Свадьба в Малиновке (советский фильм комедия)

By | February 26, 2020

LENFILM Wedding in Malinovka Who currently holds power in Malinovka? -No one. No one, I tell you.
-What do you mean, no one? And what’s this, huh? No one, except old man Nechipor. That’s what I told him. And him? And he says, tell old man Nechipor, and tell the rest of the people hello from the Red Cavalry. Kotovskiy. -From the cavalry?
-From the Reds? Why are you yelling? Maybe they’ll stop in? -You just don’t ring.
-No. -And you, don’t ring.
-Of course not. What else? -Oh, I remember. Hello, Irinka.
-Well there. Hello, Andreyka. I thought you forgot. What do you mean? Of course not, Irinka. -Oh. Your master.
-Balyasniy. Whoaaa, dragons. Stay. All of you stay. I just stopped in on the way. I live in a spot where whoever the devil brings stops in. Yeah, the devil doesn’t differentiate. For my well-being stamp the receipt, that I delivered the surplus. -Delivered?
-Delivered. And not 5 pounds like everyone else, but 100 pounds and all power to the Soviets. Please, stamp it. And where, friend, did you go so early this morning, that’s the question? -I went to the blacksmith.
-I was told, to the monastery. -Who blabbed that?
-A magpie told me. -It was just barking.
-A magpie isn’t a dog. It doesn’t bark. I’ll tell you in secret, there are rumors that the power might shift. -Stamp it.
-Don’t rush. -So you’re saying, it’ll change?
-There are rumors. Well, let’s go. Well. Well. Race! I’m tired of herding sheep for Bolyasniy. You know what, Irisha, if the Reds come here, I’ll join them. -To fight.
-Good. Me too. -You can’t, you’ll be killed.
-And you? I’m not that type of person. -Mom isn’t home?
-No. Kiss me already. Mom. Well, I have to run. Why are you daubing the trees? -Who are you with?
-By myself. -It seemed to me as if…
-Andreyka came to see old man Nechipor. -So he was kissing with Nechipor, huh?
-Oh, mom, you noticed. I’ve been noticing since Christmas. -You fell in love?
-Yes. -And him?
-Yes. What am I to do with you? Marry you, or what? Oh, Mommy! Mom, is becoming a bride scary? A bride? No. But becoming a groom is. He might get a fidgeter, like you, and he’ll have toil his whole life. -Oh, mom.
-I was kidding. Daughter. You grew up fatherless, but have blossomed like a cherry tree in spring. Like your father. Oh, mom. It’s you who are a beauty. Oh, daughter. -I’ll run, surprise Andreyka?
-Yes. Nechipor. Nechipor. Nechipor. Nechipor. What? I see Gapyusa flying. Nechipor. You’re here, dear? Let’s go to Tryndychiha. Tryndychiha, when she gets going, God knows, what she’ll do. Tryndychiha has a character such that if Tryndychiha is rubbed the wrong way, Tryndychiha will do things so there will be no reasoning with Tryndychiha. And since Tryndychiha got riled up… Don’t rush. I’ve been asking you for 35 years, Gapyusa, not to rush, since then I can’t understand. Understand? Well, what happened? There, as usual won’t let me get a word in edge-wise. And I keep quiet, because I’m an angel of a wife. Well, if you’re an angel, why are you living among people? Where’s the power? Ladies, follow me! Follow me! Ladies! Everyone come here! Where’s the power? -Hold, ladies.
-There’s the power, yeah? We put you over us so there would be order but they’re just torturing me and I’m defenseless! -Let’s figure it out right now.
-What’s there to figure out! Oh, Komariha! I gave her sweet milk, and what did she return? Sour. Yes? How dare you? You don’t mind that I’m weak, you know what I can do! I can do it myself. Silence! Silence! We’ll figure it out. Not sour. We tried it. Her, her, and her. The milk is sweet. -Sour.
-Sweet. -Sour.
-Sweet.-Sour. I couldn’t figure it out.
-What do you mean you couldn’t figure it out? You’re listening to her. You have to defend me.
Am I woman or not? Couldn’t figure it out. -Hungry.
