☑️ #62 How To Configure Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin For WordPress Blog?

By | August 31, 2019

Hello everyone, so in this tutorial, we
are going to check how we can configure Yoast SEO plugin for our WordPress blog.
So what you can do is log in to your dashboard and this install the plug-in
Yoast SEO. In my case I have already installed it I just need to configure it.
So just go to Yoast SEO and click on General. Now here I think it’s proper,
this tab is proper go to features. So by default I suppose all these features
should be on. So you can leave it as it is webmaster tools is also fine for now
you can go to the next thing. Search appearance now here in the
general tab also, I think by default all the things are correct. In the content
types it says that show post in search results
which is correct. Now in the pages should also come in the search results
so that is also perfect. Now, moving on to the next step media. So in media attachment
URL they have already said that we recommend you to put it Yes. So it’s
already Yes. So, no need to change anything here. Now in taxonomies, here
we need to make some change I would recommend that you no need to show
categories in the search results of Google. So I would recommend you to change it to no. Alright and the same goes for the tags and here for the format it is
already No, so this is perfect. So for now we can now click on Save Changes and now moving on to the next tab which is archive. Here also I don’t think we
should show archives in the search results. So, you can just click on No here and then
in the data archive settings we can actually disable data archive setting is
not required actually then click on Save Changes. Now moving on to breadcrumbs if you want you can enable it but it’s not required to enable these days it’s
not that much. So this thing is done. Now Google search console. Now, for now
here is the thing is that you can authenticate your Google account to
which you have connected your search console and if there is some issue it
will show the issue here itself and you no need to log in there.
So, if you want you can authenticate it. For now I’m not doing it so you can
move on to the next thing which is social. So here if you want you can
actually provide all your URLs for your Facebook page etc. and then here
for the Facebook page we should definitely enable the meta tag open
graph and rest of the things for now not required. Moving on to twitter this is also proper, I suppose Pinterest these things are all
proper. Now we can go to tools, in tools we need to do one thing, we
need to actually generate the robots.txt file. So what we gonna do is go to
file editor and then we need to click on create robots.txt file. Now here you
need to add some more information. So what you can do is go to the document
then copy this much and go back to the page and paste this here and instead of
example.com you should change with your domain and then click on Save Changes to robots.txt Now if you go to the document I have actually mentioned one
issue. Now with the new update of use SEO plug-in they have removed one thing
which is that the pagination of our WordPress blogs will also be
getting indexed now. As per you Yoast SEO they are saying that it’s not an
issue you can keep it like that but I think that is kind of awkward to show
the pagination in the search results. So what I think is that we should fix it.
So if you want to fix it and you don’t want these type of paginations to come
in the search results what you can do is just copy this code and you can go to
your dashboard and in the appearance you can go to editor and then go to themes
functions and at the bottom you can add this code. Only if you don’t want the
pagination to be appearing in the search engine, so once you have added this code
your pagination won’t be appearing in the search results. So that’s how you
actually configure Yoast SEO plug-in for your WordPress blog. In the next tutorial,
we are going to check how to create sitemap for your WordPress blog.

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