안네의 베프를 만나다

By | October 9, 2019

This is a Korean culture too. Being humble. Being humble. It’s hard to pronounce. Dami won the 1st prize in the Korean test. Don’t say such thing! Are you announcing that to the subscribers? No no… I’m talking to Anne for the first time in Korean. It was really awkward at the beginning, but after 3 hours, I got used to her speaking Korean. But the thing is, is it okay we don’t speak the formal speech? Yeah just go for the informal speech. – You can do that to the camera as well.
– It’s just that I have to speak to the subscribers. – All informal speech.
– Got it. Ah! I just wanna let you know guys one thing. The Taiwanese Dami already has iPhone 11, which is not even released in South Korea yet. Dami from Taiwan. I didn’t mean to buy this early. But I lost my cell-phone while I was traveling Gangleung(강릉). I had to buy it ‘cuz I had no choice. – In Taiwan?
– Yeah – Did you go back to Taiwan for that?
– No no In fact, it was due to a concert. Concert? Who? Exo. I shot it on this thing. It was so great. What do you mean? The photos are so great. This camera is great. It’s close right? – Close, right?
– Great, right? Yeah it’s great. Yeah it’s great. You wanna say something to your dad? My dad doesn’t understand Korean. – Speak English!
– He can’t No it’s okay I’ll just say nothing. So I’m really broke. I can’t relate to that. Yeah, back then, I was really happy. That was last weekend! It hasn’t even been a while. ‘Back then’? I wanna go to another concert already. What am I gonna do? Is it that fun? Yeah it’s fun She’s such a fan. I’m sorry but let me say something. I’m never going back to any standing concert. I was almost killed standing there. My back hurt, shoulder hurt, and I felt like puking. And people keep pushing. And there was a foreign fan behind me. Maybe from Thailand. Your’e a foreign fan too. No I’m not in Taiwan. – Oh that’s true
– I’m not a foreign fan in Taiwan. It’s like a whole new approach. They kept screaming like this, so I was gone crazy. I wanted to tell them to stop screaming. Even in Korea, it’s a rule to be somewhat quiet. OH really? Even in Korea? – I really like it.
– This is a cultural difference. I really love it. Did you make a lot of friends here? They’re mostly Taiwanese. – I’m here.
– Yeah. I’m not a Taiwanese friend. Beside Anne, they’re mostly from Taiwan or Hong Kong. But it’s just so great that I have Anne. I told you we didn’t need Korean friends. We’re already best friends. On the phone, we saved each other ‘Honey’ (Saved as ‘Honey♥︎’) Where do you live in Taiwan? Taipei. It’s Taipei guys. What kind of place is Taipei? It’s similar to Seoul, but I think Seoul is a faster city. You think Seoul is faster? Yeah Seoul is faster. Honestly, they’re generally similar. So Korean people adapt to it really easily. I see. In fact, I already adapted to you. We’re not too different! Our elementary school is 6 years, middle school 3 years, high school 3 years, and all of them have school uniforms. Do you also have boys’/girls’ high schools? A set of uniform costs 37000 won (about 33 USD). Wow that’s cheap! Korean won. – What about Korea?
– I remember it was over 100,000 won. (about 100 USD) – Really?
– It’s so expensive. – I was freaking out.
– It’s actually more expensive than that. Why is it that expensive tho? What is it so expensive in Korea? I think it’s because big companies have brands. We don’t have any brands, but schools design them on their own and order to the factories. Oh the schools order to the factories. Wow that’s better. So schools have different styles. Do they fix the uniforms on their own to look nicer? Oh right. I know that. Especially girls do that a lot. Girls would also like to shorten their skirts. I also heard of rolling the skirt to look shorter. I’m actually jealous of having school uniforms. Guys also used to fix the blazers so they’re not too wide and big. Just like the blazers in these days. Taiwanese guys generally don’t pay much attention on the visuals. For your information, Taiwanese guys serve in the army for 4 months. – 4 months.
– That’s true. It’s 4 months. If we have a war, we all die. Dami thinks that guys are manly enough when they serve for 2 years. Uh… yeah. But I understand ‘cuz we no longer have many wars these days. Did you have hair regulation? – Hair Regulation
– What’s that? The schools inspecting hair-style and cutting them. We used to have it back then, but my school no longer had it. In the girls’ schools in my town, they had to keep it shorter than 3cm below the ears. So they had to cut it here. This was the maximum length. – Taiwan also used to have that
– Did all girls really cut it? Yeah all of them really had the same look. Back then, they really did this. They measured using rulers. Like “Anne! Stand over there.” You mean the school cut it for you? Not like that, but the school asked them to go to hair salons right away. Or just warning. But this is too… – It upsets you, right?
– Yeah I’m upset. I used to be upset, too, but I’m not sure if they’re still doing that. The world is getting better. A would for us. The world is getting a lot better. Even now, in Taiwan, there’re so many students putting makeup. And the students nowadays don’t listen to teachers anymore. – So they just do whatever they want to do.
– Wow it’s so similar to Korea. Students here also freely put makeup. Back then, what teacher says was almost like an ‘order’. You had to follow that no matter what. Dami, what is it? This is an album. – Exo?
– Yeah. Was this what you had to buy in Myeongdong? It’s not Exo, but Chen. Chen? – It’s a solo album.
– But he’s Exo, too. – But it’s solo album.
– Okay. – It’s different!
– It’s different. I got it!!! See you if you have time. Are you filming this? Look at him. Bye honey. Text me when you get home. See you again.

