✍ What is the Ideal Blog Length for SEO in WordPress? 😍

By | September 10, 2019

– Hey y’all, you have found
a video on a YouTube channel dedicated to all things WordPress. And specifically, this video’s going to be a section of a webinar, a longer webinar, that I did with Rebecca Gill. In the WordPress industry,
she’s really looked at as one of the leaders in
search engine optimization. And in this short clip,
Rebecca helps us look at the question that haunts every person who writes content for a website. How long should my blog
article, or my page content, be? Let’s jump into the video right
now and catch this section. (exciting electronic music) – [Rebecca] All right,
so, another hat tip is, as you are thinking about writing that quality content,
keep in mind the length. The average piece of content on the first page of Google
is about 18 hundred words. Remember I said at the
beginning of the presentation, that back in the day, I
could rank for 300 words? I could. Well, those days, sadly, are gone. We have to have longer content. Now, when I say longer
content, I don’t want you just to fill the page
with like random text, like we did in high school in our essays to make it fill the actual piece of paper. That’s not what I’m talking about. I want you to explore
a topic in more depth, so you can elongate that piece of content, so that you’re thoroughly
covering the topic at hand, which will make your piece of information better than your competitor. That’s what I mean when
I say longer content. It’s not fluff, I want
you to produce meat, but meat is the purpose, so
Google can say, without a doubt, yes, this is the best piece
of content on the internet. – Pretty amazing, right? If you’re ready now to go forward with how to actually do onsite SEO, it’s time to catch the
full one hour webinar. I have that video totally for free right here on YouTube for you. I’m gonna put the link right here. And, if this helps you out, please be sure to like,
comment, and subscribe. See ya next time.

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