-That’s better, ladies. Let me tell you, I went to town. Really? It seems that the war will be over soon. Oh, ladies, our men will come home! Tryndychiha, neighbor. Or aren’t we soldiers? Some will have their husbands, and some won’t. She lost her husband 15 years ago. Pan Chechil sent him to Siberia.My head rings, rings, ringsNothing, nothing to tie around it.Oh, how empty the path is.Oh, no one to walk it with. Why are you making our ladies cry, Sophia Mihailovna? Oh, our woman’s tears. Me, if I start crying… Yeah, don’t rush. There’s trouble with the chicks.
If you don’t watch out – they’ll die. Women’s tears, like water,
dry on the way. Like by a river, by a stream,
I kissed I don’t know who’s. Grish, and why am I so smitten by you? The power is changing again? -Greetings, countrymen.
-Hurrah. Hurrah. Ladies, take a look, it’s Gridko. Look how he’s dressed himself up. What, did you become one of Petlyura’s boys? I’m my own Petlyura. Don’t joke with me here. I have a whole cavalry division at the monastery. Kindly tell me, Gridko. I was Gridko, but that’s done. Where is my first lieutenant? Papandopola. I’m here, Grish. -Address me.
-Can do. -Pan Chieftain Gritsian Tavricheskiy.
-At ease. -Did you hear that?
-Speak, old man Nechipor. I wanted to ask you,
Pan Chieftain Gridko… -Papandopola.
-What, Grish? Address me again, let them get used to it. Can do. Pan Chieftain Gritsian. -Why are you interrupting.
-Be quiet. Interruption, Grisha, such gestures in front of the whole public. -Let’s part quietly.
-Speak. I wanted to ask you, Pan Chieftain Gritsian… -Vricheskiy.
-Silence. Aha, Vricheskiy. Do you have, as they say, some sort of program? How can one be without a program? What am I, a highway robber? I am an idealistic chieftain. -And all my boys likewise.
-Stand for the freedom of the individual. That means, they’re going to rob us. I’ve been through Tavria, Moldova, took a look at God’s world. Ad decided to make a sovereign kingdom in our parts. And why am I so smitten? Maybe you stand for Soviet power? We can destroy it in two weeks, maybe less. Even in three-quarters of an hour. Don’t rush.I met Maryusa on the sand by the sea.In pink stockings and a corset.
In pink stockings and a corset. Irinka, I’ll make you a chieftain’s wife, get you expensive finery. -I’ll take you with me.
-Where with you? Into our gang. Our division. Give you a sword. Give you a horse. Let’s go to the barn.Suddenly a patrol, a trap.
The sea becomes stormy.See you later, peacock.
I’ll return soon.See you later, peacock.
I’ll return soon. Don’t shove. Don’t shove your face here. I don’t want to. Let her go. You think that you put on a sword, and that makes you the boss of all the girls? If you want, we’ll have an honest marriage tomorrow. Marriage again.Where are you, Maryusa, who are you taking walks with now?You kiss one, and you bite me.You kiss one, and you bite me. Don’t stir me up, Sophia Mihailovna. God knows, I didn’t want to hurt my own. But if I have to, I’ll burn Malinovka to the ground. I won’t let you. Catch her! Sophia Mihailovna, where are you going? Chase her down! Let’s not, I’m shell-shocked. Grisha, think of my nervous system. Don’t think it harsh, son, but don’t drop in on me in front of people anymore. In case something happens, go on a wild-goose chase, and I’ll be held accountable. -It’s ok, Chechil will come, things willl become easier.
-Chechil? It would be nice to know how he looks, this Chechil, dark or light haired? Dark, light. The guys aren’t happy with me. What kind of chieftain are you, they say, if you don’t have gold reserves? Dad. Money. You’re eagles when it comes to taking money. Be careful, son. Be very careful. Chechil will have a document. In a cigar. Comrade commander, when he was running, he threw this in the bushes. -And this was on him.
-English? Yours? Who are you? Where from?
Where to? Why? At ease. Are you interested? Get up! I wasn’t expecting this. With your father, Pan Chechil, we’re old friends, but haven’t had the chance to meet you. You’re more in the capitals and foreign countries… Well, now we’ve met. Commander of the special cavalry division of nazar Duma. I’m asking again, who are you? Where from? Where to? Why? To the headquarters. -Good job, guys. Good job.
-Good job. -Guys, did you get some dried sea roach?
-We got it. Maybe you’re Comrade Kotovskiy himself?
