sell additional surface out of it so this is what we see is what
we still see missing in a lot of websites so the journey basically only
stops until the user intent and doesn’t go further yeah so there’s no retention
actually from the landing page gaben yeah exactly so like in this case you
know the landing page will be informational content about the same
only contract for business because we’re targeting like business user but then
you know it’s nice to have this breach as well to this
environment that I mentioned before so try to create information content about
mrs. phone contract maybe you know some breast radio content about okay how to
you how can you utilize you know smartphone
for your business and try to lure him you know basically through the other
info that’s interesting let’s jump into how you how you create actually the
bridge from one landing page have another so here these are the the
queries at least the persona basically to the same on the contract so we’re
looking specifically for best business deals comparing a lot of prices as well
in the market and he end up in the same only contract right then in this case
the challenge is how you can breach this persona basically to phone with contract
so for instance you can try to offer you know some content about utilizing
smartphones for your business then on top you know maybe try to persuade this
you’re basically telling okay if you find this sim only contract and you’re
at you know a little bit on top of the month you basically get a business for
instance yeah so what you thing from you analyze
that all of the major you know phone providers are missing those you know
connection to other so instead of for instance instead of reading another
landing page and link them to another laying in page you can also put some
trailers within the same content whiskey trying to persuade and bring this user
like even further within your user journey know well it’s interesting let’s
jump to the next the next market persona so now in the next example where you
know trying to give you example like totally the opposite so people who’s
looking for a phone basically and how to bridge this user to the other
environment in this case to fall with contract for testing so the personalized
any customer with good income looking for the latest
in the greatest mobile phone whiskey so he’s or she’s most probably in the N
on stage of the contract or even not even having a country break at all but
trying to look for you know the latest phones both phone and the user intent
here is to buy the latest release high-end mobile phone so people who just
bought an iPhone you know mine half year ago now I want to have DX exactly
exactly so I think there’s specific group of people who’s always you know
buy the latest release of phone if for instance Apple released iPhone 11 so he
always wanted to get the best you know basically and your first goal is to help
sell this high-end mobile phones and on top it can also you know breach this
first so now basically two phone with contract environment so make this offer
are more affordable for him so instead of you know paying a thousand pound so
you try to persuade him K you can pay you know 50 35 pound per month and make
it make the offer more affordable and then on top since he or she already
we’re buying like really expensive phone so of course you want to have some
insurance this case it’s broken or it gets stolen so in this case the bridge
here is some information content about latest phone with please
and on top you know try to lead him basically to a better deal with this
case like the contract itself make it more affordable for the user and you can
even expand this persona fuller so for instance you can even up on top you know
this kind of persona for people who’s interested more on design and fashion so
you can create a separate like really targeted content for that cont persona
for people Francis was really interested engaged and technology there so you
would actually you know this doing the thing
landing page and you know what any page for the one whose mantras and getting
technology with more effects you know what kill me how you know what is the
focus on the camera how many storage you know how’s the
memory and stuff where’s on the other hand you just you know it’s a nice pink
iPhone with you know glitter on it and you know what I mean
yeah something like that or you can show as well you know in the in this specific
industry like how can you utilize your high-end phones basically to help your
work yeah okay let’s jump into the bridging again just to make it more
understandable yeah so here’s the queries for people who’s looking for
iron phones so basically comparing the best two phones in the market today best
phone combination we years and you know from here you try to bridge this persona
basically to another environment of your website so instead of only you know
showing him okay here’s the fact of the two phones try to persuade him to you
know basically offer him like a phone contract which is the best solution
basically best answers for a user and we see I mean through our research a lot of
magazine websites so the only kind of offer look if you review comparison then
the journey ends there yeah and as you saw also from many blocks you know
technology box with them and they write about you know specification of a mobile
phone so they could easily like lead generate generate leads for insurances
also making additional money also right and it’s it’s missing yeah so this is
this potential improvement from comparison pages or companies who
already have the product but they are not really answering what the user wants
all analyzing an answer you know user demand and questions and
you know focusing more on the needs of you each persona exactly actually it’d
be more success example so for instance if you’re only answering users by you
know copy pasting tech specs from the from the company’s brand and not even
you know giving user what he wants so but let’s jump into how to give the user
what he wants let’s jump straight into how to create the content and I think
you’re going to present some ideas you know how to just came come up with some
content ideas exactly so one of the example we take is for instance a mobile
phone insurance here in the Serbs you can see like a lot of ads a lot of
competition basically but interesting thing is you see like their answers box
there and effort direct answers block you also see you know people also ask
meaning that you can clearly see here a lot of people doing research for
informational queries so if as a website you’re only targeting these
transactional queries which is in the middle of funnel then you’re missing google already comes up with such a
competitive you know keyword of course comes up with a lot of ads you know it
shows us clearly what but at the at the other hand it shows because Google is
very after you know user intent and satisfying the user for his search and
if you know Google comes up with comparison and you know answers for
people also ask so it actually shows that this topic is a highly
informational rather than transactional topic right because as you see before
you know if you still not sure what you want most probably you will be looking
for a lot of comparison reviews and tests right and so the challenges are
website is you know how can you really give the best answers from these kind of
users and keep them within your website and try to offer as much possibilities
as possible within your environment and it’s also interesting that you found out
