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Nikita Mikhalkov present a Nikolai Lebedev movie LEGEND №17 Danila Kozlovski Oleg Menshikov Vladimir Menshov,
Roman Madyanov Svetlana Ivanova,
Alejandra Grepi Boris Shcherbakov,
Aleksander Yakovlev Aleksander Lobanov, Valentin Smirnitski,
Todd Jenssen, Getz Otto with the participation of Daniel Olbrychski,
Nina Usatova, Javier Alcina, Nikita Emshanov And of Aleksander Kharlamov
and Aleksander Ragulin Spain, 1956 Have you seen it? A bird is a good omen. – A bird is a good omen!
– A bird is a good omen. Valera, calm down. Stand still. Why is it OK for Tanya
and not for me? Because she’s nice and you aren’t. You might fall down. Begonia, why do you have to leave?
Stay here. They took you to the Soviet Union
because of the war. There was no other way. Everybody was taking their
kids away then. But it was 20 years ago, there is
no war now and almost everyone is back. Your kids like it here. Stay, little sister. Don’t torture me, Jose.
My husband is waiting for me in Moscow. I can’t stay and you know it. Come with us, Jose! I can’t. My sister came to visit me. Produced by Leonid Vereshchagin,
Anton Zlatopolski, Nikita Mikhalkov Now the bravest ones are going
to run with the bulls. – Where are you going?
– I’ll be right back. Valera! You’re going to miss everything.
Look, they’re here! Valera! Valera! My boy!
Valera! Son! Thanks God, you’re alive! Give me the damn dog.
I’ll give you hell for that! Thank you, Jose. What were you waiting for? You should have grabbed him
by the horns and thrown him out. I can’t. Why can’t you? I’m just a kid. Whether you are a kid or not,
what you can and cannot do is always up to you. When you find what you really love,
you’ll be amazed by what you are capable of. And how can I find what I love? It will find you. Hey, sissy!
Wearing Mommy’s scarf? – What the hell are you doing?
– And you? Hey, hey! Calm down! – What’s up?
– And you, what’s up? Valera! Mom! Moscow, 1967. Junior teams CSKA – Spartak – Don’t you see what’s going on?
– Don’t panic, it’s OK. Break, break!
Two minute penalty. – Why me? He started it!
– The same for you two. Mom, he got it. – He nearly lost an eye!
– He has one more. Sit down. – Why are you messing with him?
– Two minute penalty. What’s the matter? I’m open! Hey Goose, don’t teach me to play hockey.
Go get yourself a new tooth or something. Just settle down, will you! Why doesn’t his coach do anything?
Look, even the other one is better than him. Do you mean Bobrov from Spartak?
He’s a good coach. But Kulagin is no worse
and he’s working with Tarasov. Look, look! He’s here. Who’s that? Who? It’s Tarasov,
the coach of CSKA. – And of the national team.
– Yes, and of the team. He’s the second toughest Soviet guy
after marshal Zhukov. – Come on, brother, what about…
– Lenin’s no contest. Look, Tarasov’s here. There are these two guys
that I told you about. – In the penalty box.
– Are you kidding me? Have you seen the Canadians?
Their chess players are tougher than that. Look closer.
Guskov is a very promising defenseman. The other one, number 17,
is a prodigy. The pace, the deke, the shot! What are you doing? I’m just thinking what an idiot
I am to sit here! Now both teams are playing
at full strength. I’m here!
I’m open! – Loser.
– He missed. Number 17. What do you think? Come on, Goose, it’s OK. OK?
Screw you! Hard to score by yourself, right? Nobody wants to play. I have to do it all by myself. I get you. We’ve got a friendly game
going on in Japan and there’s no one to go. – What do you mean?
– Nobody wants to play. I guess I should pick up
the stick myself. No, I want to, I can. – What’s your name?
– Kharlamov. – And you’re ready to go to Japan?
– Anywhere. – How about your friend?
– You bet. Wanna go, Goose? Sure.
Where to? It’s been confirmed.
We’re leaving the day after tomorrow. We have to be at the
airport by 3 p.m. Anywhere, you said? You’d better not lie to me. Goose… I don’t get it.
Are we really going to Japan? Attention, please.
Passengers from flight 245 from Moscow to… Some ice cream? How much? – 11 kopecks.
– Give me two, please. Here you go. Here. Are you nuts?
It’s freezing. All right. More for me. Valera, let’s go home. He was joking. No, he wasn’t.
He said he’ll be here at 3 p.m. Wait a bit. – Happy New Year, guys!
– Keep moving. Happy New Year, comrades! Come here. Anyone speaks Japanese? Hello, Anatoli Vladimirovich. Tarasov.
You see? No joking! Please, help me!
I have to carry my trunk to the bus stop. OK, but quickly. This way. What are you doing? – Are you flying somewhere?
– Valera! Yeah. Really?
Where? To Japan. Cool. I just got back from Murmansk,
from my internship. I’m so scared of flying, I was holding on to this man
next to me all the way long. Here’s my bus. Thank you so much! – Be careful.
– Thank you. I really enjoyed talking to you. Have a nice flight. Tickets, please. Come here, quickly! – Hi, guys.
– That’s more like it. Where are you going, figure skaters? Japan. – Really?
– Yeah. Why not? There’s another two heading to Japan. Hello. No, guys, you’re going to Chebarkul. They are waiting for you there.
I’ve made the arrangements. Wait! – What the hell is Chebarkul?
– It’s a town in the Ural Mountains. They have a decent team there,
Zvezda, a good coach. Play there for a bit,
learn a few things. But what about Japan? Well, I got a few folks
together for Japan too. They’re going to close the check-in. It’s Chebarkul for you.
OK. Good luck, figure skaters! I’m not going. There’s even a band. Nice. Chebarkul, 1968 OK, let’s go. Where can we find Zvezda,
the hockey team? What?