No, this is Vasya. And this is Peter – Bessarabian, helper to our commander. Where from? Where to? Why? I’m from Malinovka. There’s… What? Move aside. Move aside. What are you staring at? Just a regular person, only with a ponytail. Maybe, she’s hungry? Citizen, take some dried sea roach, it’s salty. Don’t be shy. Use your teeth on it, your teeth. I’m the best person for finding things to calm people down. What’s happening in Malinovka? Gritsian is there with a gang. Flew in, says he’s going to marry me. Tomorrow’s the wedding. Citizen, I beg you, stop this wet business. Vasya, sea roach. Citizen, use your teeth, your teeth. -So, he wants to marry.
-And you? -And I say “no”.
-And him? -And he tried to kiss me.
-And you? I ran, and his lieutenant came after me. I hit him soundly on the back with a rake, and bang, right in half. -His back cracked in half?
-No, the rake. Oh how I love these conscientious citizens. -Now you’ll stay with us?
-No. I have my mom and Andreyka at home. -Andreya? Who’s Andreyka?
-That’s my future husband. Comrade commander, a girl from Malinovka. I heard everything. Just don’t tell anyone that you were here with us. -And mom?
-Especially mom. And Andreyka? Do you want to marry Andreyka? If so, not a word to him either. Andreyka.Oh wind, my wind
tell me, where are you going?You’re rushing all night.Tell me, wind
Winged comrade.Don’t you want to help a guy out?Fly my wind, Fly my windFly quickly, fly, don’t be lazy.And find my loved one
wherever you can.And bow down to her feet. Don’t sniffle. You’d better steal the horse from Balyasnoy and ride to Verblyuzhki. Irinka ran towards there. And while Gritsian is not here… Why I’ll… Eh, eh, just don’t do anything stupid. And remember, no matter where you meet any of us, don’t recognize us. And where from, where to, why – don’t tell anyone. And don’t be afraid of Gritsian. He’s no in Malinovka anymore. -He’s galoped to the monastery.
-I’m not afraid.-That’s good. I’ve been talking here, and you’re all cold and hungry. Well, guys, feed and warm this girl. Yes, sir. Let’s go. -What’s your name?
-Irinka. You’re a good person, Irinka.Other wealthy girls
Have houses full of chests.They have poplin, they have satin,
but they have an empty soul.My favorite girl is
without poplin, without satin.One like Irinka
we’ll take with us on mission.I would love to go on your mission with you,
but I have to go home.Stop in soon,
the whole village will greet you.The nightingale in the garden became quiet,
people are waiting for their sons.I’ll go into the field, finish my song.
I’ll tell about my love in it.We’ll find our happiness.
We’ll enter the future with it.There is no life more vibrant than ours.
We’ll share happiness and sorrow. The brigade is en route to Perekop. And we’re going to Malinovka. Our goal is to scout and at 24 hours join the brigade. -You will lead the column, Peter.
-What about you, Nazar Vasilievich? Me? I’m going directly. Gritsian is waiting for commander Chechil. -Understood?
-Understood. There we are. You’ll lead the column through the forest. You’ll exit there, by the river. And then along the bank to Malinovka. Understood. Malinovka. Why have you become so solemn, Nazar Vasilievich? This is my homeland, Peter. I remember my house, my wife, my daughter. You never told me about them. Where are they now? I don’t know. I tried to find out after the revolution but our village was burned to the ground. People fled where they could So I lost the tracks. There’s the solemn business, Peter. Well, ok. Listen, go now. It’s time for the men to rest. -And go to Malinovka at dawn.
-Yes, Nazar Vasilievich.Grew, grew in an open field,
A tall and flowery oak.And on that oak, amid the branches,
A nightingale sings ringing songs.He’s not afraid of dark pain,
Puts out his chest.You can tear it down,
but only with the roots.But you can’t bend it. Where were you? -I was looking for you.
-In Verblyuzhkah? Did mom tell you? She did. But you weren’t there. Where were you? Andreyka, repeat after me. “I promise” “I promise” -“Not to ask”…
-“Not to ask”… “Where you were”. That’s my big secret. You promise? I promise. So where were you?-Don’t look at me like an angry animal.
-Am I looking at you like an animal?-If you love me, then you trust me.