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  1. Mickey Seo Post author

    Hi guys! If you don't speak Korean, make sure you turn on the Eng CC so you can understand 🙂

  2. Post author

    교복 동계 하계 풀착장 30만원…… 체육복까지 하면 정말….

    애플스럽네요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  3. Terry's CoverChannel Post author

    저희 교복 진짜 비싸요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 저처럼 일주일에 하루만 입는 학교는 그나마 한벌씩만 사면 20만원대 정도네요!

  4. 베르킨 게토릭스 Post author

    교육감 선거로 뽑게 된 이후로 학생들 처우가 좋아진거 같아요 체벌도 없어지고 학생 인권 생각해주는거 같아 점점 나아지고 있는거 같아요

  5. 김동우 Post author

    처음으로…다시 돌려보게된닼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  6. SWK J Post author

    대미님 제 교포 친구랑 발음이 너무 비슷해서 한국분이신 줄 ㄲㅋㅋ

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    여자들은 군대부터 가고 말하지 ㅋㅋ 온갖 별것도 아닌걸 남녀차별이라면서 지랄지랄하면서 정작 제일 큰 차별인 군대는 여자들 입 싹닫고 뻥끗도 안함 ㅋㅋ 제일 이기적인 사상. 아니면 차라리 여자가 힘이약해서 군대 못간다고 인정을 하던가. 그러면 남자들이 뭐라 안하지. 경찰도 똑같이 힘 좋아야하고 위험한 직업인데 경찰같은 공무원같은 직업은 여자도 남자차럼 할 수 있다고 지랄지랄하면서 정작 군대는 한마디도 안하죠.. 나도 여자 군대 안가는게 낫다고 생각함. 왜냐? 힘이 약하니까. 존나 비효율적이지. 경찰도 마찬가지. 여경이 경찰일 똑바로 못하는건 팩트인데. 진짜 여자들 이기적임 뷔페미니즘은 진짜 씹쓰레기사상

  8. Yejin Yoo Post author

    이번에 법이 바뀌어서 교복을 무료제공 한다고 들었어요!

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    콘서트 때문에 갔어.. 엑소 ..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ갑자기 빵 터졌어요

  10. Kimes Post author

    안네…한국어쓰는데..나 인지부조화오는데..?


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