Zvezda? Never heard of it. Heard the latest? Zimchik, this moron,
is hitting on Natasha again. Screw them both.
She’s not my girlfriend. Hi there. You can tell Tarasov guys
at first glance. Young lions, fresh blood. You’re what Zvezda
has been dying for. Now our little team is gonna shine.
Am I right? Let’s go to war. Here’s how we do it: we get them bothered,
crush their defense. – Am I right?
– Yeah. That’s the way. You know what to do.
No need to tell you. Let’s fight them, guys! Napoleon. Listen. We score once and hold
out for a draw. You got it? But why? That’s the best way to stick
in the middle of the scoreboard. Don’t you wanna win? What for? OK, we’ll be in the first league,
we’ll have to work our asses off. We’ve been there. The more you work,
the more they ask from you. We don’t need that here. I’m not doing that. Fine. What a sight! Your number is 17,
not even 16. Do you think you’re a sports star?
Want us to bow down before you? – I just want to play.
– Me too. And I want to win,
but at life, not on ice. Things are solid here. – Right, guys?
– Right. – That’s what winning is about.
– OK, let’s go. – To our victory!
– Cheers. Why are you doing this? We were counting on you. Well done. OK. Mom, I’m all right. – What?
– I said I’m all right! Why are you lying to me? What are you talking about? Something’s wrong. Everything’s fine. Why don’t you play? What?
I do, I make scores. Who knows you better? – Me or yourself?
– Everything’s fine. – I can come to see you if you want to.
– Mom! – Hello!
– I can’t hear you. I’ll call you back. – Did they cancel the practice?
– What? Did they cancel the training? Can’t say. Usually nobody’s here
the day after the game. Since when? Since always They must be at the restaurant now. Good luck. Valera, come here! Look who’s here! Why did you bring your stick?
Are you crazy? Why didn’t you come
to the practice? What practice?
Everybody’s here. – Do you have to practice now?
– Hello. – Take it easy.
– Is it yours? Yeah. So big… When I was a kid I could
do the splits. Could you? Good morning, comrades. Get ready for some new exercises. Stand up straight. Inhale.
Mark time march! One, two, three, four… Wake up, Goose. Where did these gals come from? Don’t ask me. I remember nothing. What’re you up to? Come on, Goose, don’t be a wimp. – Stop it! I’m done.
– Come on! Follow me. Come on! Stop, please! Keep up! – Valera!
– Come on, Goose! Wow, that’s beautiful!
We’re going further? Yeah. Not that way. Up there, on the tower. What? Up that cable, hand over hand,
how’s that for a workout? Screw you! You chicken!
Figure skater! Me, a figure skater? Hold fast! Come on! We’re done. What the hell? I’m just thinking what
an idiot I am! Why am I here? You scared me. What’re you planning to do? Do you still dream about CSKA,
about the national team? To play against the Canadians,
to see the world, to show yourself? Do we have to discuss
it right now? We have no future,
we’re scum! We’ll end up in a trash can,
do you understand? Are you crazy? Calm down! 10 years of training, all our dreams,
was it for nothing? You’ll kill us both! I’d rather die than “hold out for a draw”
and lick some losers’ asses! Do you want to live? Yeah! So let’s move, Goose! Move it! – I’ll kill you when I get you!
– Come on! Well done! Goal! Pass him over from the right! Well done! Carry on! Yes! They’re good! Look at him!
Is he for real? Well done! Valera, you’re cool!
You’re amazing! Help yourself!
Let’s celebrate! This is homemade. – Nice!
– Fill them up, don’t be shy! I like it! Roll up, guys! – Mom, I’m OK!
– Really? Really, I like it here. I’m scoring 7 goals every game! We are in the first league now,
we’ll fight CSKA soon! – Wonderful.
– Yeah. I’ll come to see you. Did you like Japan? Well, Chebarkul,
let’s kick Moscow’s ass! He’s a big boy now,
that number 17. Yeah, he’s a golden boy. 34 goals this season. Yeah, I heard it. Mikhailov, what’re you doing here?
Your area is unprotected! Kharlamov, wake up!
Go there! That’s what I’m talking about! That’s what I’m talking about!
Good job, guys! – Do you hear me?
– Yeah. Thank you for the game! Carry on! A draw with CSKA is better than any victory!
That’s how we have to play! One more thing. Kharlamov is moving to Moscow. Tarasov is taking him. Get some rest, people. This is as it should be. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to Tarasov,
he’s a great guy. Right, you already did once. Listen, he saw you playing. Now that he values me he won’t say no. You’re not AWOL, you’re on a legal leave. It doesn’t hurt to try. Moscow, 1968 Wow! Take my bag. – What?
– Come on, Goose! Get up, Begunov!
Don’t lay down! Come on, move it,
you milksops! – Time is up.
– Come on, think fast! That’s not fair, is it? As soon as some player comes to light,
the next moment he’s in the Army club, he plays for your CSKA. What do you want from me? I don’t want anything, but your odd way of forming a team is
worrying the hockey federation. I don’t want to discuss my ways and please don’t annoy me with
this stupid federation. It distracts me from my training. What did you say? – Stupid federation?
– Yes. – Should I tell them so?
– Tell them exactly that. That’s all.
Have a good day. Hello, Anatoli Vladimirovich! Oh, Chebarkul! I’m not alone, I’m with Goose!
I mean, with Guskov. We work together: he assists, I score. – Well, you’ve seen it yourself.
– What have I seen? Guskov. Can you take him too? Can you take him too? It would be weird if
I’m with CSKA and he’s in Chebarkul. – And you’re with CSKA?
– Nonsense, indeed. Why nonsense? I’m still not sure about you.
Come tomorrow, we’ll see. Wait, I came all the way from Chebarkul.
You sent for me. I left my team. If you left something important in Chebarkul,
you should definitely go back there. At what time does
Alfer begin his training? It depends.