that the first really organic position is rather
a comparison website in the first actually you know provider of an
instrument is ranking on the second page of Google yeah position 11 right sector
so which actually shows that you know when you want to you know come out the
top of funnel you should you know move away from just be transactional or try
to you know trigger our conversion in the first in sense but rather you know
give the user some information and informational content and you know
having to make up the mind exactly so for instance when we take a
look on these two results we see that in back to the content experience we’d if
you’re checking only the keyword cartridge your gift you know the
must-have keywords within the topic so we can see here even the first result
can still be you know optimized further and special on a second on a second
insurance print you can see they’re not really covering you know the the
must-have keywords for instance not really answering basically the best
answers for you so the first result really just mentioned the comparison
website to go compare has a keyword coverage of 57% sees and so meaning that
the tool we took from our very own content experience you know analyzing
all you know the content of web sites base for this specific keyword and then
comes up with a specific set of keywords you should cover and the first result
come as 57% the first actually provider covers just from less than the half is
24% five so and when you check the content score checks also you know how
many word counts you have in the competition I mean we clearly see here
for instance even for the first result they’re not really optimizing the or
updating the content itself so imagine as a user when you have like high-end
phones which costs maybe more than 500 pounds of course you are
looking for from insurance is right and if you’re typing a longtail keywords for
instance mobile phone insurance for you know iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy 9 in
this case the first result is not really having those kind of content combination
in the website so they’re only focusing on and selling mobile insurances without
even you know having the high-end latest phone for this year for instance in the
content and when we you know when you always say and always mention that user
intention and the question should be answered you know there are enough tools
to analyze what people ask Google specific for you know some particular
you know keywords so this is actually something you really need to look at how
to questions and then giving answers within the content and there will be
another webinar at the end of this month with my talent via together with easy
Smith’s where they look into you know featured snippets and how how you know
to come up and in the featured snippet and also they will cover all of this but
actually the point is you know you should definitely look when creating
content on the user’s questions here to sum up you know though it’s not their
main business we can clearly see as a big brain even they already have the
content there so they can improve their current content on the insurance pay and
basically answers a better answer for user yeah okay so then you you have
another example actually it’s like another example like the remember when
we showed top of funnels for mobile phone a lot of people looking for mobile
phone deals so even the highest sure had keywords here showing kind of the same
trend so if ads then you have the direct answers there and you have a lot of
websites having you know more informational content mm-hmm okay so
similar trend for solid keywords and comparison Curie’s so also showing a
direct answer book so highly informational driven
intended you know searches and you know the takeaway here is to trade better
answers for users and optimize the tyrant arms in this way and if you’re
interested is where how to come up in the answer box there is in another
webinar which I did the element that go about the title is ok Google how to how
do I get into it the answer box just look it up at YouTube and you will learn
about it more so just to sum everything up it’s very important to research your
main keywords then cluster the keywords within topics define your target groups
along those cluster and then create content directly for entire absorb and
try to cover all of the you know all of the demands just to mention our new a
giant content development process here in the digital strategies group so the
content marketing service we offer is a new approach we actually you know came
up with from the learnings with clients so meaning that we invented the content
evolution cycle where when we create content we will do an SEO checkup
beforehand to check if your website is technically okay and so that the company
can succeed and we will then come up with a dedicated content strategy before
we go into the creation do Quality Assurance of course and then we build
dedicated reporting for just those URLs we you know create content for and
always try to update the content as we see from from our it’s been very very
important to update the content rather than you know creating different landing
page just as you mentioned pleased with our website which is search metrics that
comes less TSG and we offer content marketing services SEO converting
strategic consulting you can request your proof of concept and we’re looking
forward to have conversations with you later after this webinar so there are
some questions which I am happy to answer so put the 20 digital factories
will help to do the same analyzes for other businesses of course yeah we did
this already for other industries so this is like another industry we did so
for sure we can do some analyzes for our main industries as well do you think
it’s especially just for you know transactional businesses or any
information on business as well especially for informational businesses
so Frances we have a lot of you know publishers news websites ecommerce as
well so we are based on our experience we can see you know they’re still
missing this type of funnels for instance so for sure if you’re
interested please go to the search metrics TOCOM slash dsg and request a
proof of concept to us okay cool then there’s another question which is
which methods do you use to do research on the market brainstorming in the group
or based on towards so as you see before you know first touch points of course we
try to check like based on search volume in this case what release user looking
for in the specific countries then you can of course on top if you have more
data from other marketing channels you can also combine this data to make it
more precise and it’s also like tools are very helpful like just as our search
much the combat experience a group already you know keywords based on the
intention exactly you know additional information of where you are where you
almost have actually to say it’s from home yeah you know exactly so this could
serve as a base and of course if it is not enough you can still combine this
with your other data okay if there are no other questions then thing
very much for attending this webinar we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we
did Thank You Felix for me also research and
if you want to stay in contact with us you can search us on linkedin or i’m on
twitter our beyond beeps is twitter name and you know happy to answer questions
after the webinar even on twitter or linkedin so thank you very much and have
a great day and all the best bye

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