까니짱의 1일 먹방|아점은 김피탕과 계란찜, 간식은 크림 찹쌀떡, 저녁은 만두 전골이에요~

By | February 23, 2020

12:31 PM Hello~ I am Kani jjang~(^^*) Annyeong~❤️ Today Reusing the leftover of tangsuyuk, Kimchi, Pizza, Tangsuyuk!
I will cook KimPiTang. It is my lunch today! Go! Leftover of tangsuyuk and its sauce. For your information, Tangsuyuk is sweet and sour pork. Heat the sauce first. Add some kimchi. Leftover of Tangsuyuk. Mozzarella cheese Let’s make some steamed egg too. This oven can make all the food. I will show you one by one. Not well done ㅠㅜ Parsely First of all, I have to answer frequently asked question. In the former video, many people asked me if bowls for the delivered food should be returned. It was very interesting question for me. (^^*) Because I didn’t expect anyone to ask such a thing. (^^*) Bowls should be returned if they are not disposable one. They usually serve a plastic bag together with the food. You may put the empty bowls into the bag. Then put it in front of your door outside. Then delivery man will take them back. You don’t need to wash the bowls for return. But I recommend you at least to empty the bowls. (^^*) Today’s menu, Kim Pi Tang became famous through the K-Drama, “Let’s have a meal” Although the word “Pizza” is in the food name, It has nothing to do with pizza. I hope my Italian friends would not
be offended by this food. (^^*) I don’t know how this food look like
to my foreign viewers. But it tastes quite good. Sour taste of kimchi and the meat of tangsuyuk, and plentiful cheese were well combined. It tastes sometimes sour. and sometimes deep and savory. This is radish kimchi that I made. I made the kimchi for bossam mukbang video. (^^*) Many people seem to wonder
how I dispose the leftover. So I want to show you often how I eat up the leftover. Steamed egg was not well done today. I think I added too much water.(^^*) This is 2nd video of “1 day mukbang” And in the first video, many people worried that subtitles would be lessened in the new concept. Don’t worry~(^^*) Subtitles are the only way to
communicate with my viewers. Subtitles would be kept in any concept. Ending brunch with tomato juice! (^^*) 15: 39 Chan! Today’s snack is strawberry syrup mochi. It looked very yummy.
And I ordered this online Let’s eat now~ Let’s see the cross section. Drink is milk tea. Name of this drink is “Tejava” Milk tea is not so popular in Korea. So there are not various products. Mochi was full of fresh cream. And there was small amount of strawberry syrup. Mochi always blocks my throat (^^*) Oh!! I wanted to see a cross section like this!(^^*) Now I like it more (^^*) Let’s cut another one. Cute!! It tastes quite sweet. Because of large amount of fresh cream, I felt them a bit oily after eating several ones. But generally satisfied (^^*) 19:22 PM Time passes so fast! Let’s prepare dinner. Spam Red pepper powder Sugar Soy sauce Red pepper paste and black pepper Crushed garlic Spam, oyster mushroom and onion Bok choy, enoki, tofu Sliced rice cake Dumplings Green chili Today’s dinner is dumpling stew. I will eat well~(^^*) Translating Korean food name
to foreign language is very difficult. (^^*) For example, soup or stew can be called as “Tang”, “Guk”, “jjigae”, “Jeongol”, “jjim” And the main ingredient name would be placed
in front of them like “Kimchi jjigae” Today’s menu is called “Mandu jeongol” I can’t explain how they can be categorized. (^^*) I also just memorized the names when I was a child. Soup of mandu jeongol tastes like spicy meat soup. But it is more refreshing thanks to the broth out of various mushrooms and vegetables. It was really yummy and nice with the rice. Some people seem to wonder why Koreans eat the food while it is still hot. I never thought of that before because it was so natural. In Korea, people think food tastes better
while it is rather hot. I think I got such a habit unconsciously. (^^*) 14th, February was Valentine day. Actually I promised my youngest fan
to celebrate her birthday on that day. Her name is November
and the day was her 1st birthday. I am so sorry to have forgotten my promise. And I want to celebrate her birthday although it is late. Happy Birthday to you! November!!(^^*) And Have a happy day my viewers. Many people asked me why I eat only 2 meals for a day. I usually wake up late in the morning. So I eat lunch and dinner, 2 meals. 2 meals also from now on (^^*) It was a good meal today~
See you again~(^^*)

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