At 11, usually. Fine, you still have time to catch a plane. Otherwise you both be here tomorrow at 7. Can I help, dad? Take it easy, son, we’ll manage. Well, let’s see, my nephew is with CSKA now? Damn it, Tarasov himself sent for him! How about it… He can never beat the
Canadians anyway. Bite your tongue!
Come here, read it, four-eyes. Valera,
why don’t you unpack your bag? Nothing’s decided yet. Let me speak to your Tarasov. No, mom.
We need him alive. All right! It’s working! One day we’ll see our Valera
playing for the national team. Yeah.
Right, son? Raise the bars, higher! Carry them like you carry
your girlfriends! Go, go, faster! Are you tired or what?
Faster, faster! When do we go? Just sit here and watch. We’ve seen it all. Then watch again.
People pay 3 rubles to watch CSKA. At least he isn’t
sending us back. Yet. He’s messing with us.
We’ll just sit here till autumn. He said that I can join
the others tomorrow. Who? Tarasov. When did he say it? A minute ago. What about me? He said nothing about you. Right. Learn, Petrovich. Young man, what are you
doing down there? Practicing. And what did your coach
tell you to do? To watch. Well, hop it! Hello, Boris Pavlovich. Hi. It’s good to work
together again. Work together? I’m sort of a regular viewer here. Just sitting and thinking
what a fool I am. What does he want from me? I’ve been working with him for 20 years now
and still I don’t understand him. But he always knows what he wants. Maybe I should go back to Chebarkul? I’ve seen you fighting your Zeus. You’re stubborn,
you can bite the bullet! Balashov,
The Party Central Committee. Need a ride? Thank you, I’ll walk. Are you upset? Don’t mind him, Tarasov isn’t the only coach in USSR. I can help you if you want to. Thank you. Let’s take five. Look, I pass him over,
turn back and pass to the right. Kharlamov! Take a bucket. Pick up the pucks, please. It’s still better than sitting. – You’re not moving much either.
– Do you want to switch places? That’s a good idea, actually. Slava, go away. Kharlamov, give me the bucket. Stand in the net. Give him the stick. Get up! Remember, each player must know
how to keep the goal, whether he’s a goalee, a defenseman
or a forward from Chebarkul. Ragulin goes first,
the others follow. What does it mean? We’ll hurt the kid. Come on! Sorry, brother. Stop squirming like a worm! Keep the goal! Keep it with your whole body like your kids
or your motherland! Stop it! What? Correct me if I’m wrong:
did you ask to stop? I didn’t mean it. Well, my dear friends,
we just nearly lost the magnificent Kharlamov. But, fortunately, he’s with us again.
Go on practicing! You don’t feel pain! Cheer up! You’re OK,
you’re in hockey! Everybody, take his place in turn! Are you OK? Hang in there.
You have to be strong. I think Tarasov… He’s an asshole, he’s a sadist!
I hate him! He can’t play anymore and
he’s just getting off on this! Old faggot! Tarasov came here to call you
for the practice tomorrow. I don’t give a damn what you
think about my training. I don’t give a damn
what you think about me. – Right, Kharlamov? – Right you are.
– Keep moving! But remember,
I need strong men. Smirnov and Podberetski came first. That gets them another kilometer. The same for all of you.
Go on! I need iron men,
stronger than the Canadians! Muscles of steel, nerves of steel,
mind of steel. I don’t need words,
I need action. A man always imagines that he can do less
than he actually is capable of. Do you hate Tarasov? That’s good. Students often hate their teachers. Some even betray them. When will they announce a
goal by Valeri Kharlamov? No rush, dad. What are you waiting for?
You have to smash them! And you’re just watching. Canadians are a different story. You know what?
People pay 3 rubles to watch CSKA. Son… Valera… Well, dear listeners, this electrifying game between
CSKA and Spartak is nearly over. Will it end in a tie? Let’s give a chance to
the little milksop, huh? Before he goes sour. It’s long past time to do it. Kharlamov, get ready!
Firsov! Vikulov! Show us what you can do. We have only a minute left! That’s 60 seconds. That’s enough for a good puck
to fly as far as Vladivostok. Change! What’s your name, shorty? Wrong place, mate. Go on, son! Valera! A nice goal by a CSKA player,
Valeri Kharlamov, number 17! My name is Kharlamov. Got it? CSKA won 3–2. Valera… Yeah. Come here. Well, a decent goal. Nicely put. But you saw this mess. What mess? I thought I scored. What if you did?
The line doesn’t work. I have no team. See? Basically you don’t suit
Vikulov and Firsov. Maybe I’ll give them Polupanov. Will it work? Yeah, I think,
it will. OK, then. And you stay in the box for a while. Anatoli Vladimirovich… Aribot Abbad Hermann, or simply
Begonia, I’m a passionate hockey fan. I saw your game recently, and there
was an amazing player there. Kharlamov, I think. I just wanted to ask you why
doesn’t he play more often. That’s a tough question.
In the bus, quickly! All of you! Wait, wait!
It’s a crime not to give him
a chance to play. It’s an affront to the
hockey and to his family. The best player can’t stay in the box! I will consider it. I knew you would understand.
Because you’re a great coach. Take it, it’s the best pie in all of Spain.
I’m glad that we settled it. What? We didn’t settle anything. No, take it. – I did bake it. And I have your word.
– Let me go. Where are you going to? How long will you torment him?! Some
losers do play but not the best player! How many of them do you have on ice?
Five or six? Let them be seven! – Who cares?!
– Now I will never let him play! – Open the door! He made
– 36 scores last season! They printed his photo
in the Soviet Sport Journal!
All the country loves him! Do you know her? Son… Begonia… What the.. Goodbye. Go for your Spaniard. Valera! You forgot your stick. Valeri, I was looking for you. What a goal you made! Fantastic.
A piece of art. I just keep telling everybody:
«Now we have a forward». What’s going on?
