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By | November 9, 2019

good morning guys! this is Jared with
ProfilesThatPOP.com – today’s #ProfilePopUp is for Karthik now just taking a look at
this I got a lot that I’d like to see here you’ve got a nice background
graphic saying job search qualification that gives us a clue as to what you’re
interested in and what you want to be doing you talk about organizational
abundance operational pain points now there I start to get a little confused
and we’re gonna dive into this in a second here but I also see #ONO, so one thing quickly when I jump in here
picture is a little bit blurry could be better
you could also even keep the same picture maybe and try it out there’s a
free tool that will remove the background now looking at this I want to
back out a second because that picture is a little bit busy and a little bit
grainy it’s hard to make out you and also with the name like yours it’s a
little bit more common you’ve got some trouble here getting you know standing
out essentially but the great news is your name is short the way it is and
maybe you did that on purpose therefore you get or almost for full
complete words in your headline now again though back to my point that
headline I’m reading that and I’m still wondering okay you solve these problems
these pain points make a team grow superpower organizational abundance I’m
left wondering well what is it you’re gonna do actually for me if let’s say
I’m a hiring manager let’s say I’m a person who you know a client whichever
it is right you need to be very clear in what that headline is asking or stating
so then you look at your About section do you want to increase your profits
well sure who doesn’t so now that sounds like you’re talking to companies easier
recruitment and operations okay recruitment and operations that’s the
first time I’m seeing that add value to your business well who doesn’t want to
add value to their business and maybe more attractive so just that little
snippet though there I’m understanding thinking okay these that what you meant
by operations you’re talking about recruitment you’re talking about
improving efficiencies operations a little bit of both ease increasing
profits adding value just that little snippet guys keep in mind that maybe all
you get you make a not great comment people start to see a few words they’re
gonna see just the first four or five words of your headline and are they
drawn into your profile even if they get to the profile then
look at this and they know oh yeah I want to click on see more or tap on see
more and understand more what this guy is about now the other thing is jump
right to it cuz it’s very important how are you getting found you’ve got #ONO as your current company so that right there is helping you get
found with the hashtag when someone puts in a search term for (“operations manager” #ONO) that’s can help you get found I’ll tell you that right now
that that’s the way you’re doing it right there is it’s going to help with
that but I look at all those terms and I wonder well what is it you exactly do
and what have you been doing for five months and what is it how does it tie to
your last position that’s our recruiter is gonna look at those guys they’re
gonna come in here they’re gonna look at this and they’re gonna look at your
current position that top one and they’re gonna look at the second one and
they’re gonna look for a tie so they’re gonna open this up and they’re gonna say
okay retained ninety five percent thirty sixty five percent hiring cost directed
thirty remote recruiters okay this guy knows recruiting has been doing it for
four and a half years now in client services now I’m not sure what he’s
trying to say that he’s doing what he’s looking to do you’d have better luck it
here’s my question to you Karthik what are you getting found for in your
searches if you put in a search is it recruitment VP because I bet you you’re
doing pretty well for that but maybe that’s a simple thing that you want to
be saying that you want to be in your current position that top one there but
making it more consistent not only helps us understand the second we see it it’s
gonna help you rank higher in the search results
so I spent three minutes on just talking about that I think that’s pretty darn
important and it helps with everything here you had some really good results
some metrics in there you’ve got you know you’re the full fifty skills which
is wonderful you’ve got some recommendations here and that’s great
one other thing I’m noticing here is you’ve got you customized your your URL
but you know with the you don’t have the dash and the V it might be harder to get
found on Google and the competition so unless you like to have you live these
people that are here you want them being seen maybe you do I don’t know that’s
also your choice anyway guys I hope that helped Karthik and I hope it helped
other people if it did please let us know in the comments thanks so much! have a great one! (Did this #ProfilePopUp help? http://bit.ly/iWantToPOP for more…)

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