ସେଓ କୁ ନେଇ ଏପରି କ୍ଷୀରି ଥରେ ନିଶ୍ଚିନ୍ତ ବନାନ୍ତୁ ( Seo Khiri ) | Apple Kheer | Seb Kheer | Odia

By | August 24, 2019

Namaskar. Welcome to www.mrunalinee.com Today we will make ” Seo Khiri ( Apple Kheer / Seb Kheer ) ” I hope you all will love this recipe Hit like and share the video Also press the bell icon next to the Subscribe button to get the notification of our latest videos Let’s start today’s recipe We need all these ingredients for making this dish Apple ( Seo / Seb ) – 2 no Condensed Milk ( Mithai mate / Milk made ) – 3 tbsp Sugar – 3 tbsp Cashew nuts Almond Pistachio Clarified butter ( Ghee ) Saffron ( Kesar ) , instead of it you can use green Cardamom powder And Milk – 750 ml Let’s peel and grate the apple Keep it aside for later use Now fry the cashew and almonds in the ghee which tastes better while eating khiri or kheer Put a tsp of ghee And fry the dry fruit nuts over low – medium flame Dry fruit nuts are Golden brown now. Take it out Now add the grated apples in it Add 3 tbsp sugar and mix it ** Do not add or cook the grated raw apples directly in the boiled milk, otherwise Apple’s citric will tear the milk ** ** So cook the grated raw apple with sugar for sometime on medium flame ** Here I have added total 6 tbsp ( or 1/2 cup ) sugar for 2 apples Sugar has become caramelised and apple has become golden brown colour as well Now it started sticking out of the base of the vessel Take it out and cool down completely The milk has started boiling now Reduce the flame medium – low and stir it occasionally Cook the milk until half Now add 2-3 tbsp hot milk in the Saffron and let it soak for sometime Instead of it you can also use green cardamom powder Now the milk has reduced to half Add 3 tbsp condensed milk ( mithai mate / milk made ) Add required amount of condensed milk as apple itself has also sweet Then put pistachio Fried almond and cashew nuts Add the soaked Saffron mixture and stir it Now add the prepared apple in it and mix it nicely ** The cooked apple should be cooled completely ** It’s been 3 minutes now The consistency should be like this ( semi-thick ) Turn off the flame Take it out into a serving bowl Our healthy and delectable ” Seo khiri ( apple kheer / Seb kheer ) ” is ready to serve now You can serve it while lukewarm or can enjoy it chilled Make it during any festival or Occasion or even serve to your guest So try this recipe at home And share with us your experience in the comment section below Thank you See you soon in my next video You could subscribe my channel by clicking on this face icon

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