-I trust you and love you.But your Andreyka has to know
Where you were the whole night.Dare to ask me one more time,
And I’ll chase you away.For happiness, for our happiness,
If you want itDon’t ask me about anything.Don’t try to get anything out of me.For happiness, our happiness,
If we want it.Don’t ask me anything,
don’t try to get anything out of me.-I’ll be quiet until the very wedding.
-Well then listen to me.-It would be nice to get a horse.
-Why do you need a horse?Why, why, why,
will you tell me or not?I can’t tell you, Irina.
That’s my big secret.For happiness, for our happiness,
if you want it.Don’t ask me about anything,
don’t try to get anything out of me.For happiness, our happiness,
if we want it.Don’t ask me anything,
don’t try to get anything out of me. With your teeth, your teeth. Stop. I’ll shoot. Stop, I say. -Are you talking to me?
-Who else – not to myself. And foolish me is running.
It’s more convenient for me to stand. -What do you need, son.
-Give me your horse. A horse? Where am I going to find it,
when I don’t even have half of it? -You don’t?
-No. -Then, take off your boots.
-Boots? Take them off, I tell you. They’re thin, they ask for me for kasha. In my hut there’s another pair, all new. I’ll get them for you right now. Where do you think you’re going? Take off your boots.
Otherwise, bang, and you’re dead… Verstehen? Well, you could’ve said that at the beginning, there’s no need to yell. -I’m counting to three: Ein…
-Put away your shooter.-Zwei… Here, son, kindly wear them. They’re too small for you. They fit exactly. I’m just too big for them.
They’re good boots. Hands up. The power has shifted.
Take off the boots. Who can I take off the boots
with my hands up? -Take them off. Or I’ll kill you. One.
-You won’t kill me. -By God I will. Two.
-You won’t. -Why?
-It’s not loaded. That’s true. You’re a clever guy. Who are you? -Yashka.
-Just Yashka? Not just. I’m Yashka-the-artillerist. Third right on horseback, turn left. Battery, ready for battle. Barrel, fifteen, aim – 120. Battery, fire. Bang, bang – miss. I’m going from Austrian capture to my Haus. -What?
-Home. -They let you go?
-Ran away. -And have you been going for a long time?
-No, a year and half or so. Shoeless? No. Some bandit stole them from me this morning. Ha, a bandit. And yourself? An honest person took them from you, but from me – a bandit. That doesn’t make it easier for me. -Where’s your house?
-Not very far now. In Yankovka. -Is that over the hill?
-Yes, in a valley. There are gardens over the lake. And in the gardens pears grow. And on the pears there are pears like this. – And past the gardens – a river. And over the river – a little bridge.
– Which is missing two planks?
-Aha. So you’ve been there? -I’ve seen you somewhere.
-And I’ve seen you somewhere. Wasn’t it you who was peeking at the bathing girls? And they rolled you around naked in the nettle for that? -Past the windwill?
-Yes. -Where there’s a ravine?
-Yes. No, that’s not me. Wasn’t it you who was driving through Yankovka on a hay cart and fell asleep, while in the meantime someone stole your oxen? -Grey oxen?
-Aha. -One with a spot.
-No, that wasn’t me. -You’re lying.
-Wasn’t me. And wasn’t it you, when you were going to fight the Germans, who fell drunk from the bridge, and the ladies had to fish you out? -That was me.
-Countrymen! You know what, come home with me. I’ll give you boots a size larger. I wonder, how is it in Yankovka? Is everything quiet? Why be loud, when Vrangel burned Yankovka to the ground? Bastards. -Where can I go then?
-Don’t have anywhere? Hold on. Are you literate? -Who, me?
-Yes. Yes, I wrote love letters for my whole unit. You’re three-inch eyes, by accurately piercing my heart… -In a word, bang, bang – miss.
-OK. You can be my scribe. What do you mean? An artillerist becoming a scribe? -Well, a helper.
-Does a helper have a lot of work? -A lot.
-I can’t. Why? Poor health. I can’t be a helper. I need work where there’s less work. -I can be a commander.
-What, commander? It doesn’t matter to me. Maybe, of a garrison. What garrison? We only have ladies, though they are war-like. And you said you didn’t have one. Then there needs to be a commander. Well, ok, you can be a commander, and also a scribe. -OK, if it’s both, I can do it. Does that work?
-Yes. -Bang, bang… Verstehen?