Why did he suspend you again? You’re obviously gifted. You have to find another team. Any
coach will be happy to have you. Bobrov from Spartak, for example.
I’ll talk to him. How can he keep you in the box? We have to go to the Sports Committee
and tell them what’s going on. Young guys are wasting their energy
and health because of this tyrant. And he doesn’t care. He’ll find some other
kids and you’ll be out. And what is a young player to do?
To drive a taxi? The day of these Stalinists is gone. Well, no need to mention
Stalinists at the Committee. But otherwise I get it right, huh? All right then. Think about Spartak or Dinamo. Can I sit here? You can sit anywhere. OK, go ahead. I remember you. We met at the airport.
You were going to Japan.
Are you going again somewhere? I believe I am. Where to? I don’t know. Maybe back to Japan. What? – You’re sad today.
– Why do you think so? I don’t know.
It seems that you need to be saved. What I need is to be dried. We’re closing in 15 minutes. I failed an exam.
I don’t want to go home. What do you do? Me? I’m a taxi driver. Taxi driver?
Good job. Well, yeah. But I don’t
want to be any taxi driver. I want to be the best
taxi driver in the world. The best in the world?
What’s the problem? Thing is, you know… Our boss puts spokes in my wheels. Now they are saying I should
go to another taxi company. Maybe I should just do it? So what’s next? What? With your exam. Sorry. I’ll try again. I’m stubborn. I got a C, and I wanted to get an A. And then I found out that
everybody but me got a D.
Everything’s relative. Maybe you are the best, but
you don’t know it yet. No, I’m not the best.
It’s a scientific fact. Well, you have all your
life ahead of you. The main thing is to be honest,
not to sell vodka to your clients and to learn to be happy. You make it sound so simple. I can’t think like that. What you can or cannot do
is always up to you, isn’t it? All right, CSKA! Are you ready? Yes, sir. Let’s sit down for luck. All right. This is a live broadcast
from the Moscow Ice Arena. Get ready! Mikhailov! Petrov! And Kharlamov! Valera, go on ice! – What?
– Wake up! On ice! Change! We see a new line of CSKA forwards. Anatoli Tarasov made a curious choice. Camera 1 on air. Attention! – Camera 3, give me a close shot of number 17.
– Varlamov. I’m sorry, Kharlamov. Bad luck, number 17,
that must have hurt. But wait, number 17 is
back in the action! Camera 3, keep an eye on that number 17! Quick as lightning, he is going with the
more experienced Mikhailov and Petrov. Perfect combination. Wonderful passes. Just look how they get each other! CSKA is attacking. Shot! And goal! Yes! We haven’t seen such a fast
and coordinated play in ages! Let’s remember this line:
Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov.
The young Tarasov guys. The goal by Valeri Kharlamov, number 17. Mother, look what your son is doing! I don’t care.
He’s a Tarasov guy now. Moscow Ice Arena. Valeri Kharlamov, a pupil of the
famous Tarasov, scores another goal. Now the game is decided. This brilliant line attacks again! Valeri Kharlamov, #17,
got some serious skills. This player thinks outside the box. And here’s the hard-won victory. CSKA is a national champion. The heroes
receive their well-deserved rewards. It’s a shame that Canadian professionals
never enter the World cup. They are considered the
best players in the world. The dream of all the fans is to see
the Soviet team fighting NHL players. This would be the biggest
ice battle ever. Valeri Kharlamov deserved his
position in the national team. He easily became the best
forward of the championship. – How can you treat our Mom like this?
– Why should I say sorry? Maybe she should? You know how proud she is. I’m proud too. Need a ride? No. Wow! Cool! For your new home! Please, meet Mr. Giraffe.
We’ve been friends since 8th grade. I don’t think he likes me. Well, he supports the Canadians
like all the giraffes. I see. Mr. Kharlamov, can I take a picture with you? Sure. Moscow, 1971 Please. Girls, look! Kharlamov! Hello. Can I have your autograph? Yeah. And for me too. And for me. Can you sign me this? You could be in this team. Janusz Potowicki. NHL, Canada. Valeri Kharlamov. Can we talk for a minute? NHL, Canada? – I’m sorry.
– Please. You speak Russian? As you can see.
I’m glad we finally met. You’re a big star. It’s hard
to be the best of the best. Although to be the best of the
Soviets isn’t a big thing. But still… You’re harsh to the champions of the world. You’re the champions only
because our guys never play. You’re a decent player,
you have no future here. You’re being used. And you should play with the best
of the best: Esposito, Orr, Hull. Do you have a slightest idea
how much you earn in Canada? One and 6 zeros. Not bad, isn’t it? I’ve always wanted to play
with your Canadians,
and to kick your asses. You’re funny. I like it. You stand no chance
against the Canadians. I doubt it.
Our hockey is universally respected. Here’s a secret: you’re not respected, you’re feared. They respect us. They are afraid. To hell with politics! You speak Russian too well for a foreigner. I’m from Poland. So you’re a Pole? I’m a Canadian from Poland. Good evening. Sorry for the delay, Mr. Potowicki. But I have good news. We have a meeting
in the Sports Committee tomorrow. Dinner is being served in
one of the private rooms. Good evening. Hi, Valera. I can see that you’re hitting
off with our foreign guest. Will you join us? No, thanks. Nice to meet you. Likewise.
Think of my offer. I’m sorry. Did you choose anything? You know, I liked the cafe
where we first met better. I hope we’ve come to an agreement. Let’s call it the Super Series. NHL stars against
Soviet world champions. Keep it as a souvenir of Russian hockey. And this is our famous team. Thank you. Goodbye. Goodbye As if we asked for trouble. Right. If we agree it will end in disaster.
