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By | November 3, 2019

Hello again Infonauta, welcome or welcome to a new delivery of your YouTube channel Infoductiva this time we will see a demonstration of the use of the Android application called NinjaTube Keywords YouTube SEO Tool with which we can obtain the keywords of any video within YouTube interesting right? We start … first of all what I’m going to do is open YouTube logically to search and draw conclusions we have to be WITHOUT the session open so that it will show us the results regardless of our preferences then for this first example what I am going to do is put for example the terms what do I intend to use in a video, for example we are going to assume that I am going to make a video like this one in which I will try keywords to position videos within YouTube and I will use this tool to make a demonstrative example … a practical example … then we are going to put here for example Keywords … notice that as I write it gives me different options this is what people look for or let’s say terminology most wanted related to what I’m writing I will also add YouTube and how do you see it gives us a series of results these results are giving me unfiltered … remember that we filter from here … well in principle I will discard all those in English and good look … Here is a video of Romuald Fons … if you don’t know this YouTuber I recommend you … if you are interested in SEO and everything that has to do with marketing Romuald is very professional … greetings from here Romuald Fons … from Infoductiva. as I was saying … I strongly recommend that you watch their videos and I will use for this example this same video I’m just going to click on the I’m going to stop the video … I don’t need it the ad, I don’t even need to watch the video but I recommend you take a look and what we can do is first take the address or from the bar of addresses of the device in which we are or … I really like using this share button and click on the copy option, with this we will have the address on the clipboard something that is paramount so that we can carry out keyword extraction what does the video have I’m going to make a paragraph … let’s see … why do I need to see the keywords of a video? well, actually the keywords are obtained first by making a list of everything that is related secondly using different marketing strategies SEO … whatever you want to call it … in which we search and we found the words both long-tailed … well anyway … there is a lot … a lot of terminology about it but fundamentally we end up having a list of those who are the best candidates to put in our videos, but many occasions we do this and we don’t notice a big change since maybe that keyword was fine valued a while ago but at this time not then one of the options is to review current videos that belong to the theme of the video you want to publish get the keywords you are using and use them as, among others, primary to continue researching … so that we are learning of the greats since we would take videos that had a lot of visits for example and that fit perfectly in the theme of the channel that we are making or of the video that we are about to publish that said what we will do will be use our NinjaTube to be able to extract this video … let’s do it do not forget visit the Infoductiva channel on YouTube and click on subscribe as well as press, to be informed of all the news, about the bell leaving it in this state so that it appears gray We open NinjaTube on our Android device or in our Android emulator click on start then as we have copied the video address simply click on this button which will allow us to directly paste the address we have on the clipboard as you can see here and then press the get keywords button that’s it … we already have them here then it indicates that the keywords are in the clipboard and in any document of Google Docs, Word, Office, notebook … anyway, wherever you want We could directly paste those keywords and then we could start analyzing them … I recommend that you consider commas to know which blocks are keywords that’s it … here we would have them These are the video keywords that we have chosen, we can do this with all the videos we want and now well taking into account the title of the video, the description of the video, which are information that we can always read we have to take into account the analysis of these keywords both with SEO techniques and to be able to to know what are the keywords you used to position yourself and so we can find sites as interesting as answerthepublic … how do you see here keywordtool.io as you see here Y the typical ones about SEO courses … in short … the theme to which this video of Romuald Fons refers … I recommend you try this tool I also recommend that you watch the videos related to digital marketing and with the SEO performed by YouTuber Romuald Fons … greetings from here again remember to get the keywords of videos that are very well positioned It will allow us to go straight to the point to understand what are the keywords that have been used in this or that video so that this will give us a qualitative advantage when positioning our videos … logically this does not work by itself … it has to be accompanied of SEO techniques and other strategies that we have already mentioned and that I will already mention throughout of the videos to get optimal growth … I hope this information has been helpful, if so, like and don’t forget to share this video on your social networks … See you soon Infonauta [music]

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