-Of course. To our health, Yakov Aleksandrovich. I’m so glad, so glad that you came here. Now my Nechipor can have some help. Now we only have women. And you know what kind of people women are. For example, Tryndichiha. Tryndychiha, when she gets going, God knows, what she’ll do. Tryndychiha has a character, such that if Tryndychiha is rubbed the wrong way, -there will be no reasoning with Tryndychiha…
-Po-po-po-po-po… Don’t rush. Oh, as usual. Won’t let me get a word in edge-wise. Please eat, Yakov Aleksandrovich. I’m wondering, Garpina… Sorry, Garpina… Do… -Dormidontovna.
-Do-re-mi-dontovna. I’m wonder if you get migraines? No. We don’t get anyone, just boredom. Such boredom… I am officially announcing, as commander of the garrison, We won’t have boredom anymore. We’ll hit it, bang, bang – miss. -Danke Schon.
-What, what? -Thanks.
-You’re welcome. Please. Excuse me. I’m a well-travelled person. I dance. I know a lot of songs. -What songs do you know?
-Different ones. For example, “It’s all the same to me: to suffer or have enjoyment”. -It’s not the same to me.
-Ein moment. Here’s another one. Everyone says that I can be capricious,
Everyone says that I am in love with many. Ten I loved, forty I forgot,
One I cannot forget. -Do you dance the hopak?
-No, of course not. The hopak is not in style. I walked through all of Europe on foot and didn’t see anyone dancing the hopak once. Now some sort of outrageous thing is in style. It’s called “In two step”. “In two step”? -Interested?
-Aha. I can show you. Your hand, Bitte-Dritte. Get ready, Frau-Madam. I will give you your first lesson. You have to look up at the heavens. And then start jumping like a goat. Bravely now, straight-out.
With your figure – that’s chic. First like this, then like that.
Yes, I’m a master at dancing. Let’s continue, ein zwei drei.
Do you want to go faster? Doner bette, what’s this pain?
Right on my callus. Such dancing is not easy,
but more styling than the hopak. First like this, then like that.
Yes, I’m a master at dancing. What’s this statue doing here? Who are you? Why are you quiet, like a fish in ice? Who are you? Yes, I’m a wondering soldier, an infantryman on foot. Going to my hometown, near Kharkov. Hey, let’s go. You are arrested. -Did you say something?
-Well. Walk, walk. -Wait. Is that your organ?
-Aha. -Do you know how to press the keys right?
-Of course. Play something. Look, it’s a composer. Why don’t you compose something for me. So my soul expands, then contracts. -Do you know “For Odessa”?
-Try it.I lived in Odessa, swam in the Black Sea.Everyone on the beach knew me.
Sang couplets, knew how to play the guitar.I played with love jokingly.
The picture is clear, unhappy love.A passionate heart burns in my chest.
A clear picture, beautiful Odessa,And I can’t be with that Odessa. You’re a wunderkind. -What does that mean?
-God knows. Listen, soldier, and why have I become so smitten by you? OK, you can play at the wedding today. I can play. Who’s wedding is it? -Pan Chieftain Gritsian Tavricheskiy.
-Wow. Maybe you haven’t heard of him? No, what do you mean, haven’t heard of him? That’s the best chieftain in the whole region. If he gets a machine gun, no one is safe. What, what, what – do you think we don’t have machine guns? We have so many… They’re listening in, bastards. Let’s go… Listen… Do you know how many machine guns we have? We have a whole lot – seven. Really? I am myself a machine-gunner. -Do you know how to fix them?
-Depends on what. Three are fine, but the other three… One’s jammed, the other one jumps like crazy. And the third, bastard, shoots at its own side. And the seventh one, without telling Pan Chieftain, I traded for these pants. Take a look. How pretty they are… huh? Listen, soldier, and why am I so smitten by you? -God knows.
-Join our gang. I will make you a protege. No – many thanks, though. I’ve already fought enough. And then, us old men keeping up with you guys. No. No. Our guys are world-class. Animals, like me. No, no. The division – excellent. Of course, it’s not full, but like… we could probably count 150 mugs. We had more, of course, but since Pan Chieftain does not have any gold in reserve, the guys started running in all directions. And they’re right, too. If things continue this way, I’ll also start running in all directions. The whole division is drinking alcohol in the monastery, and I alone am forgotten, abandoned. The wedding is this evening, here. You’ll make it lively. Just make sure you don’t stand us up. Or I’ll rip your head off and say it was like that when we met. Listen, and why am I so smitten? One-two, one-two! Down the river,
down the wide one.A gray drake is swimming.