NHL is NHL. I trained a team that
can win against any opponent. You have to be more
humble, comrade Tarasov. Your team is made of
your CSKA pets only. By the way, comrade Tarasov,
why don’t you accept more
players from other clubs? From Spartak, for instance. It’s Leonid Ilyich
Brezhnev’s favorite club. And their Bobrov is an amazing coach. Yes, he’s good. And you have nothing but tyranny in CSKA. You shouldn’t say so. Do you know that NHL
is recruiting our players? Can you tell names? I insist that the team spirit is low. Young players complain
of wasting their forces. Do you have proofs? I do. Show them. I will. Make no doubt. Let’s cool down. What? Make a statement, we’ll investigate.
Am I right? And send us a copy. Sure. We’ll reinforce our team with other
clubs’ players and fight the Canadians! If something goes wrong,
we’ll pay dearly for it. And you’ll lose your head. Did you send for me? Right. Yakushev, that’s the Spartak guy? They say you’re
a Merited Sports Master now? Borya, listen: “The
Politburo recommends awarding the title of Merited
Sports Master to Valeri Kharlamov”. What does it mean? I never set foot at Politburo. I don’t know anyone from there. Don’t bullshit me! – This is not a game.
– I’m telling the truth. Look at him! Look at him, Borya! A new flat, a new car,
such a title at his age! What’s the next step?
The Chairman of the Supreme Soviet? – Anatoli Vladimirovich…
– Valera! I’d give it all to you, but in due time! Look at him! He doesn’t realize
where the danger is! Do you want to be
locked in here forever? Do you want the team
to play without you? Or you don’t want
anyone to go to Canada? It’s a dream, do you understand?
It’s the dream of my life. Are we really going to Canada? Valeri Borisovich Kharlamov,
my dear Merited Sports Master, bugger off! Can you imagine? Our country has been dreaming
of this game for many years. And what are you dreaming of? The same, of course! We and the Canadian professionals!
Fantastic! And besides the Canadians? Is there anyone else?
The Swedes? How about building a house,
planting a tree and raising a son? Well, yeah, but after the finish. Please don’t say that you need me
to love you and to say gentle words… – I do.
– And to read you poetry… Would be nice. and to climb your balcony,
holding flowers. Yes. Not my story. It seems to me that you
need to be saved again. I think that I don’t need
anything but hockey. – Come here.
– Hold on. I even see it in my dreams. Where are you going?
Ira! They call this guy
“the Canadian torpedo”. And this one is “the Killer”.
Attention, they’re both very aggressive. Hello!
Can I talk to Ira? Thank you. Sorry. Remember this one well!
He’s the craziest. He likes to knock
opponents over the boards. They’re all bullies. – Yeah, we’re in trouble.
– And the opponent is demoralized. Attack! Sink your teeth into it! Look at him! He outplayed four guys! That’s not enough.
There will be 5 Canadians there. You must read their minds. You must understand what
they’re up to before they do. And you, what are you thinking about? Hello! Ira! I’m just thinking what an idiot I am. I keep calling you, and you are…
Have I done something wrong? It’s all right. I’m just
too busy with my studies. Damn it! You and Canada,
all in the same time… OK, listen…
I have an hour between practices. Let’s take a walk! I’ll be too busy precisely
at this same hour. – How about tomorrow?
– I have an exam tomorrow. That’s a fight.
Nothing to say. Just be prepared. – Valera!
– Hi. – The storm is coming.
– What do you mean? You told me once that he
exhausted you, didn’t let you play. Tarasov, I mean. – You have to write it down, and quickly.
– There’s no need. Yes, there is.
We have to do something
before it’s too late. Are you afraid? No. Why?
Thing is that I’m alright now. You’re alright. And how
about the others? Guys that he crushed,
expelled and broke? You can’t think only of yourself. This is my personal request. Write it down! It’s very important to me. Good day, comrades. Sit down. The Sports Committee
appointed Eduard Balashov as your team supervisor
for the Super Series. With fullest powers. The Olympic Games in
Sapporo will be a test for us. So consider this the start
of the Super Series. Sapporo, 1972. Olympic Games Can you believe it?
We’re really in Japan! Let’s try not to wake up at Chebarkul. Don’t be scared, soldiers!
We’ll eliminate the Swedes! Won’t be the first time. Despite leading 3–0,
the Soviet team ended the game in a tie. Who’s to blame? Answer, Dinamo! How did it happen? That’s how you do it in CSKA! You just leave the net
open and skate away! Spartak is no better.
You’re slow as snails! What did you say about Spartak?! Stop yelling!
What’s going on? Shut the hell up! How many goals did Spartak score?
None! Out on ice, everybody. Mikhailov’s shoulder may fly to pieces. Strap it up, make it tight.
On ice! We had an interesting game,
a bit too slow, so let’s practice for a while. Around me, against the clock, go! Speed up! Closer to me, closer! And now, all the CSKA players – stop! Get up, get up! Keep moving! Go, go, go! Closer to me! CSKA first, Spartak follows,
then Dinamo! And now, Dinamo – stop! Get up! Zimin, why did you stop?
Are you with Dinamo? Spartak, stop! Get up! Keep moving! Can you explain what’s going on? Please, don’t do it… Wings, stop! Stop brutalizing the team! – Speed up!
– How dare you! Been taking it easy?
The Swedes aren’t good enough for you? – Comrade Tarasov!
– Wings, stop! Spartak, stop! Get up! – CSKA…
– Don’t stop! – I said…
– Don’t stop! Kharlamov, come here! What do you mean “don’t stop”? We’re not CSKA now. Who are you? We’re a team.
The Soviet national team. The practice is over! And the best news for today: the Soviet hockey team won
the Olympic Games in Sapporo. The Olympic gold is ours. Hi, guys! Tarasov wants to see you. By the way… …he’s
in a strange mood. Moscow, 1972 Tell me what’s going on between you and… What’s his name?
Balashov. Don’t mind him. He’s always complaining about you. Apparently you’re not
doing something he wants. Just do this thing if he annoys you. And forget about him. And there’s this stupid game… Whose idea is this? We need
to get ready for the Canada, and they want us to fight Spartak. How will this poor Spartak play? I took their best line
in my national team. What are you still doing here?
