✅First Steps With Surfer – Data-Driven SEO Tool

By | August 13, 2019

My name is Tomasz and today I will show you how to start with Surfer to get the best results.
Let’s start with log-in. Now, you can see a dashboard. Do you have your main keyword for which you
would like to optimize your page or blogpost? If yes – wonderful. Just put your keyword,
pick device and localization, hit the full button if you want to see google bot screenshots
of each website. The basic analysis takes up to a minute, full – sometimes around few
minutes. Down there is your analysis history, you can
go back and check how the pages around picked keyword has changed. Or you can pick a few
analysis at the same time, grab a coffee and enjoy with the data we’ll provide to you. On the right side is your remaining queries
counter which renews daily. The amount of the queries depends on your subscription plan.
In my case, I am using an agency plan so I have 50 queries per day! Let’s go to the main view of the application!
Pick the analysis you want and click once. In my case, I will go with “Seo services
London”. As you may think it’s hard to put an exact keyword into text and the
competitors haven’t done it. But see what is happening with partial keywords – a pure
coleration. Moreover, we can check what is important to show in the above the fold section. In that case, it is, of course, a city name – “London”. Surfer helps in on page optimization. You
can find weak spots of your website or plan new content based on competitors. Sometimes
you can see a pure correlation between the amount of words in body, sometimes density
of keywords and on another day maybe you will see that you should add more paragraphs or
speed up the time to the first byte of your website. How you can check those things? There is a
menu on a left side with all the ranking factors under each segment of the website. Just click
on the picked factor to see smooth chart. For example, we can check the amount of characters
in the body. As you can see the first 10 pages has something in common ->the number of characters
is pretty much more numerous that it is in other pages of the SERP. That should draw
your attention. If your page is already at positions from 25 to 40 maybe you should write
down a few sentences? Main part contains the chart with pages listed
from top 1 to 48 at the X-axis and factor value on the Y, if you add the second factor
to the KOMPERJSON, there will be another Y axis on the right. Below the chart, section contains a few tabs Serp view has all ranking pages listed, if
you can’t see your page – add custom URL and hit scan. To show specific page on chart hit the chart
icon. It is important to remove non-competitors
websites from the chart like directories, amazon or ebay. You don’t want to compare
yourself with gigant domains. It will disrupt the picture of the whole analysis. How can
you remove non-competing websites? Do it by clicking on eye icon. “A” button shows headings content and
meta of each page, it may be useful for spying your competitors structure fast. There are also popular and common phrases Popular phrases show pages focus by digesting
the most popular words on each website. It might be helpful if you are just preparing
to write the content. Checking this tab you will get know on what you should focus! Common
is an extraction of common elements of top ten ranking pages. If you have already written content, we have
prepared something really amazing for you. The audit will draw your attention to things
you should improve and common phrases you haven’t used yet. To do a really precise optimization check
each segment against densities and word counts like paragraphs, headings and alts. Give it a shot. Try Surfer for free!

4 thoughts on “✅First Steps With Surfer – Data-Driven SEO Tool

  1. Jahir RayhanN Post author

    This tool is awesome. I am using since I saw one of there post inside an FB group.

  2. Jakub Piś Post author

    Just exploring on extended trial but I think I'm gonna buy it! Gr8 for competition and keyword difficulty assesement

  3. Miguel Garcia Post author

    your accent is horrible. Pay someone who speaks English please

  4. Babbette Moore Post author

    I was referred to this tool and I have to say, the video is great in trying to show what and how to use the tool. But, unfortunately, it's simply not making sense to me in terms of what and how best to use it and have it make a difference. All these graphs and little in the way of clear action steps to take. I'm guessing it's there, but it's not seeming very intuitive. Really wanted to like it!


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