Three villages, two villages.Eight girls, one of me,
Where the girls go – so do I.In place. One-two, one-two.
Batallion, halt. One-two. Halt. Around. At ease. Move aside.
You can dust off and have a smoke. We don’t smoke. Yakov Aleksandrovich, you, as the boss, must know. Will the war end soon? I’m wondering, for what reason Are you asking this untimely question? We want our men back, Yakov Aleksandrovich. -Who are you? Where from?
-Coming from the war. You’ll go to the chancellery and fill out a form. -Wait, wait, wait, soldier.
-Soldier. Play something.The wide step is smoking from the firesSongs are scattered with ashes, not lightBut with wings outspread, like a boisterous birdThe soldier’s song flies over the land.And quietly a soldier will look at what’s under the heavensGreeting a harsh spring dawnAnd the field listens to the soldier’s songGreetings from a native, far-away heart. -Is she also a soldier?
-A widow. She’s not from here.And somewhere ring hoof-beats, uninterrupted.
The corn is trampled, the grass is smoking.-The soldier’s heart is pierced by shrapnel.
-Let me drink. What’s with you, soldier, are you sick? I’m tired. I’m coming from far away. The music is appropriate. The chieftain himself will marry her daughter. Daughter?Oh, under the moon, under the moon.
By a happy fate.By a happy herd
A horse was romping freely.By a happy herd
A horse was romping freely.You romp, romp, my horse.
Finally they’ll catch you. Neighbor, let me pass. The Kotovtsi are riding in. Mom. The Reds. -Yashka.
-Yes. Boss, the power is shifting. Get off. Say something on behalf of all of us. Our dear comrades have come. They’ve come, our dears. Our dears have come. Gritsian’s gang is operating in the Malinovka region. At this time it is in the monastery. There have been no incidents in the battalion under my command. None killed, none wounded, none sick. Commander of the Malinovka garrison, Yakov Aleksandrovich Boiko. By need, commander of the garrison, but by regular job – scribe. -I do both. Verstehen?
-Verstehen. -Hello, comrades.
-Hello. Our dears. Why are you crying, heart of mine? How can I not cry? It’s been 35 years since I’ve kissed a guy. Please, take this. Thank you. So have you girls missed the guys? Haven’t they been too long in the saddle? Comrade commander, chieftain Fatir Balyasniy is somewhere around here. -Go watch the monastery.
-Yes. So, how is it, Peter? Nazar Vasilievich, we have to grant his wish. So, you’re an artillerist, you say? Where’s the cannon? I was an artillerist, but the cannon we… bang, bang, and… Verstehen? Put him into the squad. -Let’s go.
-Thank you. Come out. I’m as cold as the sea floor. Run to the monastery. Tell Gritsian, that they’re only 31 people. 25 are strolling around and 6 are on patrol. Two machine guns. He can chop them up like cabbage. -What’s that on you?
-It’s a suit. Let me try it on. You’ve worn it some, now let someone else wear it. Oh, how nice. As if it were made for me. I’d rather die, than marry Gritsian. The squad will lay in ambush. We need this wedding for our common cause. Don’t be afraid, we won’t let any harm come to you. I will also be there, but remember, daughter, that you don’t know me. You wouldn’t let your daughter do something like this. For you, like for my own, I would rip anyone’s throat out. -Do you believe me?
-I do. Here no one, no one will hear my complaints.Even if I did not
keep them locked in my heart.Don’t fog up my vision, tears,
Don’t torment me, grief.Is it true that dishonor awaits
a poor girl?Here no one, no one will hear my complaints.Even if I did not
keep them locked in my heart.Don’t fog up my vision, tears,
Don’t torment me, grief.-Is it true that I await.
-I await dishonor? Your hand, bitte-dritte. Battalion, barrel – 15, aim – 120, prepare to dance. The marriage won’t be just some sort of wedding, it’ll be special. Come in, people, I’ll feed you kasha. -I don’t eat kasha.