Go, get! – Leonid Ilyich is coming.
– I got it. Hello! By the way, where is
your written complain? – Damn it! I’m always forgetting to bring it.
– Forgetting? It’s not a game! They keep asking me about it.
When will I have it? – Tomorrow.
-Well then, I’m waiting. Come on. His cigarettes are there.
His matches too. Anna Sergeievna! – Valera!
– How are you? By the way, he’s a very
promising player. Have you met? No, we haven’t.
Nice to meet you. Valeri. Sergei. – Anna Sergeievn
– Hi, Valera. I left some tickets for Irina.
Did she show up? No. I see. Then this is for you. Thank you.
Are you really going to Canada? – That’s what they’re saying.
– Good luck then! Where is your statement? Have you written it? I was always on your side. A car, a flat – was it from Tarasov?
And you? I’m afraid you got me wrong. I don’t intend to write any statements. No, comrade Kharlamov,
it’s you who got me wrong. Your coach is mentally sick. His crazy methods are a
disgrace to the Soviet sports. He thinks that the Soviet hockey is
nothing but himself and his players. Wrong. The Soviet hockey is a system
that will work without him. If you’re approving
Tarasov’s dictatorship, there is no place for
you at the top level. And who will take my place?
Maybe you? Someone who doesn’t bargain
with our Canadian opponents. I need your statement. This is my number. Call me tomorrow morning. Don’t waste your time. That’s why I like you. You’re such a self-confident boy. Good for you! I would go behind enemy lines with you. Have a good game! Hello. What did he want from you? He’s signing photos now. Let’s sit down for luck. You’re the national team.
You’re playing against Spartak. I don’t know who needs this game. But every spectator must realize
why are you going to Canada. You, and not anyone else. We have a special guest today: the General Secretary
of the Central Committee
Leonid Ilyich Brezhnev. This is a friendly game, that’s why we are looking forward to it. Is he blind or what?
It’s Goose just got knocked down! What’s going on? You can clearly see
a foul against Guskov. Something weird is going on. The referee is giving the team
a penalty for delaying the game. It’s a farce! Change! The national team is short-handed. but the famous Petrov line attacks. Pass to Kharlamov, a critical moment… And the national team is leading 1–0. The goal is disallowed. The puck was off-side. I don’t understand. You crossed the blue
line before the puck. Bullshit! There was
a pass on a blue line! This is definitely a very strange game. We saw the goal but the referee
pretends having heard the whistle. Apparently, the puck
entered the net after it. I’m sorry! Why did you disallow the goal? He crossed the line first. Mate, are you fucking nuts? Please!
Please, cool down! Things happen. That’s all you have to say?
Is that OK to cheat the national team? Take it easy, please. It may be better for the team
to let Spartak win sometimes. That will not do. It’s not such an important
game after all. Every game is important. Everybody, leave the rink!
What are you up to? – What are you up to?
– Anatoli Vladimirovich! – Do you want to show off before your boss?
– I’m talking to you! To see the team humiliated? How dare you!
Bring the team back on ice! I won’t do it until
you change the referees. Do you understand that Brezhnev
is watching the game? Does Brezhnev have his own hockey rules? End of discussion!
Everybody, back on the rink! Don’t move! You have to respect the hockey.
Tell that to Leonid Ilyich. Get a cold feet?
What kind of a coach are you? You’re a pussy! I believed in you! Where are you going? Cowards!
I don’t believe you anymore! You love hockey, don’t you? Then go home, take a
nap and think it over! Fucking asshole! “Behind enemy lines”, my ass!
What a jerk! Well, yeah. Here’s another one. And a splintered fracture
of the right shin. Tell me the truth:
will I be able to play? I don’t get it. Why are you all
so excited about this hockey? Is there no other
occupation left for a man? Will I be able to play? Let’s hope that you’ll be able to walk. Slava, stop chatting!
Find something to do. Sorry. How is he doing? Fine. Can you hear me? What? All right. Hello there, our recovering friends! What’s that? What… Watch out! Is he there? Hi. Yes, he’s there. What is this junk? It’s OK, we’re friends. Who gave you permission? Do you think if you’re athletes
you can do what you want? It’s Mikhailov! He looks good. He said: “Will you do
it for Kharlamov?” Suddenly everyone at
the factory is going: “We’ll make him the best
exercise machine ever” It’s a weight machine and
a stretching machine. – It’s a real beaut.
– Yes. The guys all said hi. What about Brezhnev? Any fallout? Nothing. Listen, what was all that
with this Sports Committee guy? Balashov? Let’s not talk about him. He’s really annoying. Tarasov once fired his son from the team.
He can’t let it go. To hell with him. Do you remember Deshchatkin? He was a gymnast that was
in a motorboat accident. He was in pieces. Do you know what they did?
They sent him abroad. To Switzerland! Came back as good as new.
Keeps vaulting and jumping. No, Goose, I don’t want… I understand. But he really can help you. He could bring you back in the team. Call him and say sorry. Do you want me to call? No. Don’t do it. Valera! Hi. Your Highness! – To what do I owe the honor?
– I just… What? I thought that you needed
to be saved again. So all I’m good for is being saved? What are you, a front-line nurse? Where were you when I was OK? Please, forgive me. I’m… What? This is me. I can’t wait till you have
an hour between practices. And now there are no practices, right? And we have a green light?
Irina or what’s your name? Honey, I’m going to leave now. Go to hell! I don’t need to be saved!
You don’t have to pity me! I don’t need anyone! I’m married, by the way!
