✅ Amazon SEO (2019) | How to Rank at the Top of Amazon in 3 Days or Less |अमेज़न पर रैंक करे (हिंदी)

By | August 14, 2019

Hi Guys!! Welcome to Amazing Marketer. Today I am going to tell three ways you can rank in amazon. and, I would try my best to explain these methods in the most simplest form. The best things all these methods is that these are absolutely FREE. You don’t have to purchase any tool or no need to do any kind of investment. All these methods are absolutely FREE. I have tried it myself and I have seen improvement in sales. My sales have been improved dramatically. So, Lets begin… First method is “Amazon Search”. This might sound absurd to you, what I am saying, how it can help us. So I will not tell you, I will show you practically… Lets see…how Amazon Search can help us. The most trending category is Footwear or Apparel. Lets try for shoes.. the moment I started writing shoes, suggested keywords are appearing automatically. shoes for men casual stylish sports shoes for men..formal shoes for men these are keywords that buyers are using to search the product. Take leverage of this, so you can take benefit out of it. If you shoe is in Casual category use that keyword “casual stylish” because it’s in the same order Let’s suppose your shoe is sport shoes so try to put “sports shoe” in it the moment you enter the sport shoe keyword related searches has been changed. In the same way, men and women keyword can be added to create relevant keywords. So, you have to create a complete list in this way So, Amazon is the best resource. Take keywords from it. One listings is appearing “Nike” and other one is “Adidas”. You can see customer is directly searching for this keyword. i.e. If it’s Nike, customer is putting specifically brand name over there. So, you can take out the keywords and create your entire list in this way. Suppose, you created a list with keyword “Sport”. In India, most of the customers use “Sport” word as prefix with shoes. However, globally customers use different prefixes. And, we have to mix and match to create the list. So, you can use “running” shoes. Lets try to put “Running Shoes” We can see the moment keyword “Running shoe” new suggestive keywords “running shoes men” “running shoes for men” After putting “Running shoes” men, the brand like “Sparx” and “lotto” has come up. but nike and adidas are not appearing that mean customer are searching for these two brands instead of nike and adidas. The next method is “Keyword.io” This is a keyword research website Most people use paid tools for the same. KTDis another tool. I am telling you this tool because it works well with Indian market. This tool tells you about every amazon market in the world. and this is very relevant for Indian market. It is very easy to use. No payment or paid subscription is required. This is the URL “keyword.io” There is another website “Kewyordtool.io”. you don’t have visit that. you can see there are number of tabs You have to select “amazon”. one you selected amazon change country to India Put your keywords like sports shoes and click on “search”. in a moment, keywords start loading. 286 relevant keywords are appeared. Add all of them. (we don’t need free account) Lets close this pop-up. after add all, all left side keywords appeared on the right hand side. and export it in “Excel Sheet”. Start filtering your keywords as per your requirement. merge them with the list that already been created with amazon search. Now, we have covered two methods so far.. Lets start third method…wrong/mispelled keywords. This method is very unique and it boost sales cent per cent. The best part is it doesn’t dependent on your efforts… you learn from other sellers mistakes. There are two type of mistakes in it. one is done by customer and other by your competitor or sellers. so I will tell you how and i will show you as well. we were talking about shoe category and while we were doing keyword research, we.. are using “Shoe” and suggestive list are appeared. But, if I write incorrect spelling of shoe i.e. SHEO then you can see suggestive list are still appearing. Just type “sheo” and see “shoes for men” “shoes for men formal” “shoes for kids boys” now you might be thinking who would search these incorrect keyword then, press search. look…products are appearing. Because, Amazon algorithm reads this incorrect /misspelled words that customer has made spelling mistake. Use this as a POWER I am saying as a POWER because other seller are not using it. Mix and match in your keyword listings. You have ample amount of space to put keywords while listing a product in amazon…. in your seller account…in your dashboard. Amazon gives you enough space to put these keywords. This is extremely important. This video comprises of this three tips only.. try these methods, these strategies.. and share your experience with me in comment box. In case you have some doubt or problem pertaining to amazon. You can ask me. I will try my best to resolve the issue based on my experience. I am a seller from very long time. I can help you out in various areas you are facing issues. In the last, KEEP SELLING, KEEP SMILING 🙂

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