-But it’s with butter. I only eat it with milk. To me, it’s all the same, you could even make it with horseradish. Just come on, I’m telling you, asking you politely. Welcome a dear guest. Fur. March, quickly to horse! Comrade commander. Sorry grandpa, no time, the bandits are on the move. -What is this, then?
-You, grandpa, don’t worry. Goodbye. Ok, goodbye, goodbye. You’ll see my signal, I’ll do it with the electric light from the window, and you’ll set this bale on fire. Yes, will do. Faster, come on. The power is shifting again. We’ll go to battle bravely.
For Soviet power. And we’ll die as one in the struggle for it. They left. I’m too late. And I baked them treats. Maybe you’ll try some? -With pleasure.
-Here’s one with poppy seeds. -I like it with flair.
-They left, and you, it seems, remain. Stay, Yakov Aleksandrovich. You, only you, remind me of my dark-haired my beloved, faultless Howitzer. And where is your beloved, dark-haired? Fell in unequal battle. So you’re a widower, Yakov Aleksandrovich? -Oy.
-What’s with you, Yakov Aleksandrovich? Individual contussion. You’re three-inch eyes, by accurately piercing my heart have ignited a fire-breathing fire in my heart. Bang, bang – and bulls-eye. Oh, I’ve walked my fill over foreign lands. Oh, I was dreaming of my homeland. I walked through forests, walked at night. I love it here and I am happy to see you. Oh, zehr gut. Pardon, madam. Oh how we’ll live on our own land A nightingale will start singing You’re in my dreams, my dreams at night. My heart alone will tell your everything. So, it’s fated for us to find love, as well. You’ll fall in love and won’t ever regret it The day and the night pass, but two loved ones remain together. Work, worry, all is shared by both. And their happy years run forward like water. Like a long road suddenly leads to happiness, all troubles will be forgotten with you, my friend. You’ll fall in love and won’t ever regret it The day and the night pass, but two loved ones remain together. Well, what’s with you? Let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go. Did you meet the Kotovtsi? -Met them.
-Get up. Get up. Why are you mad? -You offered bread and salt to Kotovskiy?
-I offered. Keep standing. And why didn’t you greet me with bread and salt? They came in like people, and you just flew in. -Flew in? And did they flee?
-Rode away. Yes, against me, 500, 1000, 1500, and they’ll still run away. -But they rode away.
-Oh, is that how you are? -Papandopola.
-I’m here, Grisha. I’m here. Flog him 25 times. Always me, always me. Boys, come on, do it. Ladies, what is this? Gridko. -Let grandpa go.
-Don’t get angry, let him go. -Release him.
-Release him. For you, Irina, I am stooping to do something unfair. Lead my bride to the bedchamber so she can change before the wedding. Red-head, help. Can do. Come on, let’s go. Oh, Grish, and why am I so smitten? -Irinochka.
-Get back. A fried chick,
A steamed chick, A chick also wants to live. Daughter, why are you doing this? We could hide you, save you. No need for that, mom. I am doing this of my own free will. -And Andreyka?
-Don’t talk to me about Andreyka. Get dressed. Well, quickly! Marusik. Pan Chieftain Gritsian Tavricheskiy invites you all to the palace. Eh, Marusik. There, there! Excuse me, Pan Chieftain, as per your order we have for the wedding phenomenal music due to this here wunderkind. Press the keys. Sell the goods. Composer.Well, let’s dance,
Well, let’s make a bigger circle.Well, let’s show our people,
Well, let the heels ring.Well, miss,
Don’t save the soles.Well, so one gets hot
even watching. E-eh! Nazar. Hold on, something’s not right here. I’m not Nazar. You made a mistake, soldier. No, no. I’ve been waiting 15 years, I must have imagined it. Papandopola. -What, Grish?
-Search him. Well, show your pockets. Whoa. What are you doing, you, composer? You, oy… Grisha. He’s hitting me, Grisha. Hold him. By the power of Baron Wrangel, Senior Captain Chechil. Grisha, do you have a stamp? Yes. Chieftain Gritsian Tavricheskiy. Finally, he’s arrived. And now, when Baron Wrangel is leading hard battles against the Red Army. You’re hidden in the rear and profit from banditry. Silence. Not everything is lost, my hawks. To your chieftain Gritsian Tavricheskiy. Hurrah! -To our victory!