With three kids! Their father is a champion! What are you staring at? Hell, I’m tired. Must be the weather. Good afternoon. Hi. That’s this girl’s number? Nice girl, I saw her. But take your time,
choose wisely. It’s a bit hard to make a choice. I’m thinking what an idiot I am… Come on, stop it. Give me a drink. Sure. I was dreaming of this game. I saw in my dream how
we smash the Canadians. And now it’s better
not to have anything. Even vodka is out. Let’s go. I know a place around here. I just want some quiet. And it’s easy to provide.
You’ve done more than anyone. You can rest now. Why is it freezing here? It’s a morgue. Why are we here? You asked for quiet. It’s quiet here. They won’t
disturb you anymore. Get used to it, Kharlamov. I can’t play as before. Who told you that? What you can or cannot
do is always up to you. You must play. I won’t go to Canada! What’s that to you? Are you playing only for Canada? For money and fame? You have to live, do you understand? Not for the Canada’s sake. You have to live and play. And to make your choice every day. Your number is 17. All the world knows it. Well, stay here for a while and think. Ask the guys. You’re all useless without me. Do you hear this pounding?
All the hospital hears it. I’ll deal with it. Go to sleep! What? To sleep! That’s not my fault. Open the door, please! Open the door, Kharlamov! Open the door, please! Open it! Let’s start from the beginning. See these boys?
It’s a rising generation. You will rise with them. Half-flips! What are you waiting for?
Do you need a special invitation? Half-flips, Valera. Don’t be shy. This is
your team for the moment And this is your most important battle. You’re OK, you’re in hockey! Valera, where is your mom? She doesn’t seem to support you. Mother, come on. Forgive
the champion of the world. My boy… My Spaniards… Come on, Don’t be lazy!
Remember how you did it! Are you afraid of him? Attack
him four, five together! He’s in a good shape. That’s what I’m talking about. Valera! You’re not with us. Go deal with your problems
and then come back. To the most beautiful
girl in the world. I was alone. I saw a star, The
finest I’ve seen by so far! What’s going on? Sorry, wrong window. – Where are you climbing to?
– I’m sorry, grandma. Now a girl, now a grandma…
What a hooligan! Aunt Sasha, what’s happened? What are you doing here? I came to read you poetry. What? To read you poetry! Do you know how to do it? Nope. Why bother then? I want to marry you. What do your wife and
three kids say about it? I lied to you. Are you sure that I won’t
distract you from your training? – Well…
– Say “yes”! Only if he reads his poetry by heart. Yes? Oh my God! Will you? Kharlamov! Wait, wait, wait… – That’s our boy!
– How are you doing? Kulagin wanted to see me.
Where is he? You can’t imagine what they
did to bring you back. Tarasov alerted everybody. He even forced Bobrov to go
plead with the Politburo. I don’t get it. Why Bobrov? What do you mean “why”? Where is he, by the way? Bobrov? Tarasov. Don’t you know? Tarasov was fired
after the Brezhnev game. Why didn’t you tell me? Why this fucking secrecy? Tarasov asked us not to tell you. Bobrov is the coach now. He’s
going to Canada with us. Kharlamov. Good afternoon. Hi, Valera. Are you ready? For what? The team can’t do without you. I think I was dismissed
because of my injury. They say you’re in a good shape.
I can see it for myself. Are we going to Canada? I fired Ignatov for you. I won’t ask twice. That’s right. A good player must see friends,
foes and a blonde in the third row. Hollywood? Yeah. Hockey guys! Score, score! Don’t waste your time!
They’re closing the check-in. Come on, quickly! Valera, let’s go. Let’s go. Guys, Tarasov’s here. How are you? Hello! You, assholes! You thought I won’t come
to say you goodbye? Shame on you. You never realized that
you are all my life. OK. let’s go. Anatoli Vladimirovich! I got a new tooth. A golden one. Zimin is going to be married. To a goalee of the women’s
team. I’m serious. She lets in fewer
pucks than Tretiak. And she’s more pretty too. Good luck. Fly away and bring back a victory. OK, take these blockheads away. Really, it’s time to go. Come on! We’ll do our best! Good luck. Anatoli Vladimirovich… Please come to my wedding.
After Canada. Bye. Thank you! OK, guys, let’s run. Anatoli Vladimirovich! I’m sorry. I should have told you long before. They tried hard to compromise you. But I didn’t betray you. I know, I know. I’ve known
since the beginning. If I still believe in the humankind
it’s only because of you. All right, off you go. And remember: all our country
will be watching you. Like they watched Gagarin. Cheer up, Chebarkul! You’re OK, you’re in hockey. – Goose!
– Here! Take care of your teeth. Yes, sir! Candies, please? No, thank you. What is the weather at Montreal? We’ll know it an hour before the landing. – Thank you.
– You’re welcome. Why the sad face? I’m glad that you’re fine now.
We’re all proud of you. We have to stick to each other
after that incident with Tarasov. Stupid, isn’t it? Who knew that he would make such a
fool of himself in front of Brezhnev! Now the team lost its leader. Bobrov is a great guy,
but he lacks scale. What’s the matter? Peace? I’m just looking at you
and admiring your energy. – You’re inexhaustible, it’s amazing!
– Watch and learn. Learn. Montreal, 1972 The Russians have arrived. And we have
to praise their bravery: everyone knows how this
game is gonna end. Can you tell us if this is true
that if you lose, all of your players
will be sent to Siberia? Who is talking about losing? Our players are in a wonderful shape. Even Kharlamov who suffered
a heavy right leg injury. The Soviet team is here to win. If you win,
I’ll eat my own evening paper. The only thing Russians need
right now is a return ticket. Well said. Did you prepare something
special for them? That’s what we prepared
for the Russians. My dad is sick. I promised him not to come back
without scoring. Look at this: it’s
this morning’s paper. They put it under the
door of my hotel room. This wimpy kid is us, the Soviet team. And this is a Canadian master,
teaching us to play hockey. And I say to myself:
wimpy kids, you? Guys who can smash up
the world’s best teams? I know what you are capable of. Go and prove it to them. All right, guys.
