[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Yoon Doo Joon X Seo Hyun Jin The Real Legendary Mukbang #Let’sEat2 | 150505 #01

By | August 23, 2019

[TV Meow] Wow, the sound and color is just What are you doing?
Why are you adding that? This will allow us to create a harmonious
mix of tripe and vegetables A harmonious mix of flavors and nutrients It’s the same concept as
wrapping meat in vegetables I don’t eat vegetable wraps People do that when there isn’t enough meat and you can’t fill your
stomach with just meat People started eating vegetable
wraps to make up for it Hey, but you can’t just
take that out again? What are you doing? You have to do this so the oils soak in
and cook the vegetables deliciously So why would you let the
vegetables soak up the grease? Oils from cooking meat is so greasy
that people purposefully remove it I only want meat on my grill Having onions and leeks mixing in ruins the flavor and I don’t like it That’s what makes you low-class I’m mixing at least two
ingredients together to create a richer flavor,
how can you not know that? Our taste in food is so different Whatever, I’m going to grill
only tripe on this side so you can mix vegetables in
and do whatever you want here Little kids draw lines like this
and threaten to take erasers away… Whatever, if it crosses over,
your tripe is all mine If yours crosses over, I’m going to throw
away your vegetables, divide it up properly Would you like your rice now? Or later? Now, please – You eat rice with your meat?
– Of course At least you know that But why do you eat tripe with vegetables?
I can’t understand it – It crossed over
– Humph, vegetables Geez, seriously? It’s so chewy It burst in my mouth You have to eat it with vegetables The tripe is so full Nice The flavor I know The flavor I imagined You definitely have to eat it
with vegetables The richness Now is the time, right? Excuse me, can we get a
portion of fried rice here? This is it, you have to press down It’s a killer Oh, so hot This is it It’s got everything Are you at ease now that
you’ve caught a fish? What are you talking about? You were all about going on a diet
when you had a crush on Sang Woo Are you eating like this now
that you’re dating him? What are you talking about,
I’m still on a diet Do you know how well I’m keeping
my one meal a day rule? I can’t eat when I meet Sang Woo, so I’m eating in advance Why can’t you eat? You know how much of a
picky eater Sang Woo is He never says he wants to eat Picky eaters don’t eat food? You’ve never been out to
eat on a single date? I thought he was gentle,
but he has really bad manners Stay out of it, it’s not your business
whether we starve or not on our dates Sang Woo’s presence alone fills me up Fine, you must be so happy
to be meeting such a cool person I’m busy, if you’re done, let’s go This is still… Such a waste Hey, I’ll buy No, tripe isn’t even that expensive Buy me something more expensive next time Tripe is as expensive as I can go Here you go Cheapskate Didn’t you say I was high maintenance?
And now I’m a cheapskate? – You must be newlyweds
– What? You’re so in sync

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  2. 박지연 Post author

    아씨 진짜..

    내일저녁에 먹을테닷

  3. 콩콩구름 Post author

    아 고통스럽다….. 악마네 진짜

  4. 두부 Post author

    곱창이랑 부추랑 같이 한입
    대창이랑 감자랑 한입
    곱창 대창 남겨놨다가 볶음밥에 얹어서 한입…….

  5. yeye s Post author

    서현진 딕션도 대박이고 야무지게 잘먹어서 좋음ㅠㅠ

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