-Hurrah! Papandopola. Wine.The time has come,
I’m burning as if on fire.I am talking to you, my dear, about love.Well, caress me,
be bolder with me.Devil take you. Devil take you.
Devil take you.I’m looking at you, you’re so awkward.You just look into my eyes with a plea and melancholy.Regardless, dear friend, stay with me.So be it, devil take you. devil take you. devil take you. -Listen, is this real?
-Silver. Yeah? Sell it, eh? -How could I.
-I’ll give you one hundred million. -They’re old, it’s Catherine.
-What do you mean, they’re current. Here’s the signature and the stamp. Minister of Finance and Adjutant Papandopola of Odessa. Here you go, one hundred million. Listen, take them all. I can draw myself some more. I won’t sell it, leave me alone. There’s Andreyka. -To the bride of Pan Chieftain!
-Hurrah! -Do you know who this is?
-I know. That’s the commander of the Kotovtsi, mom. You don’t know everything, daughter. That’s your father. Give it back, you hear, give it back. I’ll still kill Gritsian. You’ll destroy Irinka and yourself. I can feel it in my heart, that’s not Chechil. Let’s go to the monastery, put a knife to his throat, then we’ll find out. If it’s not, we’ll bury him alive. You’d better look at my new bride. -She’s only rich in her ponytail.
-I know. I’ll make her a laughing-stock. I’ll tar the gates, cut her braids with my sword, so the fame of the Malinovskaya wedding will ring around the world. Make merry, gang. Grisha, give me an answer to one doubt. Did you see how that Wrangel-mug was hitting me in the mug? -If it only were from Wrangel…
-Yes, but… in my mug. Grisha. -And I’ll say that’s how I found it. Grisha.
-Leave me alone. Make merry, my good guys. Make merry, make merry. Give back the suit. What are you doing, you robber? You bandit. Robbing your own? Father of a bastard. You’re standing guard, you bandit. -Smetana.
-Don’t go near it. There are bombs inside. What are you talking about? It’s me, Papandopola. Listen, I don’t like something about this regime. I can feel in my soul that we’re at the dawn of some grandiose raid. -Who were you in peace-time?
-I had many specialties. For which I was wanted by the criminal division of the Odessa police. And who were you during peace-time? I worked in the police force. Don’t worry. We don’t arrest our own. Hey, hands up. Well, move your feet. Well! So you say there are bombs inside? This is my dresser! Oh you thief, you bandit. This is all mine. All yours. Am I not people? -Put away the little knife.
-I’ll stick you. Put away the knife. You’ll make a hole, then won’t be able to fill it up. -Let’s do it fairly. In half.
-And you won’t cheat? You know me. Alright, this is for you. This is for me. This is for you again.
This is back to you. This is always for you. Why are you grabbing? Why are you grabbing? No, I don’t wear things in this style. Did I give myself too little? Fair? Pan Chechil, we’ll finish celebrating the wedding, and in the morning we’ll go to a quiet place. -We’ll have a good time there.
-Thank you. Everything Baron Wrangel has is English. A present to Pan Chieftain Tavricheskiy. Thank you. Stop, enough. To the monastery. Listen, Irinka, let’s go to the bedchamber. We’ll rest, then go to the monastery. Irinka, let’s go. Get used to obedience. -Hold on. You promised it would be fair.
-I did. Red-head. -Is there some sort of priest around?
-There is. -Give him here.
-It’s impossible. Oh, damn! Pan Chieftain, the horses are standing drunk, the guys are saddled. I’ll kill you. Oh, Grisha. And why did I used to be so smitten by you? Where are you, Maryusa? With whom are you strolling? You’ve cheated on me, and you’re biting him. -Mom.
-Let her go. Go away. I’ll kill you. Let her go. Hold her. Nazar. The Kotovtsi are coming! The Kotovtsi! She’s not from my battalion. Halt! -Oh, Frau-Madam.
-Last word. I give up. Of my free will. Listen, and why am I so smitten? It’s time for me to go. To horse. -Don’t rush.
-Verstehen. Oh, under the moon, under the moon.
By a happy fate. By a happy herd
A horse was romping freely. By a happy herd
A horse was romping freely. You romp, romp, my horse.
Finally they’ll catch you. Oh, they’ll catch you, saddle you.
Oh, how they will saddle you. The power doesn’t shift anymore!

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