Let’s sit down for luck. I can’t see a damn thing. OK, now we know where to hit. Be careful! What’s going on? It’s bedtime!
Go to sleep, now! Slava, why did you allow it? Wait, wait! That’s good. Hey, guys! Move apart, please!
You’re blocking the view. Where’s my other daughter?
Come here, sit. I’m here. Sit down, you too. Watch without me.
I couldn’t stand it. I have a lot of clothes to iron. This kind of thrill must be
familiar to pioneering explorers. We’re all explorers today. We’re entering a huge arena
to fight a mighty opponent. I hope that our supporters
won’t be disappointed. It’s a live broadcast from Montreal. The official opening ceremony of the
Super Series is about to begin. You can tell at once that
this game is special. This is the first encounter of the Soviet
national team and the team of NHL stars. Take note of how different the
two countries’ approaches are. Our opponent has a very
distinct manner of playing. We are playing with the Canadians.
Kharlamov is playing. Kharlamov, my patient? Yeah. And who’s this one? Mikhailov? Face-off.
The Canadian captain wins. I’d say he shows too much
zeal for this trivial moment. Yes, in Canada hockey isn’t
only a sport, it’s a show. Stop! Aleksei, freeze! Can you see it that way? Juanita, come here,
look at your nephew! Don’t start without me! I’m coming! They scored? Yeah. Well, guys… That’s it, brother, they’re doomed.
It’s useless.
Canadians are Canadians. What’re you doing? Figure skater! The first goal is scored just
after 30 seconds of play, but we have to be strong, at any cost! Meanwhile Canada leads 1–0. Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov! Damn it! It was brand new! What’s so funny? Not again! Another one? That’s too much! They scored again! This is the 6th minute of the game. Stop staring at me!
You’ll have 15 days of detention!
Both of you! Canadians are Canadians. Montreal standings are cheering.
What can I say? The Canadian professionals
obviously deserve it. Good luck, guys.
We have nothing to lose now. Dignity above all.
Dignity. Change! If we lose, we must do it with dignity.
With a decent score. What did you say? Not me. This is Moscow’s instruction. Who’s side are you on anyway? You dumped Tarasov and now
you’re trying to dump us? – Hush, hush!
– How dare you? Quiet. Please. Your team lacks discipline! Do you have cigarettes?
Go smoke some. I don’t smoke! Goal!!! Goal!!! – Ours?
– Ours! – Really? Zimin! Who scored? Good job! We won’t lose without a point! Mikhailov, Petrov, Kharlamov! Cheer up! We’re OK, we’re in hockey! Don’t give up! Goal! They’re just the same people as we are.
We can smash them. Comrades! We got a new
instruction from Moscow. They expect a draw from us! Valera, stop… It’s OK. I’ll just take some water. Attention, everyone!
Sit down! Kharlamov crosses over the
red line and goes forward. He enteres the end zone,
chased by a Canadian forward. What a crazy speed! Goal! Goal! That’s how we do it! He’s our guy! Kharlamov! Kharlamov scored! That’s Kharlamov blood! Do you realize that this is your nephew?
Be proud of him! Did you see that?! Both teams are prepared for the face-off. This is crazy, guys! What the fuck is going on? This number 17 is motherfucking insane! You better wake up. You’re not playing hockey
right now, this is a war! This is our ice. This is our home! This is Canada! As to this number 17,
you shut him down! Get out of here and do it!
Come on, guys! Hands off! What the hell? Get back! Hold on, Valera! Sit down! Come on, come on!
Bring him to the locker room,
but don’t let him sit. Don’t let him sit! Follow me! Valeri Kharlamov has just
recovered from a heavy injury, and now the Canadian player used a…
I can’t even call it “checking”. It’s very crude and cruel. I pieced your leg together… We don’t need this kind of hockey. Hold on,
it’ll be painful. A bad bruise, nothing’s broken. But your knee can come
to pieces at any moment. Strap it up, make it tight. Do you realize that this game
may turn to be your last? If so, let it be my last game.
And then I’ll just
live an ordinary life. I see. Take care! Come on, son, show them!
Come on! The Canadian audience is cheering
our brave player with applause. – What do you think?
– Don’t know how long he could stand. You don’t feel pain, Kharlamov! Keep the goal! Keep it with your whole
body like your kids
or your motherland! Here we go! Now you’re talking! Attaboy! 3–5! Silence! – Alexei, hold the wire!
– Yeah. Goose, you’re OK? I’m fine.
I’ve almost lost another tooth. Wrong box, brother!
Get out of here. – Zimin!
– Give me a stick, now! Yes! We got it! How much time is there left? Our great number 17
is back on ice. Come on! – He crashes into an opponent…
– Good! The Canadian checks him,
but Kharlamov doesn’t give up! He takes the puck and
manages to keep it, even
if the rival is stronger than him. – Go on!
– Valera, come on! Come on, come on! – Do it!
– Do it! Goal!!! We won! We won!
Where’s this key? Yes! Victory! 7–3! Get out of here
before I change my mind! My girl! 7–3! We should drink to that. This is a great achievement
for our hockey. 7–3!
A brilliant victory! I can hear the stupefied Canadian
announcer trying to analyze it. What is it: magic or luck? This is neither, my friends,
it’s an incredible will and a flawless training! We won! Dad, we won! It’s a victory! Victory! Speak English! Yes, a bit. I don’t understand how you do it. These two goals… they were good. I wish I had your speed and talent. I wish I had your height and power. There will be more games
in the Super Series.
We’ll get even. What did he say? He said: “The hell
you’d win without Goose!” Really? Anatoli Vladimirovich, we won! You better tell me where these
three pucks in our net came from! Guys, I’m proud of you. You’re the best team in the world. To Valeri Kharlamov, one of
the greatest hockey players To Anatoli Tarasov, one
of the greatest coaches And to the legendary
Soviet national team

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